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David Walter Long and Sarah Bertha Burk

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"If you could see your ancestors All standing in a row, Would you be proud of them or not, Or don't you really know? Some strange discoveries are made In climing family trees, And some of them, you know, do not Particularly please. If you could see your ancestors All standing in a row, There might be some of them, perhaps You wouldn't care to know. But here's another question, which Requires a different view - If you could meet your ancestors Would they be proud of you?" - Somerville Journal

We dedicate this web site to David Walter Long and Sarah Bertha Burk - the first of our family to join The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint. We thank you for your strength and courage and the legacy you left to us - your descendants.

If you would like to meet our family please enter here.

Our Family

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