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Abbot     Canning Canon   Dabbinet Dabbinatt   Garrett Gard?   Hayn?     Kinkman     Olash?     Reed     Spurle Spurell   Venus  
Abraham     Carpenter?       Dabbinett     Garder   Hayward     Kitch     Olbury?     Reynolds Rainoll?     Spurl   Vile  
Alford Oldford   Case       Dabbinette     Garret     Haywarde   Knapp Knap   Old Olde     Raynold     Spurrell   Vurs?  
  Olford   Cattle       Dabinatt   Gaylard       Heyward   Knight     Olford See Alford     Raynolds   Stacy     Wadham  
Allen?     Chafe Chafey     Dabinet   Gennicot     Hembry Hemberry   Knoman Knowman   Oliver     Rich?     Starr     Wagges?  
Amy?       Chaffie     Dabinett   George       Hembry     Newman   Ostler Osler   Richard Richards   Stevands     Wait Waite?
Andersey Andersie     Chafie     Dabnett   Gill       Henbrowe?     Nowman   Osmond     Robbins Rabbins   Stickland     Wallis  
  Andersy   Chillcott     Dadwo?     Gill__     Hendy Hend_   Lane     Ousely Ousley     Rabens?   Stoaks?     Walrond Waldron
  Andersye   Clark Clarke   Darby     Gillard       Hendy   Lang       Ously     Robeni?   Stuckey Stucky   Walsh Walshe
Anderson Anderton   Clement Clomard?   Darggs?     Gillet     Hi__ges     Laver Lavor   Paine?       Robin   Symons Symond     Welch
Andrews Andros     Clemmant   Davey?     Gilley     Hicks       Lavour   Palfrey Palfrie     Robins     Symonds     Welsh
  Androse   Cloud Cloude   Davinant     Gillium     Hill     Lea       Palfry   Roger     Tailor     Walter  
Atkins     Coat Coate   Daw     Glover       Hill? Dill?   Littlejohns       Palphery   Rose     Talbert?     Ward Warde
Babb Babt?     Coatt   Deasimore     Godderd     Hillard     Lockyear       Palphry   Russell Rouswell   Tamkins Tamkings     Warre
Baker     Coggan     Deffy Deffie?   Godfrey Godfry   Hilliar     Long     Palmer       Rowsell     Tanckens?   Wastens?  
Ball     Cole Coles   Denman Dinman   Goodland     Himbery Himbry   Ly     Parker       Rowsil     Tankens   Weaver  
Ballerum?     Collens Collers   Dennin     Gould Goold     Himbrye   Maisters     Patty       Rowswell     Tankins   Webb  
Bar[kt]er     Combestocke Combestokes   Derson     Green     Hippisley     Marke?     Paull Pawll     Russel?     Tankons?   Wells  
Bartlett       Combre?   Dier Dyer   Greffen Griffen   Hix?     Marll     Pavior Pavier?   Roy       Tomkins   Wench?  
Bastable       Combstock   Drake       Griffin   Hoar?     Marsh?     Pearse Peirse   Rugg?       Tommcase?   West  
Bawler?       Combstocke   Drayton     Grunter     Hodges     Masters       Pierce   Salway Sallway     Tompkins   White  
Bennett Bennet     Combstoke   Drew Drewe   Gully     Hoit Hoit_   Mayn     Petwin Petten     Sawlway   Tatchell     Wilderok?  
Best       Comstock     Drews   Hall Halls     Hoite   Mead Meade     Pettwin   Sands     Taylor     Willcox  
Betty Beatie?     Cumbstocke   Dunham       Hawle     Hoith   Mew       Petwin   Saunders     Thyer     Willey?  
  Bettie   Cook     Dunstone       Hawll     Hoyt   Middleton       Petwyn   Sawtell Sawtel   Tillie Tilly   Wilton  
Biggs     Coolen Coollen   Dursic?     Hallat       Hoyte   Middlicot     Phelps Phillips     Sawtle     Tyllie   Wines Wenis?
Bishop Bishopp   Cording?     Dwelly     Hallett     Hopkins     Miller     Pill     Scot Scott   Tole       Winds
  Byshopp   Courtenay?     Edmonds     Hannam     Horder?     Moor Moore   Piner     Seagar Seager   Toleman       Wine
Blessett     Cousen?     Edwardes Edwards   Hart Harte   Horwood     Morcomb Morcombe   Pinney Piney   Sealy Silly?   Toseman     Witcombe  
Bowden Bowdon   Cowden?     Elliot     Hartland     Hoskins     Morris Moris     Pinnie   Searle?     Tomson?     Witherall  
Bowes?     Cox Coxe   England     Harvey     House       Morset?     Pinny   Shawler     Towning     Wofeur  
Bradway     Creyson     Evans     Hawker Hauker   Humphry Humfry   Musgrave     Piper     Sherrin Shered   Travess?     Wood Woodd
Bragg     Croft     Everard       Hawker   Hunt     Nash Naishe   Pippen       Sherein   Trevillian       Woude?
Bramble     Crook     Fido Ffido     Hawllor   Hurigg?     Neves Nevis   Pitman       Sherin   Trout     Woodborne Woodbourne
Brimsby?     Croote Crout?     Ffidoe   Hawkins Halkens   Hurman     Nevil     Pitt Pitts     Sherrard   Trumenss?       Woodburne
Broadway     Crose Cross?     Ffidowe     Hauckin   Hussey     Newman See Knoman   Pittard Pitard     Sherred   Tucker     Woodha*  
Brookman     Croyden       Ffydowe     Haukens   Hymons     Norris Noris?   Plaise?       Sherrin   Tuttle       Wooddier
Brown     Cuff Cuffe     Fiddoe     Haukin   Ilford       Norrice   Pocock Pococke   Shipar           Woodier Woodyear
Brz_ble?     Curtis Curtise     Fidoe     Haukins   Isham       Norrise     Pocoke   Shoal           Wootton  
Bull             Fidow     Hawken   James       Norrish   Podger     Sibley           Worthy Worthey
Burrough Burroughs         Forte Ffort     Hawkens   Jenerton     Not?     Pople     Slade             Worthie
  Burrowes           Fforth?     Hawkins   Jennings Jenings   Nothaver     Potten Pottin   Smeath             Worthye
  Burrows           Foord         Jess Jesse   Nurse     Powell Powel   Smosh?             Wourthie
Bush             Fort           Joyse   Nurton     Prigg Prigge   Somerset           Wyatt Wiatt
Bussell           Fouracres             Jyce         Quantick     Southele           Yezwald?  
            Fry           Johnson                             Young Younge
            Furness?           Joole                                

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