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Family of Hermann + BILLUNG and Hildegardis + of WESTBURG

Husband: Hermann + BILLUNG (920-973)
Wife: Hildegardis + of WESTBURG (920- )
Children: Mathilde +* of SAXONY (936-1008)
Bernard I + (950-1011)
Liutger (c. 951-1011)
Suanhilde (c. 954-1014)
Imma (995- )

Husband: Hermann + BILLUNG

Name: Hermann + BILLUNG
Sex: Male
Father: Billung II + (900-967)
Mother: Ermengarde + of NANTES (900- )
Birth 0920 Saxony, Germany
Occupation Duke of Saxony
Title frm 0961 to 0973 (age 40-53) Duke of Saxony
Death 27 Mar 0973 (age 52-53) Saxony, Germany

Wife: Hildegardis + of WESTBURG

Name: Hildegardis + of WESTBURG
Sex: Female
Father: Lothar II + of STADE (874-929)
Mother: Swanehild + of HOMALAND (883- )
Birth 0920 Tyskland, Bayern, Germany

Child 1: Mathilde +* of SAXONY

Name: Mathilde +* of SAXONY
Sex: Female
Spouse 1: Baldwin III+* of FLANDERS (933-962)
Spouse 2: Godfrey + of VERDUN (940-1005)
Birth 0936 Burgundy,Champagne, France
Death 28 Jul 1008 (age 71-72) Ghent, Flandre-Orientale, Belgium

Child 2: Bernard I +

Name: Bernard I +
Sex: Male
Spouse: Hildegard + (c. 955- )
Birth 0950
Occupation Duke of Saxony
Title frm 0973 to 1011 (age 22-61) Duke of Saxony
Death 9 Feb 1011 (age 60-61)
Burial Church of St. Michael in Luneburg

Child 3: Liutger

Name: Liutger
Sex: Male
Spouse: Emma (c. 978-1038)
Birth 0951 (est)
Occupation Count of Westfalengau
Death 26 Feb 1011 (age 59-60)
Burial St. Michael's Luneburg

Child 4: Suanhilde

Name: Suanhilde
Sex: Female
Spouse 1: Thietmar I ( -979)
Spouse 2: Ekkehard I (c. 950- )
Birth 0954 (est)
Death 28 Nov 1014 (age 59-60)
Burial Monastery of Jena/Georgskirche of Naumburg in Saale

Child 5: Imma

Name: Imma
Sex: Female
Birth 0995
Occupation Abbess of Herford

Note on Husband: Hermann + BILLUNG

Hermann Billung (900 or 912 – 27 March 973) was a Margrave of Saxony and one of the most well-known members of the House of Billung.


Hermann was the son of Billung von Stubenskorn (c. 860-967) and Ermengarde of Nantes. Hermann is generally counted as the first Billung Duke of Saxony, but his exact position is unclear. King Otto I appointed Hermann margrave in 936, granting him a march north of the Elbe between the Limes Saxoniae and Peene Rivers. Having more autonomy than his contemporary margrave Gero, Hermann exacted tribute from the Polabian Slavs inhabiting the March of the Billungs. He often fought against the West Slavic tribes of the Redarians, Abotrites, and Wagrians.


By 953 Otto I, who was also Duke of Saxony, began entrusting more and more of his authority in Saxony to Hermann during his absences. However, Hermann was never named as duke in royal documents. Instead, he is named as a military leader, count, and margrave. His son Bernard inherited and strengthened his father's position and managed to be recognized as duke.


Hermann had property around Lüneburg and founded the monastery of St. Michael in that city. He died in Quedlinburg.


[edit] DescendantsHermann Billung was probably married twice, first to a woman named Oda (who died on 15 March in an unknown year), and second to Hildegarde of Westerbourg.


He had five children:


Bernhard I (died 1011), Duke of Saxony

Liutger (died 26 February 1011) Count in Westfalengau, attested in 991, buried in St. Michaels in Lüneburg, married Emma (died 3 December 1038), buried in the Bremen Cathedral, daughter of Immed IV (Immedinger) and Adela of Hamaland, sister of Bishop Meinwerk of Paderborn.

Suanhilde (born between 945 and 955, died 28 November 1014, buried in the monastery of Jena, reburied after 1028 in the Georgskirche of Naumburg in Saale, married 1st in 970 Thietmar I (died after 979) Margrave of Meissen, married (2) before 1000 Ekkehard I (murdered 30 April 1002 in Pöhlde); in 992 Margrave of Meissen, buried in the monastery of Jena, reburied after 1028 in the Church of Georg Naumburg (Saale)

Mathilde (born between 935 and 945, died 25 May 1008 in Ghent St. Peter), married 1st in 961 to Balduin III, Count of Flanders (died 1 January 962), married second Gottfried der Gefangene (died on 3/4 April after 995) in 963/982, Count of Verdun (Wigeriche), buried in St. Peter's in Ghent

Imma, in 995 Abbess of Herford