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Published 4/10/1883 in the South Australian Government Gazette


Crown Lands and Immigration Office, Adelaide October 4th 1883

The undermentioned immigrants per Marsala, sailed from Hamburg on the 5th August 1883 and are expected to arrive

at the Semaphore about the 9th instant.

Some of the immigrants are coming to their friends in the colony, who are requested to obtain house accommodation

and make arrangements without delay to receive them on arrival.

The immigrants except those nominated by their friends can be engaged on arrival on board the ship, at the Semaphore,

or at the Crown Lands and Immigration Office, Adelaide.

Employers in the country districts can communicate with Crown Lands and Immigration Office, Adelaide, by letter,

either before or after the arrival of the vessel, stating the kind of labor they require, & c., and upon their arranging for the

conveyance and reception of the persons they want their requests will, when possible, be complied with.

-          Alfred Catt, Commissioner of crown lands and Immigration


Married Couples and their children who will be open for hire on arrival



Wilhelm, Shepherd

Sarah, Wife

Christine, daughter

Louise Bertha, daughter

Wilhelmine, daughter


Peter, Joiner

Anna Helene, wife

Anna H Paula, daughter


Hein. Ch. Carl, laborer

Emma Louise, wife

Johanna, daughter

Bertha, daughter

Anna, daughter


Johannes F A, carpenter and miller

Wilhelmine, wife


Kaspar, joiner and farmer

Maria, wife


Johann, butcher

Helene, wife

Minna, daughter

Rudoph, son


Aug. Heinr., carpenter

Johanna Aug., wife



Emil Fred. Otto, joiner

Emilie Anna, wife

Dora Emilie, daughter

Clara Wilhelmine, do


Nominated Persons coming to friends



Emilie, wife

Auguste, maid servant


Pauline, maid servant


Heinrich, tailor

Elisabeth, wife

Elisabeth, daughter

Anna, daughter

Heinrich, son

Caroline, daughter


Wilhelm, farmer

Hermann, farmer


Hermann, mason

Ernestine, wife

Louisa, daughter

Emma, daughter

Hermann, son

Anna, daughter


Maria, wife

Wilhelm, son

Robert, son

Johannes, son

Gustav, son


Emil, farm laborer


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