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NameJohn Perkins
Birth23 Dec 1583, Hillmorton, Warwickshire, England
Death23 Sep 1654, Ipswich, Essex Co, MA
Misc. Notes
This John Perkins(11) is the son of Henry10, Thomas9, Henry8, Thomas7, William6, Thomas5, William4, John3, Henry2, Peter alias Perkins1.
"Branches & Roots of Oliver Perkins - A Genealogical Study of his Ancestry, his Descendants and their Allied Families" by Steve Perkins 1999...
“English Origins
The Perkins name has been extensively researched over the years and in most published family genealogies of those who descend from John Perkins, immigrant to Ipswich, MA, a pre-immigration history of the Perkins surname is usually found. From one secondary source to the other, there is variation in dates of vital statistics. I desire not to perpetuate the confusion between 'John of Newent Glouchester' and 'John of Hillmorton, Warwickshire, England'. Baptismal events are recorded in the Hillmorton Parish for John and his English born children. Hillmorton appears to be roughly 40 miles northwest of Bristol, the port from where 'the Lyon' set sail. In between those two points is the town of Gloucester, England.
  The surname Perkins is believed to originate, during the reign of Richard II, from a Frenchman named Pierre de Morlaix, or Morley. This was 11 generations prior to John Perkins' emigration. Pierre is thought to be a Norman from the town of Morlaix, in France, and was high steward of the estates of Hugo (Hugh) deSpencer, a powerful and wealthy noble in England. Pierre and wife Agnes Taylor had a son named Henry, who after Pierre's death became known as 'Pierrekin', or Henry the son of Pierre. Henry succeeded as steward, and had a son named John, who also eventually became steward, and wrote his name as John Perkins, or occasionally, 'Perkyns, armiger'. One source states
that John was living in 1399, and was referred to as Seneschal to Thomsas deSpencer, Earl of Gloucester, 1398. An old court record revealed that John held an estate in the manor of Madresfield.
  This John Perkins, who lived during the reign of Henry VI, was Lord of the Manor of Madresfield, and steward of the deSpencers. It is he who is thought to be the first to wear the Perkins Coat of Arms. In the early 1400's John had a son named William. William, and wife Margaret, had a son named Thomas, estimated about 1430, who would be a fifth generation descendant. It was William and Margaret that acquired the Ufton estate, which remained in the family for several centuries.
  Thomas had a son named William. Some have suggested that Thomas third son Edward, may be the progenitor of the line from which came the immigrant Edward. William Sr. had a son named Thomas, born probably about 1475. Thomas married Alys/Alice (de Astley?) and they had a son named Henry, born probably around 1500.
  Henry's wife name is not known. They had three children; Thomas, William and Joan. Son Thomas was born probably around 1520-1525, died 23 Mar 1592, and married Alice Kebbell. Thomas and Alice's children were Henry, Francis, John, Edward, Luke Isaac, William and Thomas. SON HENRY was b 1555 d 11 Mar 1605 at Hillmorton; m ELIZABETH SAWBRIDGE Nov. 1879 at Hillmorton. HENRY AND ELIZABETH'S THIRD SON WAS IMMIGRANT JOHN PERKINS."

According to the New England Historic Genealogical Society records they came over on "the good ship Lyon" in 1631; then further back to Pierre De Morlaix, who supposedly fled France for indescretions. Pierre came to England and his son became Pierre’s kin or Perkins.
Birth19 Mar 1588, Hillmorton, Warwickshire, England
ChildrenJohn (1609-1686)
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