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Police Report 

The following returns (compiled by particulars recorded by the police) of the persons who have

died, or been found dead in any public place in the colony, are published for general information

Arthur Blyth, Chief Secretary


Published 3rd January 1867, South Australian Government Gazette

Return of all persons without relations, known or resident in South Australia who have died or been found dead in any public

place in the Colony, during the period the 1st of January and 31st day of December 1866 and concerning whose death the

Police can furnish any information


note- Not all of the particulars in this report  are shown here



Christian names


date of death or when reported



at Auburn, 28 yrs, 5’ 8” high, light complexion, hair and whiskers, slight built, died suddenly at Mr Sleep’s station “Wooraikala”, no inquest held as Dr. Morgan attended him, was a native of Birkenhead, England, in the colony about 17 yrs, came out from England as a cabin boy and ran away from the ship

12th February



Found drowned at Port Hughes, age 26 or 27, 5’ 9”-10”, black hair, large cheekbones, native of Cornwall, Miner of Moonta Mines

Verdict-upsetting of a boat with John Eade

3rd June



at Wallaroo, age 45 yrs, fair hair, native of Germany, no inquest held, deceased had complained of disease of the heart for some time. Deceased was a hut keeper at York Valley

15th March



Found drowned at Port Hughes, age 25 yrs, 5’ 6” -7”, fair hair and complexion, a native of Cornwall, England. Miner at Moonta Mines, Verdict-upsetting of a boat with Charles Boase

3rd June



very much decomposed, were out fishing when the boat upset, accident occurred at Streaky Bay, see Prescott, Simpson & Ford

12th April 1866



at Wallaroo, age abt. 30 yrs, 5’ 6”-7”, dark complexion, from Norwich, Norfolk, John Hayland reported deceased cut his throat at 8 a.m., verdict-cut his throat in a fit of temporary insanity. Father and mother living in Norwich, Norfolk, was a laborer on the Moonta tramway

15th February



were out fishing when the boat upset, accident occurred at Streaky Bay, body not found, see Prescott, Elling & Simpson

12th April 1866



old age, Ediowie Hotel, Ediowie, deceased was a pensioner, had been shepherding in the north,

8th February 1866



abt. 28 yrs old, 5’8” high, dark complexion and pockmarked, drowned by falling from the ship “Pekina” into the water at Company’s Wharf, Port Adelaide, verdict-accidental drowning, native of Aberdeen, where his wife and children reside

26th October


Thos Norton

Cart upsetting over a  precipice, abode Werrianda, near Kanyuka found dead, was returning home on a dark night and drove over a precipice off the road

14th April 1866


James M

an Englishman, abt. 36 yrs old, 5’ 8”, dark complexion, whiskers and Moustache, slight build, found dead in his bed at Family hotel, Currie St, Adelaide, died by natural causes

10th July



was drowned at the Granite Rocks, 12 miles north of Port Caroline, whilst on a pleasure excursion, verdict-accidental swamping of the boat while trying to land

1st January 1866



at Wellington, abt. 29 yrs of age, 5’ 6” high, stout, florid complexion and fair hair, verdict-caused by being crushed by a horse at McGraths Flat, was a shepherd

10th march

not known


appeared to be tall, the body was found on Mr Halletts run at Caroona, supposed to be working for Mr Dare, short time in colony, was supposed to have been insane, got lost making his way to Burra, name not known, no papers on him, no means of identifying him

25th March

not known


only portion of skeleton found, supposed to have drowned, found close to the sea, at Nora Creina Bay

28th April 1866

not known


most of the bones of a human skeleton, abt. 25 yrs of age from the teeth, found in a water hole at German creek, 20 miles north of Mt Gambier, it is probable that the bones belonged to a lunatic, name unknown who was seen in the neighbourhood about 3 yrs ago

13th May 1866


Richard (alias James Watson)

age 36 yrs, 5’ 6” high, slight build, dark hair, died of consumption, native of NSW, has a brother living near Kent Town, Melbourne

26th April 1866



found April 14th, accident occurred at Streaky Bay, bruised about the face, from striking against rocks, were out fishing when the boat upset, see Elling, Simpson & Ford

12th April 1866



want of water through being lost in the bush, deceased was a laborer at Curnamona Station, lost his way while making his way from sub station to head station

13th April 1866



at Wallaroo, an Englishman, age abt. 23 yrs, 5’ 7” high, verdict-was accidentally killed by 2 loaded trucks passing over his body, was attempting to get on the front of the truck when he fell and the wheels passed over him, deceased was a laborer

31st May



were out fishing when the boat upset, accident occurred at Streaky Bay, body not found, see Prescott, Elling & Ford

12th April 1866



at Clare, About 6’ high, slight built, fair complexion, light hair and beard, light blue eyes, verdict- the deceased was accidentally killed by the capsizing of his trap, was a native of Scotland, had resided about 6 yrs in Canada, was travelling for the firm Murray & Co, wholesale Drapers

9th February



abt. 28 or 30yrs, 5’ 6” high, dark brown hair and whiskers, brown eyes, slight build, died suddenly on board the ship “Coonatta” at Port Adelaide, died from Apoplexy, caused by disease of the heart, native of London, left a wife residing at Islington, England

10th August


Thomas Wm.

at Auburn, 53 yrs of age, 5’ 10” high, fair complexion, light hair, whiskers turning grey, verdict-died from disease of the heart, accelerated by self inflicted wounds, native of Berkshire, England, had been in the colony about 12 yrs, had 2 sons and a daughter living in England

10th February



at Strathalbyn, 25 yrs of age, 5’ 7” high, brown hair, light complexion, died of Typhoid fever at Victoria Hotel, Strathalbyn, Parents live at Brompton, England, arrived December 1865 on the ship”Gosforth”

11th April


William Robert Winter Beresford

at Kapunda, abt. 5’ 8” high, stout, grey hair and whiskers, died suddenly at Linwood while teaching school, had been drinking hard for some time previous to his death

25th January



at Tanunda, stout, abt. 5’ 6”, fresh complexion, deceased had been unwell for abt. 14 days previous to his death, found on a public road about 20 yards from his residence, verdict-died of natural causes, native of Germany, came from Melbourne, 4 weeks at Tanunda, a farmer,

18th April



disease of the heart at Leighs creek, was on his way from Mt Margaret where he was employed, to Nuccaleena for the purpose of consulting a doctor

20th January 1866


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