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The Register Newspaper

Monday 27th November 1854


Arrived Saturday, November 25

The Ship Albemarle, 704 tons, Stevens, Master from Portsmouth August 11, Lands End August 22.





The Lord Bishop of Adelaide, family and servant

Mr Adams

Mrs Hamilton and family

Messrs. Anstey, Peter Herriot, T W Frampton, Mitcheson, White, Daliser, Probyn, and Dr. Wilson

in the Cabin


Mr W A Massey

Mrs E Salter and child

Mr & Mrs J Scott and 4 children

Mr & Mrs J Ranger and child

Mr & Mrs W Tucker

Mr & Mrs George Bollen and 2 children

Mr & Mrs Radcliffe

Mr & Mrs Chapman and family

Miss S Laffer

Miss C Lawrence

Messr G Vricknall

Messr E Pates

Messr W Simmonds

Messr John Scott

Messr J Scott

Messr John Harding

Messr T Harding

Mr & Mrs George Scrymgeour and 5 children

Mrs W M Giles

Mr R Bushby

Mr & Mrs Cubitt? and family

Mr and Mrs John Rowell

Mrs Crocker

Mrs Mary McKenzie

Mr T Windsor

Mr & Mrs Kither and 2 children

Miss A Cotton

Mr D Bruce

Mr & Mrs J Holly

Mr W Holly

Mr A Stephens

Mr & Mrs Tilbrook and 5 children

Messr Johnson

Messr Painter

Mr & Mrs Eke

Mr & Mrs Rabone and child

Mr & Mrs H Cole

Mr & Mrs J D Whitaker and child

Messr J Barrond

Messr G Daglleish

Messr T Blinman

Messr R Hardy

Messr A Duval

Mr & Mrs May

Mr & Mrs W Hall

Mr & Master Ingram

Messr R C Prentice

Messr G Flatson

Messr T Cotton

Mr & Mrs C Swainson

Masters J & B Bansgrove

Mr & Mrs W Rutter

Mr & Mrs G Stevens and child

Mr James Peck or Peek

Mr & Mrs Hall

in the Intermediate

Names have been transcribed as accurately as possible.

Although there may be obvious errors in some Surnames, I have listed them as they are spelt in the Passenger list.






The Albemarle exchanged signals on the 2nd October, with the Ericson, an American ship of great length, as

also with the Henry Gillespie, from Callao.

She was boarded on the 8th October, by boat from the Tres Hermanos, 64 days out, from Hamburg, and on

the 17th, by a boat from the Swedish barque No?na, from Calcutta, bound to London.


The voyage of the Albemarle has not been favoured by wind or weather. Fifteen days elapsed from the time

she left the Downs till she got clear of the Channel, and she was 47 days before crossing the Equator.

Since then the weather has not been so unfavourable as at the beginning of the voyage, but

there has been some heavy weather.


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