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Cedarhurst Cemetery

Terhune Plot

There are three graves in the Terhune plot. Two of the graves have collapsed, leaving depressions in the earth. A portion of the south wall has fallen down and is sliding toward the bayou.

On the left, the headstone is missing, but the footstone that reads "C. B. T." remains. The is believed to be that of Charles B. Terhune, who died December 27, 1901.

In the center of the plot, there is a broken footstone, indicating a grave. This is believed to be that of Jennie Terhune. Her January 16, 1908 obituary in the La Porte Chronicle states that "... her body was borne to the cemetery and interred by the side of a brother whose death occurred six years ago."

On the right of the plot is Emma L. Terhune. Her grave has no footstone.