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This web site is dedicated to my Grandmother,
Bula Trueblood Watson Lungren Wheeler,
author of the book "The Trueblood Family In America 1682-1963"  
Bula Trueblood, Watson, Lungren, Wheeler
born March 14, 1905 Republic City, Kansas
died April 4, 1991 Basin, Wyoming
This site is a tribute to all her hard work and research so that we all might know our ancestors.
If you have updated information on any of your ancestors, you can e-mail me  donna beeler .so that others of your line will have access to that information also. I truly appreciate all the information that has been shared by other Trueblood genealogist to update their information that was contained in Grandmother's book and I know those genealogist that are just starting out will appreciate it also. Thank you all so much.
NOTICE: I can't do any updates at this time and I do apolize to those who have sent updates that haven't made it online. I am truly sorry. I hope to be able to do them again shortly, but can't make any promises. Again I am truly sorry. 
I want to take this opportunity to pay special thanks to Charlie Talbert who helped me out more than he will ever know. If it hadn't been for him I'd still be inputting data. Also I would like to thank Louise G. Stratton for giving me the encouragement to take on this task. By her contacting me, it sparked the interest needed in me to take on this task. Also a thank you goes to Christy Hartman for contributing her time to do the Who's Who section of the web site.  Also Lane Trueblood for sending me all those tombstone photos and obituaries. There are many others of course, such as Bob Stokley and Gordon Trueblood, which have also contributed much to the site.  And of course last, but by no means least, my Grandmother Bula, who spent countless hours doing this by hand. I personally can't imagine doing this without the aid of a computor and admire her greatly for the hard work she did.  
This is where it all began, Pasquotank County, North Carolina. This is the site of the Symons Creek Monthly Meeting, which would have been erected shortly after the death of our first ancestor, John Trueblood who died in 1692, here in America. Almost all Trueblood's were active members of the Symons Creek Monthly Meeting.
This photo was taken and contributed by Bob Stokley. He deserves a big Thank You!!
(A larger version of the same photo is located under the "Old Family Photos" section, at the bottom of the page under "Photos of interest to all Trueblood's".)

Below you will find the contents of this web site:

If you have any documents, photos or stories you would like to add to this section,  please don't hesitate to let me know. This is a site for all Trueblood's, not just a certain line, so feel free to send me anything you want added. Thanks. ;)

Please read note below
Please Take Note: World Connect has changed their policies. They will no longer let names of the living be published on World Connect. It will only show "Living Surname". If you want to find more information you can visit the alternate site I have created for the time being. The link to this site is the first link below. The second link is to World Connect. You can print out family group sheets on this alternate site, but in order to print out decendancy charts or pedigree charts, you will have to do that on World Connect. I am sorry if this has caused any problems for any of you. I have never published birth and marriage information on anyone born after 1915, if they were still living, but it has always had everyones names, that way it made it easier for those who didn't know who their ancestor's were, to find them. The alternate site still shows it that way. So if you don't see your name on World Connect, be sure to check the Trueblood Data Base.
x Trueblood Data Base Surname Index  This links to the New Data Base Site, which contains Family Group Sheets, Notes & Sources, click on HOME to return to this page.
x World Connect Index   This is the link to the World Connect Site on Rootsweb. Only info of the deceased & those born before 1915 is diplayed here.
x Old Family Photos   Please be patient. Photos can be slow loading.
x Old Family Documents   Please be patient. These  pages are slow loading because they contain the actual documents.
x   Family Obituaries and Tombstones   Again patience. Actual obituaries on some pages and/ or photo of tombstones.
x Friends Churchs Today  These are photos of two church's that played a big role in the Trueblood family. If you have any to contribute feel free to send them to me.
x   Family History
x Migration Story   This is an interesting story found under the related families section in the rear of Grandmother's book.
x   Who's Who Among Trueblood's  A special thanks to Christy Hartman for doing this section.
x Letters written in 1866, 1867 &1870 The following letters were written by a Mary Trueblood. They are about  an impoverished farming familyand these letters  present a view of the hardships, and of the philosophy which these people assumed in the mid nineteenth century when death came to their loved ones. She speaks of the loss of three of her children to scarlett fever in just a matter of days in the letter written in 1866. These letters were contributed courtesy of Gordon Trueblood.

Below you will find links to websites of many Trueblood researchers.
If you have a Trueblood website or know of one that you would like to see on here, please don't hesitate to let me know and I will get a link put on here.

Links to other Trueblood Family Websites

  Lane F Trueblood's web site
His line of Trueblood's decent is down through John Trueblood (b 1689), son of John and Agnes (Fisher) Trueblood. Then down through Fisher (b 1732) to Isaac (b 1777) to Jonathan (b 1818) to William Trueblood (b 1839). The web site is set around Fayette Co., Illinios where most of his ancestors settled. Check it out to learn more.


Wendy Parkinson's web site
Her site has alot of information about the English side of the Trueblood family. She also has several photos of the old church's related to the Trueblood family on her site. She lives in Great Britian. Wendy also maintians a site that aids in the research in England. It is listed below:

Lynda Parker's Web site
Her line of decent is down through Amos Trueblood (b 1692), son of John and Agnes (Fisher) Trueblood. Then down through Abel (b 1722) to Joseph (b 1753) to John (b 1784) to Joseph (b 1812) then to Phoebe Ann Trueblood(b 1841) who married James Fleenor.This site has alot of photo's and some documents that may be of interest to many of you. Go check it out to learn more.

Jean Leeper's Web site
Her line of Trueblood's decent is down through Amos Trueblood (b 1692), son of John and Agnes (Fisher) Trueblood. Then down through Caleb (b 1732) to William (b 1785) to Mathew (b 1818) to William Draper Trueblood (b 1841). This is a beautiful site. A must see for anyone interested in the Trueblood family.

Ken Parker's Web site
This web site contains information on the two Trueblood brothers that married into the Shield's family. Their line of decent is as follows: Amos Trueblood (b 1692), son of John and Agnes (Fisher) Trueblood. Then down through Abel (b 1722) to Joseph (b 1753) to John (b 1784) to his two sons Joseph (b 1812) and Thomas (b 1814). If you decend from the Shield's or through this Trueblood line, go check this site out.

Judy Phillip's Web site
Her line of decent is through John (b 1689) & Sarah Albertson (2nd wife of John), son of John and Agnes (Fisher) Trueblood. Then down through Fisher (b 1732), then Jonathan (b 1779) to Ephraim Overman (b 1800) to Jonathan (b 1824), then down through Silas (b 1848) then to Emma Alfredette Trueblood (b1878) who married Nels Anderson. If you are interested in this line visit her website.

Roger Dellinger's Website
This web site contains information on the line of Joshua B. Trueblood (b 1766) who married Mary Henley. Roger Dellinger is not directly related to the Trueblood family. Joshua's line of decent is as follows: Amos Trueblood (b 1692), son of John and Agnes (Fisher) Trueblood. Then down through Abel (B 1722) to Joshua who married Mary Henley.

Jesse Macon Lawrence, Jr.'s Website
He is related through Mary Outland who married Isaac Trueblood (b 1777). She was his third Great Grand Aunt. Isaac's line of decent is as follows: John (b 1689), son of John and Agnes (Fisher) Trueblood, then through Fisher (b 1732) to Isaac who married Mary Outland

Jim Hauser's Website
His line of decent is through Amos Trueblood (b 1692), son of John and Agnes (Fisher) Trueblood. Then down through Joshua (b bet, 1726-1728) to Thomas (b 1759) through Aaron (b 1792) to James (b 1846) through Edward Franklin (b 1865) to Edward's daughter Hilda Lena Trueblood who married George Benton Hauser. This site contains information about the Hauser and Silver families. If you are from this line check it out to learn more.

Sid Arnold's Website
This site has alot of information on the Arnold side of the family. Alot of Arnold's married into the Trueblood family. His site has alot of Trueblood information also. Go and check it out by clicking on the link above. He starts with Thomas Trueblood b 1565-1570, England and goes on down.

Kim Holly's Website
This site contains alot of information about Vigo Co., Indiana. It is a very nice looking site and easy to navigate. The link above is to her Prairie Creek Families Website. She is not related to the Trueblood family but many of her Frakes family married Trueblood's, so you might find this information very helpful if you come from the Frake's line. The following link is to Vigo Co., Indiana Biographies Project. It contains alot of information also.

Below are links to sites that are of interest to the Trueblood Family
and useful in the research of our family line. 

"The Quaker Corner"
This is the rootsweb site for Quaker Research and a wonderful place to start any Quaker research. It has many links to other Quaker sites of interest. Check it out to learn more.

Cyndi's List
Cyndi's List is very useful for anyone doing genealogy research. This link is to the Quaker section of her site. There are also links to her main page which contains an index to all of her links for research of genealogy on the internet.

"The Albemarle"
This site contains information on the historic Albemarle County. This county was were the Trueblood's started out in America in the 1680's. It has alot of interesting article's if your interested in the history of this county. Pasquotank County as well as Perquimans County both were formerly of Albemarle County.

This site is useful for any research of any of the states in the US. There are links to all the States and Counties. Most of the States in which the Trueblood's migrated are found below along with the counties they were in, but just in case your's was in some other county, this is where to go to look for your information.

North Carolina Gen Web Site

Albemarle County, North Carolina Gen Web Site

Guilford County, North Carolina Gen Web Site

Pasquotank County, North Carolina Gen Web Site

Perquimans County, North Carolina Gen Web Site

Indiana Gen Web Site

Washington County, Indiana Gen Web Site

Orange County, Indiana Gen Web Site 

Vigo County, Indiana Gen Web Site

Vigo Co., Indiana Biographies Project

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