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My father wrote these recollections in the 1970's. He was very nostalgic about his boyhood in Ohio, and had a great sense of family. He seemed to have a more acute memory for those events than some of his brothers and sisters, and loved to recount them to his children. Even though he describes his father as "not demonstrative," there was a lot of love in their home.
I was fortunate as a child to know my grandfather, Edgar, Aunt Sue, Aunt Lucy, Aunt Louise, Uncle Ernest, and Uncle Charley.  Uncle Will died before I was born, and Aunt Jo, when I was an infant. These were the children of Samuel Edwards Fay and Miriam Long Hamilton.  Aunt Sue and I loved each other very much and spent a lot of time together in Wading River. She told me many stories about her family life, and made those times real for me. I grew up knowing that the Fays were a very warm and loving family
In order to present the recollections in a readable form (my father was the first to decry his dreadful handwriting!) I have copied them on the computer, and reproduced the photos as well as possible.  I have "butted in" here and there with some explanatory comments, but have not tampered with the text except to change an occasional comma. Those remarks in brackets are mine; the parentheses are my father's.
This memoir ends at the point when he entered the navy.  I urged him to continue with it, and, I think to please me, he did. But the later account doesn't have the enthusiasm of these early memories and is not included here. Not that the rest of his life was not a happy one, but there was something about his childhood that was magic to him.
Nathalie Fay Cooper
Tryon, NC