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The Adelaide Observer 16th? February 1850

Tuesday February 12th

The ship Statesman, 874 tons, J W Lane Master, from Gravesend 1st Novemeber

and Plymouth 19th November.


Passengers for Adelaide


Miss Smallpiece and servant (cabin)

Mrs Palmer (cabin)

Henry James (cabin)




James Westbrook, wife, 8 children

James Fendon and 2 children

Robert William Pearce

Richard Knowles and daughter

Mrs Brains

Wm Brains and son

William Sharman

John R Kemp

James Cresswell

Septimus Webster

John Brown

J Pattison

G Ritchie and wife

Timothy Eyde and son

T Pedley

Eliza Parton

W Webb and wife

Henry Turnbridge

Thomas Waiton

John Bond

W Thomas

Thomas Thomas

F Bourchier

Mrs Stock and 7 children

S Edwards, wife, 4 children

Henry Davis and wife

J Eno

W A Townsend

Mrs Stock and 5 children

George Derbyshire


Passengers for Port Phillip-



Mr & Mrs Lemann

Mr T H Puckle

Mr H F H Budd

Mr E W V Budd

Mr and Mrs Swatman

Mr J J Hood

Mrs Percival

Mr & Mrs George Symons

Mr R Tennant

Mr & Mrs F Beggs

Miss Beggs

Mr G Beggs

Mr Fenwick



Mr & Mrs J Stone

Mr D Stone

James Ward

Charles Noble



John Gill, wife & 3 children

Henry Sims, wife & 4 children

Mr Weston, wife, 2 children

Mr Rhode and son

John Fosey, wife, 3 children

James Mercer

Caroline Spencer

Caroline Gibbs

Thomas Sims

Jessie & Ellen Corbitt

Josiah Mitton

James Gregory and wife

Edward Nurse, wife, 6 children

John Nurse and wife

Robert Nurse, wife and child

Isaac Abraham, wife and child

Celia Brown

John Abbs and wife

John Phillips

William Eastaugh, wife, 5 children

Mary Ann Searle

John Bennett

Mary Donaldson, 4 children

Jane Block

James Main

G J Bridgeland, wife, 3 children

James Bridgeland

H Eveniss

W Jenkins and wife

Alfred Price

William Lewis

John Palmer, wife and child

William Bishop and wife

Henry Bassett

Charles Baker, wife, 2 children

Henry Bird

Hannah Sims

William Waken and wife

George Day

L Stunway

John Burke

J Pattison

James Rule

E Haylock, wife, 3 children

G Forster

J Leake

G Turner, wife and child

C Charlton

H J Whitbread

W Knight

E North and wife

J Pritnell, wife, 3 children

Josiah Pritnell and wife

H Franker

W Green

R Cann, wife, 6 children

Martin Hall

Eliza Parton

John Roberts

J Powell

W Berry, wife, 2 children

W Smith, wife, 4 children

J Wood, wife, 3 children

B Eggleton wife & 5 children

T Turpin

E Fletcher and child

G Brennet and wife

Mr Carnow, wife & 8 children

Edward Mitten

Eliza Mitten

Mr Dyer, wife & 3 children

John Savin and wife

N McGuire and wife

W B Phillips

M Menton, wife & 4 children

C B Smyth

Mr Morris, wife & 2 children

Mary Thomas




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