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Compton-Beazley Family Cemetery

NAME OF CEMETERY: Compton-Beazley Family Cemetery
LOCATION: Pasadena, Harris County, Texas. The cemetery is located deep in the woods about a hundred yards southeast of the intersection Charles and Pine Circle in the El Jardin subdivision.
DESCRIPTION: The cemetery was situated next to the home of John P. Compton. The house was torn down in 1930, leaving only the cemetery. Nearly all of the surrounding Beazley and Compton properties have been sold out of the Compton family, but the cemetery itself is presently owned by Bruce Compton. The cemetery is forty-one by forty-one feet. It is currently protected by a chain-link fence, but it was originally enclosed in a picket fence made of cypress that was largely destroyed by a 1950 wildfire. There are nine marked graves surrounding a large monument that contains the name, birth date and death date of all but the last of the burials. John Perkins Compton is the only name not found on the monument. His is a VA-issued military marker showing birth and death dates and his military service.
SOURCE OF INFORMATION: Visual inspection of markers. Inscriptions read and transcribed by Bruce Compton, April 18, 2002.
COMPLETENESS: All markers that existed on April 18, 2002 have been read, transcribed and photographed and are presented here.

Burials in the Compton-Beazley Family Cemetery







Mary J. Beazley December 3, 1826 January 21, 1881


  Mary Jane Beazley, daughter of James Gay and Jane Graves (Andras) Sawkins. Wife of John Ingram Beazley
John I. Beazley August 13, 1821 December 31, 1878


  John Ingram Beazley, son of John and Lucy (Porter) Beazley. Husband of Mary Jane Beazley
John W. Beazley February 2, 1863 September 3, 1869


  John William Beazley, son of John Ingram and Mary Jane Beazley
Glenn O. Beazley September 5, 1850 October 27, 1852


  Glenn Otto Beazley, son of John Ingram and Mary Jane Beazley
Sarah Adele Compton November 29, 1871 December 9, 1871


  Daughter of John Perkins and Mary Adele Compton
Eula Irene Compton June 22, 1889 December 9, 1891


  Daughter of John Perkins and Mary Adele Compton
Mary Adele Compton February 22, 1853 September 23, 1893


  Daughter of John Ingram and Mary Jane Beazley. Wife of John Perkins Compton
John P. Compton February 4, 1846 September 9, 1917


Co. B, 1st Tex. Cav. CSA John Perkins Compton, son of William Thomas Swan and Sarah Rebecca (Newell) Compton. Husband of Mary Adele Compton
W. T. Swan Compton August 22, 1886 May 22, 1908


  William Truman Swan Compton, son of John Perkins and Mary Adele Compton

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