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The Adelaide Observer12/1/1850

Saturday January 5th 1850

The Ship Coromandel 765 tons, Brown Master from London 5th September and Plymouth 22nd September.



In the Cabin

Mr & Mrs Trenchard, 6 children

Mr and Mrs Tindale and 9 children

Dr Francis

Mr Smith

Mr T Roberts

Mr McLauren

Miss Lang

Mr W Delafosse

Mr D Guthrie

Mr and Mrs Collier

Miss Cowley

R P Phelan and wife




Mr Gain

? Murdock

H Deap, wife and child

J Wilshire

Mary Burney

Robert Lloyd

Richard Stapleton

H Chumney, wife & 3 children

J Johnston

S Abbott

O Austin

J Benbow, wife and child

Alice Bosher & 5 children

Margaret Brace & 3 children

A Cox

W Campbell

Agnes Campbell

W Dyson

R E Wards and wife

Mrs Fyffe

R Frost

J Fisher

F Gamson, wife & 3 children

Mr & Mrs Hitchin

G Hepping

W Henfrey, wife & 4 children

C Hodges

Mr & Mrs Hodges

G J Holmes

E Iliff

Bertha Kleoitz

Emma Kleoitz

R Kirkbridge and wife

J Liciner

H Leach, wife and 5 children

G Maxey

J Miller

J Mayer

J Newbiggen

W Nutt and wife

Edward Malpas, wife and child

Miss Eliza Malpas

Mr Newcome

J Norman

W Robertson and wife

J Riddler

C Russell

W Robertson and wife *

J Radford

R C Roberts

Isabella Turner

J Taylor, wife and 6 children

T Wilson and wife

C Wyndham

J Watkinson and wife

J Yates

W Lucas, wife & 5 children




*listed twice

Miscellaneous shipping

The Coromandel spoke the Henruby off the Cape, bound to Calcutta on the 18th November.







The Adelaide Observer12/1/1850

Saturday January 11TH, 1850


The barque Richardson, 360 tons, J English Master, from Swansea 9th October.

Passengers Mr T English and wife, Mr T James in the cabin. Mr Hunter wife and daughter, Mr Middleton

and wife, Mr Skew and 2 sons, Mr H W Brown, J Walters and Miss Hill in the steerage



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