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Family of Numerius + CAESAR Julius

Partner: Numerius + CAESAR Julius (300- )
Partner: (unknown)
Children: Julius + CAESAR (265- )

Partner: Numerius + CAESAR Julius

Name: Numerius + CAESAR Julius
Sex: Male
Father: Lucius + LIBO (330- )
Mother: -
Birth 0300 B.C.

Child 1: Julius + CAESAR

Name: Julius + CAESAR
Sex: Male
Name Prefix: Lucius
Birth 0265 B.C.

Note on Husband: Numerius + CAESAR Julius

In Ancient Rome, several men of the Julii Caesares family were named Lucius Julius Caesar. Distinct by their praenomen, "Lucius", none of these members of the Julii Caesares family can be confused with their distant relative and much more famous Gaius Julius Caesar, the Roman who conquered Gaul, became dictator for life, and then was murdered by Roman senators.