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Issue dated 23rd December 1847 

Geo F Dashwood

Commissioner of Police

dated June 19, 1847


Notice is hereby given that the articles hereinafter enumerated belonging to, or found in the possession of, persons deceased

are now in the charge of  Police and that if the same be not claimed by the next of kin of the said partied on or before the first day

of Jan 1848, they will be sold by public auction and theproceeds thereof, together with the several sums of money specified below,

will be paid into the Colonial Treasury, for the benefit of  lawful claims hereafter:


JOHN LUND, third mate of the Templar, arrived from England in 1845, was found dead near Julia Creek on the 16th January 1846.

The following  property was found on the body, viz:- 1 silver watch, 1 guard chain, 1 purse and £5 7s. 2½d. in coin.


JOSEPH HAINING, arrived in Sydney by the barque Mary White, a free person; afterwards shepherd to the South Australian Company;

was found dead on the 30th April 1846 near Lake Albert; supposed to have committed suicide. The following property was found on the

body: 6 one pound  notes, and an old pocket book.


A man, name unknown died in the cart driven by Peter Walsh on the 16th December, 1846 on the road from Gawler Town

to Adelaide.  £4  6s. 2½d. was found on the body.  Verdict- Died by the visitation of God.


THOMAS MASON, was on his way overland from Port Phillip to Adelaide in the month of February last, in company with a man named

Wm. Teasdale and is supposed to have died for want of water, though up to this date the body has not been found. The following property

was found near where Mason was last seen:- 1 grey or roan horse, about 14 hands, “P” under saddle near side, aged; saddle, bridle, hobbles,

regatta shirt, 1 pair moleskin trousers, 1 double barrel gun, 1 thimble, cloth pouch containing memorandums and £16 7s. in notes and coins.



Issue dated 12th April 1849


 JAMES FARRELL, was a shepherd in the employ of Joseph Gilbert, Esquire of Mount Bryant; died at Kooringa, on the

18th February 1848.  The following property was found:- One bag containing wearing apparel & c., and £1 19s. 7d in cash


JAMES WILLIAMS, was in the employ of J.B. Hughes, Esquire of Bundaleer. Property belonging to deceased:-

One bag of wearing apparel


WILLIAM HOLT, came to this colony from Sydney; shoemaker by trade; was married in Princes’ Street Chapel, Sydney,

by the Rev. D.J. Draper; his widow is supposed to be in the neighbourhood of the Clarence River, New South Wales; was accidentally

killed at work in the Stone Quarry, on the 31st May 1848. The following property was found belonging to the deceased:-

A savings bank receipt for £28; a silver watch, furniture, clothing, tools, bed and books, also £27 10s. 5d in cash


VALENTINE NOBLE was found drowned in the River Finniss on the 28th? October 1848. The following property was found, belonging

to the deceased;- A Bank order for £19; deeds and papers; a silver watch, silver pencil case and a quantity of wearing apparel,

and 8s 6d. in silver.


GILBERT MCPHERSON, was a seaman on board the Cutter Resource, and was lost overboard on the passage from Adelaide to

Guichen Bay, in September 1848. Property found:- Various articles of  wearing apparel.





The following return (compiled from particulars recorded by the Police) of the persons who have died or have been

found dead in any public place in the colony, is published for general information.  William Milne, Chief Secretary


Published 7 July 1870



Return of all persons without relations known or resident in South Australia, who have died or been found dead in any public place in

the colony, during the period between the 1st of January and 30th day of June 1870, and concerning whose death the Police can furnish

any information


Port Adelaide



Name of Person, Date of death or when reported, Description of body, Circumstances attending the decease or finding of the body and all

information received by the Police.



4TH January 1870, Age 25 years, 5ft 8 in. high, fair complexion, brown hair, sandy beard, stout build

Deceased was a seaman on board the ship Yatala, lying at Port Adelaide. He was seen leaving the forecastle at 5.30 a.m. on January 2nd, 1870 by a seaman of the same vessel, named Alick Baillie and was not seen again till the body was found drowned by Charles Clark, of St Vincent St, Port Adelaide on the 4th January 1870. An inquest was held on January 5th, 1870 before G W Hawkes Esq., S.M. and verdict returned of accidentally drowned.

Deceased was a native of  Arbroath, Scotland and had shipped a few days previous to his decease on board the ship Yatala

at Port Adelaide . He went on board about 11p.m. on the 1st January 1870 and appeared slightly intoxicated. It was supposed he went into the head for a natural cause and must have slipped into the river.


20TH March 1870, Age about 44 years, 5ft 7 or 8 in .high, dark complexion, dark hair and beard, stout build.

Deceased was residing at Abernethy’s boarding house, Port Adelaide and was found speechless in bed at 7.20 a.m., 20th March 1870 by Mrs Abernethy. Dr. Gething was called in and attended him till he died at 11.45 a.m. same day. An inquest was held before John Formby Esq. J.P. on the 21st March 1870 and a verdict returned-Died by taking an overdose of laudanum while in a state of temporary insanity.

Deceased was late master of the barque Henry Ellis, lately arrived from Western Australia. His wife lives at Kelston Gate, Upper Bristol Road and his brother R Phillips at 35 Abingdon Villas, Kensington, London


30TH March 1870, Age about 45 years, 5ft 11 in. high, fair hair and complexion, a Swede

John Waite of Alberton, reported at the Police Station at 8.35 p.m., 30th March 1870, that he saw deceased walking along the McLaren Wharf, he slipped and fell into the water, and was drowned. An inquest was held before E.J. Peake Esq. S.M., March 31st, 1870 and a verdict of accidentally drowned returned.

Deceased was a seaman late of the schooner Eclipse and was residing at John Hamly’s boarding house, Port Adelaide


19TH May 1870, About 45 years old, medium size, grey eyes, a native of Ireland

An inquest was held and a verdict returned – Died from natural causes



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