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HAVE YOU SEEN THIS COUPLE??? I have come up against a road block with my DARBY/BREMBLE research. Benjamin Darby b. c. 1744, Devonshire, England, apparently came to Rhode Island as a young soldier at the time of the Seven Years War. Family history says that he was a Loyalist but I have yet to find him on a muster list. He is listed as arriving in Saint John with the Spring Fleet in 1783 with wife and 5 children. One story says that Benjamin and his family fled the family home in Newburgh, NY in such haste that they left the dinner cooking on the stove. Mrs. Darby and a new born baby died en route to Saint John. This last bit has been proven untrue. Ben's family leaving New York City and arriving in Saint John was the same, Ben, wife and 5 children. Benjamin and his family went up river to Grimross (Gagetown, NB), but not finding the conditions there to their liking they went to PEI, where they settled. It appears that he married Sarah Bremble ("The Widow Bremble") before leaving New York. She also had two daughters and her husband may have been a Loyalist. If you have come across this couple somewhere...I know it's a long shot, or are descended from them, I'd love to hear from you.

Further research indicates that Ben Darby was jailed in Orange County, NY for being "a British sympathizer". There were several other DARBY/DERBY men living in the same area of Orange County (Newburgh) and I am starting to research them in hopes that they may shed some light on Ben.