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WELCOME to MeFrankl-L
My name is Dave Wells. I'm the "owner" of this list. That means I'm responsible for keeping it running as smoothly as possible and setting some rules for its operation.

This message is long. Don't be intimidated by that. If you will print it out and study it, it will be very helpful to you. If you glance through it and then delete it, you may have problems. Let's make the list a pleasant experience for everyone: save and read these instructions.

Your responsibilities
That's right, you have some responsibilities, too.
A mail list isn't like a movie, where you just buy a ticket, get entertained (sometimes) then walk away. This is a cooperative effort.
1. Keep this message. I recommend printing it and putting the paper where you can find it. Files on a hard disk get lost (as if paper doesn't, but...)
2. Read this message. Yes, it's a little long, but you don't have to memorize it (that's why you're saving it). It's hard to make it short and tell you what you need to know.
3. Don't be afraid of all this. Using a computer is a little harder than just knowing where the power switch is, but anyone can do this with a little effort and by following instructions.
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6. Remember two addresses:
a. IF YOU NEED HELP, CONTACT ME. My address is

b. To post a message to this list (so it goes to all other subscribers) send it to

8. Please stay on topic. Just below is a description about what this list is for. Please stay close to that subject. (Keep in mind that history is an important part of genealogy. Current topics usually are not.)
9. Most email programs can send attachments (attached files). Don't send these to the list. (Some programs will send a small attachment with your signature or something like that and you can't shut that off; that's okay.) This isn't a problem for the mail server, but these can cause some subscribers' machines to lock up, make them lose all their mail, even crash their hard drive!
A GEDCOM file can be a huge attachment; so can an encoded graphics file (if you don't know what those are, you probably won't be sending them, but a lot of you will understand these terms). If you want people to have these, announce them via the list and have people send you a private email requesting them.

What is this list?
This is a discussion area for anyone who has an interest in genealogy and history (as it relates to genealogy) of the area around Franklin County Maine.

Are there other lists like this?
To check the lists at rootsweb:
(although these should all be in John's page mentioned above, too)

I don't like what some people say on the list!

The list is not moderated. Any message sent to it is automatically bounced back out to everyone on the list. While I in no way want to stifle free discussion, as list owner I reserve the right to step in if a flame war erupts, if some thread (a series of messages on the same subject) becomes tedious for other subscribers, or if someone becomes unseemly (excessive use of profanity, for instance). The most important key on your keyboard is the DELETE key. If you don't like a message, delete it. Don't send a cutting or snide remark back to the list. The rest of us don't want to read it, and it just adds to the clutter of useless messages. If you feel there is a serious problem caused by someone, send me a message at If you have a personal message for someone, please send it to their address, not the list server address. Any mail sent to MeFrankl-L will automatically be sent to everyone on the list.

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Are the messages archived (saved) somewhere?

All messages are archived and they are searchable.
This is a word of kindly advice so please take it in that spirit. A lot of this (not just archived messages - everything about the Internet) seems difficult, especially to a novice user. It is a little harder than brushing your teeth, but you can do it. We all had to learn it at some time. The key is patience and some grit.
Print out instructions; don't try to read them on-line and digest it all in 30 seconds.
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Be patient; your first search (or whatever task it is) may take longer, but you'll get faster. Be persistent; didn't get it right? Try again.
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I'm having a problem

Send me a message, but be specific. I can't help if you just say, "I'm having a problem, help me." Tell me what it is. Tell me what you did or tried to do. If you received some kind of error message, send it to me.
If you get an error message from rootsweb, it will tell you what the error is.

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