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                          Samuel Ainsworths Descendents

By Donald Eugene Ainsworth




This site is posted to help anyone researching the Ainsworth family. Special thanks to Roots Web for donating the free space. I would also like to thank Merl Stevens, Marguerite Ainsworths husband, for his help. With his help I was able to trace my family back to Samuel.


Samuel Ainsworth settled in Hanover township, Lancaster county, PA., about 1736. His name appears upon the first assessment lists (1751) of about that township. In that for 1756 it is noted that his son was taken captive by the Indians, and that he had fled from his farm. Little is known of him save that his wife was Margeret Young, daughter of John Young and Margery Stewart, of Hanover, ancestors of all the name. We have, however, the record of but one of his children, although the names of two. i. John, b. 1740; m, Margeret Mayes. ii. Lazarus, d. March, 1777; m. Margeret (???); no issue--leaving his estate to his brother John.


I believe it must have been Lazarus that was captured by the Indians. John had a son also named Samuel, notes on him say that Samuels son that was captured by the Indians was never recovered.


AINSWORTH, SAMUEL, son of John Ainsworth and his wife, Margaret Mayes, who was born November 11, 1765, in Hanover township. His grandfather, of the same name, with his wife Margaret Young, were settlers in Hanover in 1736. In 1756 the family was driven out by the Indians and one of the children captured. The latter was never retaken. Samuel was brought up on his father's farm in Hanover, receiving a year's education in Philadelphia in addition to that acquired in the schools of the neighborhood. After the organization of the county he became quite prominent, and twice elected to the Legislature. He died while in attendance on this body, in Philadelphia, in February, 1798. Mr. Ainsworth married, May 10, 1792, by Rev. James Snodgrass, Margaret McEwen, daughter of Richard McEwen; born 1770, in Hanover; died October 29, 1867, near Lancaster, Ohio.


I had received the names of James and Lydia Ainsworth from my visit with Merl Stevens and was able to get the info on thier ancestors from Family Tree Maker's Pennsylvania Genealogies, Page 1 & 2.


All of John Harvey Ainsworth's descendant's to date were added to this tree from word of mouth from living relatives. All of John Harveys ancestors were added from a visit with Merl Stevens on Dec. 12, 1999. He is married to Marguerite Thatcher, whose mother was, Erma ( Ainsworth ) Thatcher, daughter of John Harvey. He had done extensive genealogy research and stated he was given the information about John Harveys ancestors by a lady named Ainsworth who was a trusted source.


John Harvey Ainsworth was my grandfather, whom I never knew. He died in 1935, and I was born in 1942. He is listed as having been born on May 5th 1859 in Willshire Twp, Van Wert Co. OH. On Jan. 5th, 1887 John Harvey married Lucinda E. Myers, she was born in Blue Creek Twp., Adams Co. IN., the daughter of Jacob S. & Nancy J. Myers.  Blue Creek Twp is located just west of Willshire OH. On Jan., 3rd, 1888 John & Lucinda had a daughter, Elnora Ainsworth. Lucinda died just 10 days after Elnora was born, Jan. 13th, 1888. Elnora was taken in and raised by her mothers family , James C. & Della (Myers) Frank. Della was Lucindas sister. On Sept. 23, 1849 John Harvey married again to Phoebe Belle Case, she was born in Blue Creek Twp., Adams Co. IN, the daughter of William Jasper Case & Martha Ellen Gause. John Harvey & Belle, as she was known, raised 9 children , five boys and 4 girls, on a farm just north east of Willshire, OH. In order of birth they were Lanta, Raymond, Erma, Oma, Dale, Frank, Viola, Hugh V., and my father John Fredrick. John Harvey was 56 yrs. old when John Fredrick was born. All the children are now deceased. In one census report John Harveys occupation was listed as lumberjack and farmer. My father John Fredrick said John Harvey also raised Belgium draft horses on his farm. I can remember seeing one picture of him holding two of these large horses by the halter in front of his barn. Dad also said John Harvey was like the local vet and neighboring farmers would bring thier sick horeses for John to tend to. Lanta's birth date is almost three yrs. before John & Belles wedding date. Lanta was raised as an Ainsworth. Lantas sister, Viola, told that Lanta's father was an indian. It was reported also by Viola that Phoebe Belle was married before and that her husband went to prison and was killed by fellow inmates.  I have a copy of a marriage certificate recorded at the Adams co. court house, Decauter IN. of A Bell Case, daughter of Jasper Case and Ellen Gause, marrying a George W. Bucher on Aug., 29, 1889.  In this marriage her name was Bell Case. She listed her next birthday as being 20. I am sure this is the same Isabelle that married John Harvey and she was probably married to George W. Bucher when Lanta was born. George W. Buchers parents were listed as John Bucher and Monich Baker. I think it is most likely that my grandmothers real name was Phoebe Isabelle Case.


My family tree contains over 400 names and is posted in the world tree at Roots Web as Ainsworth.ged . Also I am interested in the surnames Prichard and Rice from my mothers side. I will share any info I have and would appreciate any help from anyone. I can be reached by e-mail at  Donald E. Ainsworth