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Strain Genealogy
Updated 2 August 2001

This site presents information on my genealogical research for my STRAIN, COPELAND, ARISMAN, METCALF, JENKINS, STARKEY, BRAZELTON, LOVE, JONES, and HUNT ancestors, among others. As I develop new information or find links to related families, I'll post as much as possible on this site.

In addition to this web site, I'm the listowner for the STRAIN-L, STARKEY-L, BRAZELTON-L and WIGDERSON-L Rootsweb Maillists. I'm also the Administrator for the STRAIN, STARKEY and COPELAND Message Boards on Rootsweb/ If you need any information or help with any of these resources, please feel free to contact me at

As luck would have it, I generally descend from the person that is forgotten or lost by the other parts of his or her family, or goes into voluntary self-exile in another state, or otherwise mysteriously appears in the records, as if planted by aliens. Quite often I find myself on one shore of the gene pool with a well documented and prolific family on the opposite shore. I'll have piles of circumstantial evidence, but no real proof to bridge from my person to that family. Hopefully, by providing the following information, anyone else researching these families can have an easier time in their researching.
These are perpetually undergoing revisions, updates, expansion and other changes. Right now I'm most actively working on STRAIN, but each of these sections will be expanding over time.

Montgomery & Vernon Cos., Missouri and Marion Co., Indiana
Eastern Missouri, Western Illinois and Ripley Co., Indiana
Frederick Co., Maryland then to anywhere
Frederick & Baltimore Cos., Maryland, Fayette Co. Kentucky, Macoupin Co. Illinois and Eastern Missouri
Audrain Co., Missouri 1850 to 1910
Osage, Maries and Vernon Cos., Missouri

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