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The FLECKENSTEINS of Blankenbach, Germany and Western PA

Six sons and daughters of Conrad Fleckenstein and Maria Salome Bott emigrated from their birth city of Klein Blankenbach in the Kahlgrund region of Franconia, Bavaria in the mid-1800s. They initially came to Bradys Bend, Armstrong Co., PA but within a few years they all settled on the south side of Pittsburgh, once a separate town called Birmingham. Their known descendants now total over 3,000. Both Conrad and Salome had Fleckenstein ancestry, and we have been able to trace their Fleckenstein and related lines back to the late 1600s/early 1700s.

A very extensive website on Fleckenstein family origins was put together but is no longer online. The author used the Google translation capability to present his work in English (with uneven results. My translation attempts to make several of the more interesting parts of the website easier to understand.

our Fleckenstein Pennsylvania family baptism/marriage dates & sponsors

our Fleckenstein (and others') Pittsburgh directory & census summaries

our Fleckenstein line and related families - Ernstkirchen parish records

our Fleckenstein line and related families - Krombach parish records

including the communities of Blankenbach, Eichenberg, Koenighofen, Krombach, Schoellkrippen, Sommerkahl (Sonderkahl), Vormwald, and Western.

Miscellaneous Fleckenstein genealogy records

Fleckenstein 1900 Soundex Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania notes ....p 1--p 2

Fleckenstein baptisms in Krombach parish 1761-1777

Fleckenstein marriages in Krombach parish 1715-1770

Fleckenstein baptisms in Sailauf parish 1700-1852

Fleckenstein marriages in Sailauf parish 1663-1870

Map with recent numbers of Fleckenstein online phone listings in various Kahlgrund towns

(probably easiest to read if you change your browser to Page Setup/Landscape and then print)

Related families = Bott, Buettner, Horning, Imgrund, Lamm, Rodenbuecher, Schmidt, Seitz, Steigerwald, Streitenberger, Weber, Wiesel, Wissel; Bergmann, Freund, Hartmann, Hirsch, Mosbacher, Pistner.

There are 13 Fleckenstein cousins that we have met also researching the family. To join us, send me an email. (See links above.)

Bill Fleckenstein´┐Żs website, including family pictures, can be found here:

Family documents can be found here:

Thanks are due to researchers Suzie Johnston, Eva Fintelmann, and Peter Kernwein for their help in making all these connections. Thanks to Frank Yunker for the Sailauf information.

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