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The Adelaide Observer dated February 1850

Wednesday February 13

The Barque brothers, 369 tons, R Eilly Master, from London 14th October and Plymouth 26th October


Names have been transcribed as accurately as possible as per the newspaper passenger list



Passengers for Adelaide


Nicholas Howard, wife & 6 children

Joseph Wood, wife & 3 children

James Jamieson, wife & 4 children

Francis Thurtle Jamieson

Samuel Lockwood

David Talbot and wife

Mary Hordern

John Warwick



For Port Adelaide or Port Phillip


 Lieut. Wm Hewlett R.N., wife & 4 children

Rebecca Hewlett

Joseph Smith

Frederick Lyas, wife & 3 children

C J Strathan

Mitchell Minter, wife & 4 children

Mary Lucas

George Hedley

Dr George D Hedley, wife & 4 children

William Dixey

M B Robertson

Ellen Dixey

Mary Ann Peek

William Pearce

James Peek Plouman and wife

Watson Wilson and wife

John Daniel and wife

Edward Wollaston

James Willis, wife & 3 children

Thos. John Hallows

Stephen Wattmuff, wife & 4 children

Alfred Targett

Theresa Wendlinger & 4 children

William Ford


Passengers for Port Phillip


 William Ford, wife & 2 children

John Tucker and wife

Richard Felgate and wife

M J Crocker

Samuel Carlow

Mary Ann Willis

Harriett Bond and 3 children

W H Bond

Mary Jane and Sarah Bond

James Rosier, wife & 8 children




One child named Watmuff born on the passage


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