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The Adelaide Observer 12th January 1850

Saturday January 5th The barque Brightman, 384 tons, Cowley Master from London 23 August and

Plymouth 17th September.


Names have been transcribed as accurately as possible as per the newspaper passenger list




In the Cabin

Major Armstrong, wife and 2 children


Mr Davis

Mr Sealy

Mrs Simpson

Mr Crammond

Mr Morgan

Dr Groves

Mr Homer Shaw


W Adamson

G Anderson

Louisa Anderson and son

Thomas Barnard

B Blackmore

E H Best

H Corenel ?

Charles, Eliza & Elizabeth Collins

John Dickenson  

Mrs Dickenson and 2 children

Frederick Dobson

James Edwards wife and child

E L Barwick

E Fairman

Ann Grace and 2 children

A Holden

P Hazzeal wife and 4 children

W Hughes

Marriah Haine

Caroline Hutton

Alexander Holmes

Sarah Lawrence

Charlotte Lingert

Joseph Lingert wife and 2 children

Matilda Martens

W Norwood and wife

Alfred Pearce wife and 4 children

Elizabeth Perkins

S Pretty wife and 3 children

Leonard Palmer

Hannah Read

W H Roper

W Robins wife and 2 children

J Simonds

J Stepney

W Spurling

Ann Sullivan

Elizabeth Scott

J Taylor

G Frane

Charles Wight wife and 4 children

R Warren

C Oldacre

Elizabeth Jenkins and 5 children

C Harvey

J Purnell wife and 2 children

W Purnell and wife

W Goddard wife and 4 children

J Beck and wife

W Malkim



The Brightman spoke the Eclipse, from Plymouth, bound to the Cape of Good Hope, with Government Emigrants.

We regret to say they had had fever on board and lost thirteen of their number.


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