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1. Sarah (Sally) Baker

2.         Julia Rice

Jonathan Glover was born in Georgia in 1801. His relationship to the other Glovers of Madison County, AL, is not proven, but it is believed he was a brother of Richard Glover. He married Sarah (Sally) Baker, in Madison County, on 10 Mar. 1820, by John Grayson, J.P. And he married again on 23 Jan. 1868, Julia Rice, just a short time before his death in October 1868.

Sarah (Sally) Baker was born in 1800, in Kentucky.

In 1830 Jonathan was living next to Richard Glover, had 5 sons and 4 daughters.

1840 Census Madison County, Alabama:

Jonathan Glover 1 m 30-40

1 f 40-50

1 m 15-20

1 f 15-20

2 m 10-15

1 f 10-15

1 m 5-10

1 f under 5

1 m under 5


1850 Census Madison County, Alabama (#144):

Jonathan Glover












James W.






William P.






Nancy C.


















George Willhelms






Jacob Willhelms







1860 Census Madison County, Alabama (#332):

Jonathan Glover
























Ellen Childress*






Ann Childress






Sarah Childress






Charles Childress






*(She was a daughter, Ellen Glover.)



Land Records

Public Land, 4 Oct 1830

Absalom Baker and Jonathan Glover, E/2 of NE/4, 80.10 acres, and W/2 of NE/4, 80.10 acres, all in S9-5-2E.

O/131-132, 20 July 1830

Absolam and Elenor Baker, husband and wife, to Jonathan Glover, all of Madison County, AL, for $100, half a quarter section of land, it being the W/2 of NE/4,S9-5-2E, containing 80.10 acres; also the E/2 of NE/4, S9-5-2E, containing 80.10 acres being the same granted Absolam Baker and Jonathan Glover by patents on 1 July 1830. Witness: John C. Grayson and B. Cobb. Eleanor Baker relinquished dower on 24 July 1832. D/R 20 Aug. 1832, Rec. 25 Aug. 1832.

0/224, 24 July 1832

Jonathan and Sarah Glover, husband and wife, to Absolam Baker, all of Madison County, AL, for $5.00 - 40 acres on eastern side of E/2 of NE/4 S9-5-2E, co be divided by a north-south line "taking the certain half of said half quarter section above named, containing 40 acres." Witness: John C. Grayson and B. Cobb.

Jonathan and Sarah Glover signed with an "X".

P/457, 3 Aug. 1835

Mills and Jane Jenkins to Jonathan Glover, all of Madison County, for $350, the NE/4 of SE/4 S9-5-2E containing 40 acres. Jane Jenkins relinquished her right to dower 3 Aug. 1835. D/R 14 Aug. 1834. Rec. 20 Sept. 1835.

R/297, 8 Nov 1838

Sarah Walls to Jonathan Glover for $325, the S/2 of SE/4 S15-5-2E, containing 79.80 a. Signed: "Sarey" Walls with an "X". Witness: B. Cobb. Ack. by Sarah Walls 5 Feb. 1839, D/R 28 Oct. 1839, Rec. 21 Dec. 1839.

T/49-50, 14 Aug 1841

John W. Baker and Mahaley (X) his wife to Jonathan Glover, all of Madison County, AL, for $300, the SW/4 of NW/4 S23-5-2E, containing 80.01 acres. Witness: Alexander Cobb, J.P. Mahaley relinquished dower 14 Aug. 1841. D/R 10 Feb. 1842 and Recorded 1 Mar 1842.

U/370-371, 22 July 1842

Absalom Baker to Jonathan Glover, all of Madison County, for $500, the E/2 of NE/4, S9-5-2E; also the SE/4 S4-5-2E containing a total of 80 acres with tenements. Absalom (X) Baker. Witness: Alexander Cobb. Baker ack. 22 July 1842. D/R 5 April 1844 and recorded 22 April 1844.

Y/136-137, 4 Jan. 1850

Jonathan Glover and Sarah, his wife, 1st part

John R.B. Eldridge & George R. Wharton, trustees in trust for Isaac W. Sullivan and Mary A. Sullivan, his wife and heir, according to a deed executed by Richard Harris, St., and Judith, his wife, in 1837, to Eldridge and Wharton and recorded 8 Dec. 1837 in Deed Book "Q", p. 432.

For $700, paid to Jonathan and Sarah Glover by Eldridge & Wharton, trustees, in trust, sell them the:

SW/4 of NW/4 S23-5-2E, containing 40.09 acres

E/2 of NE/4, S22-5-2E, containing 80.09 acres.

[Glovers sold to Eldridge.& Wharton, trustees for above persons.]

Jonathan and Sarah Glover signed deed with "X". Ack. and dower relinquished 4 Jan. 1851; DR 1 Feb. 1851 and Rec. 3 Feb. 1851.

FF/5-6, 22 Nov. 1855

George Eason and Elizabeth A. (X), his wife, sold to Jonathan Glover for $15.00 - 19 acres in NW/4 of SW/4 S10-5-2E commencing in the north and running east 20 rods thence across the whole 40 acres, with tenements. Ack. 26 Mar. 1862, DR & Rec. 3 July 1866.

AA/222-223, 14 Feb. 1855

Jonathan Glover, Admr. of estate of Charles C. Childress, decd., sold to Elin W. Childress for $360, the following land belonging to the estate:

SE/4 of NE/4 S17-5-2E, containing 40.06 acres

NW/SE S17-5-2E, containing 40.06 acres.

Said land sold at public sale held on 4 Sept. 1854. Witness: James H. Poor

Ack. 3 Sept. 1855, DR 14 May 1855, Rec. 9 Oct. 1855.

[Note: Jonathan Glover signed with his mark: -W-. Jonathan Glover's daughter, Eleanor W. Glover, was the widow of Charles C. Childress. See 1860 census of Jonathan Glover.]

FF/6-7, 26 Mar. 1862

Freeland (X) Sutton and Nancy A.J. (X) Sutton, his wife, sold to Jonathan Glover, for $300, NW/4 of SE/4 S9-5-2E, containing 40 acres. Acknowledged 26 Mar. 1862, DR. & Rec. 3 July 1866.

GG/373-375, 7 Aug. 1867

Jonathan (X) Glover and Sarah (X) Glover, his wife, to William P. Glover [son] for $420:

40 acres off Eastern side of E/2 of NE/4 S9-5-2E, to be divided at the half quarter section by a north-south line and also half the well on said premises.

The E/2 of NE SE S9-5-2E, containing 20 acres; 10 acres in NW/4 of SW/4 S10-5-2E; E/2 of SE/4 of E/2 of SE/4 S4-5-2E, containing 20 acres.

Witness: William Moon. Proven by Moon 7 Aug. 1867, DR 7 Aug. 1867 & Rec. 30 Aug. 1867

JJ/161-163, 2 June 1868

[This is deed from Jonathan & 2nd wife, Julia, to son.] Jonathan M. (X) Glover and Julia Glover, his wife, to Jonathan W. Glover for $300, NW/4 of SE/4 S9-5-2E, 40 acres. Witness: William Moon and Dickson Cobb. Ack. 2 June 1868, DR & Rec. 30 Nov. 1868.

[Note by Dorothy Scott Johnson: In heading Jonathan's middle initial was M. but thereafter in the body of the deed, he is merely Jonathan Glover with no middle initial.]

Probate 2913, Jonathan Glover

There are some 100 pages of probate pages on record. Only the most pertinent facts were copied.

Sons William P. and Jonathan W. Glover were Administrators of the Estate of Jonathan Glover. Letter to Probate Judge (undated) by Julia C. Glover: "I hereby relinquish my right of administration upon the Estate of Jonathan Glover, Deceased, my late husband, to William T. Glover this November the 2, 1868."

Petition for Dower was filed 30 Nov. 1868.

Jonathan Glover died in October 1868, seized and possessed of the following: NE/4 S9-5-2E, containing 120.10 acres.

SE/4 S4-5-2E, containing 20 acres.

SE/4 S9-5-2E, containing 20 acres, all in Madison County, and composing the tract on which decedent resided at his death. [Glover Cove area.]

Surviving him his widow, Julia B. Glover, and the following children and grandchildren: Sons, William P., Jonathan W., Adgit M.B., James W. Children of Ambrose D. Glover, deceased, a son of Jonathan Glover: Alexander G., Martha, Mary, Uriah, Ambrose D. Glover. Daughters of Jonathan Glover: Brunetta Moon, wife of William Moon; Elizabeth Nelson, wife of John W. Nelson; Nancy C. Wadley, wife of Daniel Wadley, and Elenor W. Green, wife of Samuel Green.

The widow and all heirs reside in Madison County, Alabama, except Adget M.B. Glover and James W. Glover who reside in the state of Texas. All are over age 21 except the children of Ambrose D. Glover (Alexander G., Martha, Mary, Uriah, Ambrose D.)

NOTE:            On 19 September 1869, Julia Rice Glover married Major F. Ardis in Madison County, Alabama.

Of interest is a statement from G.W. Grayson:

1861   Tuition for grandchildren for 105 days at 10 Cents per day or $20

per month - $10.50.

Sale of Personal Property Sold Belonging to the Estate of Jonathan Glover, Deceased, is dated 25 Day of December 1868. Some items and names on this list cannot be read. Total amount of sale was $1,159.30. Some items that could be read were: Grey horse, bay mare, bay colt and shoe tools, sorrel colt, cow and calf, cow, bull, stray heifer, yoke oxen, cart, stuck hogs, 6 head hogs, 10 sheep, 59 barrels corn, and bushels corn, bin fodder, damaged fodder, shovel, spade, 6 plows, harrow and opener, 250 bind oats, hames and

doubletree, 2 sets beds and furniture, chest, "beauraue", 18 lbs. leather, "sadle riders", auger, sadle, 3 bells,

13 beehives, 20 chickens, wheat box 2, 13 chairs, "sything" cradle 2, dry gear, stretchers & bratching; 2 bridles, bushels wheat, 4 hoes, 2 bryar hooks, 2 iron wedgers, 2 log chains, 2 axes, 1 kettle, 3 jars, lot carpenter's tools; fiddler and rake; grind stone 2, cross cut saw 2 barrels, meat trough barrel, book "caca", wheat, 1 pair pot hooks, 1 bridle reap hook flax hackle (?).

Purchasers at this sale (as handwritten) were:

James Alison, H. Baker, F.M. Benet, Green Black, Wesley Bran, m, John Carpenter, W.O. Carpenter, J.P. Clark, Thomas Cobb, J.W. Glover, Julia C. Glover, W.P. Glover·, J.W. Grayson, Samuel Green, James Keagwood (might be Hogwood), George Maples, John A. Medlin, S.W. Moon, William Moon, W.T. Nail, Elizabeth M. Nelson, W. Osten, Green Patrick, Joseph Rice, A. Whited, C.D. Williams.

Petition for Sale of Land for Distribution was filed 12 Aug. 1869.

Jonathan Glover died in 186-[blank] seized and possessed of: 120.20 acres in NE/4 S9-5-2E 20 acres in SE/4 S9-5-2E 20 acres in SE/4 S4-5-2E.

Only heirs of law of Jonathan Glover were:

Adget McG. B. Glover

James W. Glover

Brunetta Moon, wife of William Moon

Eleanor W. Green, wife of Samuel Green

Elizabeth McD. Nelson, wife of John W. Nelson

Nancy C. Wadley, wife of Daniel Wadley

William P. Glover

Jonathan W. Glover, all children of said decedent, and

            Alexander G. Glover )           Minor children of Ambrose Glover, deceased,
            Martha Glover            )           who was a son of said Jonathan Glover,
            Mary Glover   )           deceased, and who died before his father.
            Uriah Glover   )           All of these grandchildren were under age
            Ambrose Glover        )           21.

All heirs are residents of Madison County except Adget McB. Glover and James W. Glover who reside in Texas. Land cannot be divided among heirs without a sale. Prays for sale for division.

11 May 1885, List of Heirs was filed.
1. Jonathan W. Glover, son
2. William P. Glover, son

3. James W. Glover, son, residing at Augusta, Houston County, Texas

4. Eleanor W. Green, wife of Samuel Green, daughter

5.         Adgit M.B. Glover, son, who died since Jonathan's death, without administration

6.         Brunette Moon, dau., deceased since Jonathan's death bearing four children: (1) James A. Moon

(2) Margaret Collier, wife of Isham G. Collier

(3) Idella Pike, wife of Charles Pike

(4) Octavia McGaha, wife of James McGaha

7.         Elizabeth D. Nelson, daughter, who died since Jonathan, without administration

8. Nancy Wadley, daughter, who died since Jonathan without administration.

9. Ambrose D. Glover, son, who died before Jonathan leaving children:

(1) Alexander G. Glover

(2) Martha Baker, wife of Nathaniel Baker (3) Mary Craft, wife of James Craft (4) Uriah Glover

(5) Ambrose D. Glover (Jr.)

10.       Julia C. Ardis, WIDOW of decedent (Jonathan Glover) and present wife of

Ardis. (Major F. Ardts)

Other Probate Records are #3002, 3003, 3004, 3005, 3006, for Alexander Glover, Uriah Glover, Martha Minerva Glover, Mary Elenor Glover, and Ambrose D. Glover, Jr. These probates cover Letters of Guardianship dated 26 April 1870, to Mary Jane Glover, mother, Who was appointed guardian of these minor children.


Children of Jonathan Glover and Sarah Baker are:

            1.         Brunetta Webster Glover, b. 1821, Madison County, Alabama; d. before May 1885, Madison County, Alabama.

            2.         Adget McGuire Baker Glover, b. 1822, Madison County, Alabama; d. June 24, 1881, Houston County, Texas.

            3.         Elizabeth McD.Glover, b. 1823, Madison County, Alabama; d. before May 1885, Madison County, Alabama.

            4.         Eleanor Webster Glover, b. November 1826, Madison County, Alabama; d. Aft. 1900, Owens Cross Roads, Madison, Alabama.

            5.         Ambrose D. Glover, b. 1831, Madison County, Alabama; d. about 1868, Owens Cross Roads, Madison, Alabama.

            6.         James Washington Glover, b. 1832, Owens Cross Roads, Madison, Alabama; d. December 08, 1899, Houston County, Texas.

            7.         William Perry Glover, b. June 11, 1833, Owens Cross Roads, Madison, Alabama; d. September 08, 1899, Owens Cross Roads, Madison, Alabama.

            8.         Nancy Catherine Glover, b. January 22, 1835, Madison County, Alabama; d. August 21, 1876, Tate County, Mississippi.

            9.         Sarah Ann Glover, b. 1835, Owens Cross Roads, Madison, Alabama; d. January 1850, Owens Cross Roads, Madison, Alabama. Died of pleursy.

.           10.       Jonathan William Glover, b. May 1838, New Hope, Alabama; d. August 1904, Texas.

            11.       Uriah Glover, b. 1848, Madison County, Alabama; d. before 1870, Madison County, Alabama.