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Joseph Davis and John F. Davis

Joseph DAVIS was born 1775 in N.C., and died Bet 1860 and 1870 in
Decatur County Georgia. He was buried in near Tired Creek Baptist
Cemetery. He was possibly the son of Thomas DAVIS and Ann KING of
Edgecombe SC.

notes:Joseph moved to Georgia Abt. 1800. He came to Burke then Screven
an on to Decatur County before 1828. Joseph received a land grant of 500
acres in Screven county, Georgia in 1816.

Joseph also served as Justice of Peace from Oct. 19, 1815 to Jan. 31, 1817 in the 80th District of Screven County. The Harrison book, pg. 13, lists Joseph as the Justice of the Peace for Decatur county, Georgia on Dec. 18, 1832.

Joseph Davis married Sarah CRAVEY, who was born Abt 1780 in N.C., and
died Aft 1860 in Decatur County Georgia. She was buried in near Tired
Creek Baptist Cemetery. She was the daughter of Owen Brown Jr. CRAVEY
and Mary Frances HINES.  

Children of Sarah CRAVEY and Joseph DAVIS are:

VERY POSSIBLY   i.John F. DAVIS born 18 Jan 1800 in Burke County,
Georgia, and died 1 Jul 1872 in Thonotossassa, Hillsbrough Co., Fla.. He
married Mary Pauline PERKINS 11 Dec 1828 in Burke or Screven Co.,
Georgia. She was the daughter of Newton PERKINS and Pharabe WALLACE. She
was born 8 Jun 1813 in Burke County, Georgia, and died 1882 in Plk City,
Polk Co., Fla. POB: Collins Cemetery, Lakeland, FL.
Notes: Why it is believed that John F. Davis was the s/o Joseph Davis of
Burke, Screven, and Decatur Counties GA.

1.)1828 Davis/ Miley Family Bible records the marriage of John F. Davis
& Mary P. Perkins. Naturally, for obvious reasons we know this is our
John F. & Mary P. and because we know who Mary's parents were and where
they lived a the time, we also know that this marriage probably took
place either in Burke or Screven County, and that most likely it was in
Burke Co where we know that the bride resided... as well as most likely
the groom at that time.

2.) 1830 Burke Co; GA census we can find our John F. Davis, and again we
know that this is our John F. because the ages and genders correspond
perfectly with the Family Bible for him, Mary, and their eldest
daughter, Martha. We can also feel certain that this our John F.'s
family because they are living in very close proximity to other members
of his wife's family.

3.)1832 Burke Co; GA Land Lottery list a John F. Davis, and I feel
fairly certain that this was our John F. because even though there were
several John Davis' in Burke county at this particular time our John F.
was the only one that seems to have used the middle initial of "F;" and
also because in.....

4.) 1832 we know that our John F's and Mary Perkin's daughter, Sarah was
born in Waynesboro, Burke Co; GA (per a sworn affidavit by Sarah when
she applied for her husband's Civil War pension.)

5.)1835 Tired Creek Church Record for John & Mary Davis in Decatur Co;
GA, may or may NOT be our John & Mary, but I tend to believe that it
probably was because of the close association of these Davis families.
Still, if it was them, they were already back in Screven County by

6.) 1840 Screven Co; GA census. Where once again the ages and genders of
them and their children correspond perfectly with the records taken from
the Davis/ Miley Family Bible and future census records.

7.)1844 Screven Co; GA Land Lottery list a John F. Davis, and we know
that this is probably our John F. because we have copies of the sales
transaction where he sold this same land before he would have even be
able to legally take possession of it, and once again these records were
witnessed by members of John F. Davis' wife, Mary Perkins' family.

8.) 1846, Nov. 2nd Screven County John F. Davis witnesses a gift of deed
between William Wallace and his son, Abel Wallace, and again I feel
certain that this was my John F. because this William Wallace was Mary
Perkins Davis' mother's brother.

After John F's daughter, Sarah's birth, we have only the Miley/Davis
Family Bible and gravestones to rely apond for the actual dob's for John
F. children,and consecutive census records and oral family history to
rely apond for their children's places of birth.. which in all cases are
seemingly in agreement.

Therefore, we know that all their children were born in GA except for
Andrew Jackson; Georgian Eugenia, who were both born in AL (which
judging by several new misc. records was most likely in the Dale/Geneva
Co. area), and the twins, who were born in N. FL. (which judging by
adjacent land records for both John F. & his son, Newton M. Davis was
most likely in the Washington Co; FL area).

Okay, thus far everything seemed to be working out just grand, and up
until a few weeks ago this was basically the chronological order with
which I had been working.

Now, however a few new things have come into play, and this is where
things become confusing

9.)1845 Voters in First Florida Election, list John F Davis, along with
his future son in law, Daniel T. Moore, who btw was much older than his
future wife, Mary Ann Davis.

We know in all likelihood, though that this was 1845 FL. John F. Davis
was indeed our's not only because he registered with known associates,
but also because of the....

10.) 1846 Holmes Valley Church Records that Nancy Patterson found where
John F. Davis and his daughter, Pharaby were listed as "chartered
members," and since the Holmes Valley Church was a sister church to the
Moss Hill, with which it shared a pastor...and since John F's daughter,
Pharaby J. would later marry George Franklin Williams in the Moss Hill
Church, there is little doubt that this 1845 & 1846 FL John F. Davis is
also my John F. Davis!

<Ed Davis has suggested that possibly tJohn F. owned land in both GA and
FL and that he left a power of attorney in GA that acted in his behave.
But, both the 1844 Screven Co. land deed, and the 1846 Screven Co. gift
of deed are both signed by John F. Davis, himself...and not by someone
else that might have been serving as his power of attorney. >

<Ed also suggested that we check tax records for Screven Co; GA and the
N FL area, but I am not certain with so many of these court houses
burning that those records will still exist, and that if they do still
exist then they are probably housed in the State Archives.

There however maybe transcriptions though of these records or they maybe
on microfilm that could possibly be borrowed, but that is something that
we will still need to check into in order to make a determination.

11.) 1854 Dale County (St. Stephen Parrish), AL. multiple land records
for John Davis on same day as Thomas A. Davis purchased property.
Several section of this land adjoined that of Thomas A. Davis Sr; and
one large piece of this property was purchased by John & Thomas A. Davis

12.)Holmes County, FL. 1860 census and land records/ 1870 Hernando
County, FL census/ newspaper accounts given by the Davis twins (some
proven errors)

13.) John F. Davis Jr. & Thomas Allen Davis Jr. purchased adjoining land
in Holmes County, FL. on Oct. 01,1860. Btw, this was the same land where
John F. Sr,'s family was living on the 1860 Holmes census.

14.) A bond was set in Jackson County in 1862, giving Hugh C. Davis
guardianship of two children, Evaline Davis (later PEEL) and  Sarah A.
Davis, who were the natural daughters of John F. Davis Jr. of Dale Co;
AL & Holmes Co; FL. This bond was also witnessed by George Franklin
Williams, who the brother in law of John F. Davis Jr.

The relationship between my John F. Davis & the other two older sons of
Joseph Davis seems to suggest that they were related and very possibly
as well as the oral family history of Joseph Davis' family (recorded by
Tom Davis and passed to Ed Davis) which states that Joseph Davis did
have an older son, whose name began with a "J".

However, Joseph Davis did NOT leave a will, and also there is some
speculation that while Sarah Carvey was probably instrumental in raising
John F. Davis as well as his brothers, Thomas Allen Davis Sr. & Hugh C.
Davis that Sarah may not have been the mother of Joseph Davis' three
eldest sons.

John F. Davis Sr; Thomas Allen Davis Sr; and Hugh C. Davis all named
their eldest daughters, Martha. So, perhaps Joseph was first married to
a Martha. It should also be mentioned though that each of these
gentlemen also named daughters, Sarah as well.

 ii.Hugh Cravey DAVIS was born Abt 1802 in Burke County, Georgia, and
died Bet 1863 and 1870 in Washington County, Florida. He married
Prudence Abram LEWIS 10 Feb 1825 in Screven County, Georgia, daughter of
Abram LEWIS. She was born 1805 in Effingham county, Georgia, and died
Bet 1870 and 1900 in Washington County, Florida.    

iii. Ann K. (poss. King) DAVIS was born 1804 in Burke county, Georgia,
and died Aft 1880 in Decator county, Georgia.   

iv.Elizabeth C. DAVIS was born Abt 1805 in GA., and died Aft 1850 in
GA.. She married John SASSER 23 Dec 1828 in Screven County, Georgia, son
of Thomas SASSER and UNKNOWN CLARISSA. He was born Abt 1800 in GA., and
died Abt 1870 in Thomas county, Georgia.

   v.Thomas Allen DAVIS was born Bet 1806 and 1807 in Burke
County, Georgia, and died Aft 1870 in Geneva county, Ala.. He married
Terry (Tersey) WYNN 30 Sep 1830 in Thomas County, Georgia, daughter of
John C. WYNN. She was born Bet 1800 and 1804 in Georgia, and died Aft
1880 in Geneva county, Ala..

   vi.Jesse H. DAVIS was born Abt 1808, and died Aft 1830 in Poss.
Galveston County, Texas.   

vii.Jonas Beale DAVIS was born 21 Jan 1809 in Burke County Georgia, and
died 1893 in Decatur County Georgia. He married Clarissa PREVATT 23 Nov
1837 in book A- pg 16, daughter of Thomas King PREVATT and Elizabeth
WARD. She was born 9 Feb 1822 in Robeson Co. N.C., and died 21 Apr 1911
in Decator county, Georgia.    

viii.L.C. DAVIS was born 1812 in Decatur County Georgia, and died 1907
in Cairo, Georgia. He married Assena JONES 27 Oct 1831 in book A- pg 52.

ix.Ell C. DAVIS was born 4 Jun 1812 in Screven County, Georgia.   

x.Martha Jane DAVIS was born 1818 in GA.. She married Joseph T. HAWTHORN
25 Apr 1853 in book A-pg 212. He was born 1813 in GA..    

xi.Sarah DAVIS was born 15 Mar 1819 in Decatur County Georgia, and died
in Decatur County Georgia. She married William SASSER in Decatur County,

Note: Quite a bit of descendant information is available on all the
above listed children.
What is known about Thomas Davis & Ann King of Edgecomb, NC.

Thomas Davis was born abt 1749, and died abt 1800 in possibly Edgecomb,
N.C.. He was possibly the son of Thomas Sr. DAVIS.

Ann KING was born abt 1751 in prob. Louisea county, Virginia, and died
in Edgecomb, N.C.. She was the daughter of Henry Jr. KING and 11.

Children of Ann KING and Thomas DAVIS were:

  i.Joseph DAVIS was born 1775 in N.C., and died Bet 1860 and 1870
in Decatur County Georgia. He married Sarah CRAVEY Abt 1800 in Georgia,
daughter of Owen Brown Jr. CRAVEY and Mary Frances HINES. She was born
Abt 1780 in N.C., and died Aft 1860 in Decatur County Georgia.    

ii.Ann DAVIS was born in Edgecomb, N.C..   

iii.Elizabeth DAVIS.   

iv.James DAVIS was born 1788 in North Carolina, and died aft 1870 in
Geneva county, Alabama. He married UNKNOWN.