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Frequently Asked Questions

- The surname spelling is wrong in the index and or doesn't match the headstone?

    To have this corrected, please email

- I know someone is buried in a particular cemetery but doesn't appear on the webpage?

    If you wish to add this information to the webpage please email

- I have some headstone photographs, can I have them added to the website?

    Yes, photographs can be added (along with cemetery name). Please email them to

- The surname appears in the Index but has no link, what does this mean?

    This means the surname appears on a older list but the headstone is to weather beaten to read or missing.

- I have more information about a headstone, can this be added to the webpage?

    Yes, please email the information to

- There are names and or photographs missing, who do I contact?

    Please email

- Can't I have a retake of a headstone photograph?

    Yes I can retake headstones as long as this headstone is in good condition eg: weather beaten, broken or missing will not be retaken.

    email me at

- How do I contact the person or group that look after a particular cemetery?

    Click on this link

    Select under "County / District" "Oxford (Restructured) County of"

    Find the cemetery and then click on the number in the first box to find the contacts for this cemetery.   

- When I click on a  link it doesn't work or takes me somewhere else, how do I get it fixed?

    email me at

- How many headstone photographs on are this website?

   There are more than 94,500 headstone photographs and counting!

- How long have you been working on this website?

    I started this website in 1999.