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Family of Teispes +

Partner: Teispes + (675-640)
Partner: (unknown)
Children: Cyrus I + (630-580)
Ariaramnes + (625- )

Partner: Teispes +

Name: Teispes +
Sex: Male
Father: Achaemenes + (490-c. 675)
Mother: -
Birth 0675 B.C. Anshan, Iran
Occupation King of Anshan
Title King of Anshan
Death 0640 B.C. (age 34-35) Anshan, Iran

Child 1: Cyrus I +

Name: Cyrus I +
Sex: Male
Birth 0630 B.C.
Occupation King of Anshan
Title frm 0600 B.C. to 0580 B.C. (age 29-50) King of Anshan
Death 0580 B.C. (age 49-50)

Child 2: Ariaramnes +

Name: Ariaramnes +
Sex: Male
Birth 0625 B.C.
Occupation King of Anshan
Title King of Anshan

Note on Husband: Teispes +

Teispes lived from 675-640 BCE. He was the son of Achaemenes and an ancestor of Cyrus the Great.[3] There is evidence that Cyrus I and Ariaramnes were both his sons.[3] Cyrus I is the grandfather of Cyrus the Great, whereas Ariaramnes is great grandfather of Darius the Great. According to 7th-century BC docuĀ­ments, he captured the Elamite city of Anshan after being freed from Median supremacy, and expanded his small kingdom. His kingdom was an Elamite vassal state. He was succeeded by his second son, Cyrus I.