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John Fay II 2 was born on Nov 30 1669 in Marlboro MA. He died on Jan 5 1747 in Westboro MA. One of 13 original members of the Congregational Church of Westboro, org. Oct 28, 1724 and its first Deacon. He was the first Town Clerk of Westboro for 11 yrs. He was a large land owner and was often chosen on committees to transact business for the church and for his fellow citizens.

He was married to Elizabeth Wellington on Dec 1 1690. Elizabeth Wellington was born on Dec 29 1673. She died on Mar 8 1729. Children of John Fay II and Elizabeth Wellington were:

James Fay 3 was born on Dec 27 1707 in Marlboro MA. He died on Jun 12 1777 in Harwick MA ?. Deacon James must have lived an interesting life. He is described as a farmer, bone-setter and a deacon of the "Separate Church." He and his wife Lydia were among the original members of the "Separate Church" when it was organized in 1750 at Hardwick MA.

James Fay lived in troublous times; he along with 5 others was denounced as a Tory because they could not support taking up arms against the King of England. They were basically ostracized, and cut off from all commercial connections, with the exception of getting grinding done--considered a necessity since "...bread is the staff of life." They were later forgiven.

Capt. Benjamin Fay 3 was born on Aug 15 1712 in Marlboro MA. He died on Oct 6 1777 in Westboro MA. He inherited the homestead of his father. He was one of the first men in town and evidently one of the aristocracy of the county. He served as school committeeman and treasurer in 1768 and as selectman for many years until his death. He also served a short time in the French and Indian War, but no records of this exist.

He was married to Martha Miles on Dec 27 1739 in ?. Martha Miles was born on Mar 6 1719 in Concord MA. She died on Jul 19 1761 in Westboro MA. "The story is told of her great grief when her son, James, enlisted as a soldier, saying she 'should never see him again.' To which he replied, 'If my grave is there, Mother, I must go to it, it will not come to me.' He died at Valley Forge or Ticonderoga a few months after enlisting." Children of Capt. Benjamin Fay and Martha Miles were:

He was married to Elizabeth Stow on Oct 28 1765 in ?. Elizabeth Stow died in 1784 in ?. She was born in ?. She was a widow. Children of Capt. Benjamin Fay and Elizabeth Stow were:

Elizabeth Fay 4 was born on Dec 9 1740 in Westboro MA. She died on Aug 18 1777 in Watertown MA. Her eldest son (of 3), Eli was the inventor of the cotton gin.

She was married to Eli Whitney on Feb 9 1765. Eli Whitney was born in 1741 in Watertown?. He died on Aug 12 1807. Children of Elizabeth Fay and Eli Whitney were:

Benjamin Fay Jr 4 was born on Nov 11 1744 in Westboro MA. He died on Mar 23 1834 in Westboro MA. "He inherited the homestead of his father in Westboro..He kept up the reputation of the family for fruitfulness by rearing a large and valuable family of 12 children."

A large landowner, he was a man of principle and possessed sound judgment in business affairs.

He was married to Beulah Stow on May 6 1772 in Westboro MA. Beulah Stow was the daughter of his step-mother, Elizabeth. Beulah Stow was born on Jun 27 1754. She died on Apr 18 1834. She was the daughter of Solomon Stowe, descended from John Stowe, who arrived at one of Winthrop's colonies in 1634. The latter part of her life she was disabled from a broken hip. Children of Benjamin Fay Jr and Beulah Stow were:

Eli Whitney 5 was born on Dec 8 1765 in Westboro MA. He died on Jan 8 1825. Eli Whitney was educated at Yale College (now Yale University), graduating in 1792. Later in 1792 he was a guest on the plantation, near Savannah, Ga., of Catharine Greene (1753-1814), widow of the American revolutionary war general Nathanael Greene. There he designed and built a model for a machine that would separate the seeds from the fibers of the short-staple cotton plant, work that until that time had been done by hand. His first cotton gin was produced in 1793. With the gin, cotton could be cleaned so quickly that it became the most important crop in the South and the basis of a profitable agricultural economy, profoundly affecting the history of the region.

Whitney entered into partnership with the plantation manager, Phineas Miller (fl. 1792-1803), who married Greene in 1796, to manufacture cotton gins at New Haven, Conn. A disastrous factory fire prevented the partners from making enough gins to meet the demand, and manufacturers throughout the South began to copy the invention. Although Whitney and Miller received a patent on the gin in 1794, not until 1807 was a decision rendered protecting their patent, and in 1812 Congress denied Whitney's petition for renewal of this protection. In all, he profited very little from it.

In 1798 Whitney turned to the large-scale manufacture of firearms. After signing a contract to supply the federal government with 10,000 military muskets, he built a factory near New Haven, at present-day Hamden, in which he originated the mass-production system of manufacturing standardized, interchangeable parts.

William Fay 5 was born on Aug 21 1785 in Westboro MA. He died on Aug 6 1866 in Marietta OH. He married the only daughter of Rev. Levi Lankton. He was a soldier in the War of 1812, stationed in Boston. Moved to Marietta OH in Nov of 1835 for a better education for his children. Every one of his 11 children were active members in the Congregational Church.

He was married to Elizabeth Crane Lankton on Sep 12 1812 in Alstead NH. Elizabeth Crane Lankton was born on Jul 23 1790. She died on Jan 26 1866 in Marietta OH. Children of William Fay and Elizabeth Crane Lankton were:

Rev. Levi Lankton Fay 6 was born on Jun 23 1813 in Westboro MA. He died on May 5 1894 in Moss Run OH. Moved to Marietta in 1835 to prepare for the ministry at Marietta College and later went to Lane Seminary, from which he graduated in 1843. He was ordained in 1844 and became a member of the Home Missionary Service at Moss Run OH where he served for over 50 years.

Excerpts from his letters are of interest: "I remember when I was going to the district school in Westboro I was the oldest of ten children, brothers and sisters, that I guarded, and I could count twenty-seven Fays out of the thirty-seven scholars who attended that school..." And, "From 1724 to 1841 there were nearly 70 members of the first Congregational Church in Westboro who bore the 'Fay name.'..."

William Alexander Fay 6 was born on Feb 9 1819 in Westboro MA. He died on Mar 11 1892 in Springfield OH. William was a farmer, and a noble Puritan. He served as deacon of the 1st Congregational Church in Marietta and later in the same office at the 1st Congregational Church of Springfield until his death, the family having moved to Springfield in 1869.

He was married to Patience Priscilla Guitteau on Sep 8 1844 in Marietta OH. Patience Priscilla Guitteau was born in 1822 in ?. Birth date in Fay Genealogy is given as 1882, an obvious 'typo.' She died on Mar 20 1892 in Springfield OH. Children of William Alexander Fay and Patience Priscilla Guitteau were:

Catherine Amelia Fay 6 was born on Jul 18 1822 in Westboro MA. She died on Apr 3 1897 in Marietta OH. "She was, for ten years, a Missionary of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions to the Choctaw Indians in Kentucky. When she was compelled to give up her missionary labors she took up the work of Public Children's Homes." She was responsible for the Ohio Legislature enacting that enabled the establishment of children's homes in each county, and was responsible for the founding of the first in Marietta.

She was married to Mr. Ewing. Catherine Amelia Fay and Mr. Ewing had no known children.

Lucy Fandocia Fay 6 was born on May 1 1825 in Westboro MA. She died in ???. She was married to Judson Adoniram Guitteau on May 1 1850 in Marietta OH ??. He was the cousin of Charles Guitteau who assasinated President Garfield. Judson Adoniram Guitteau was born on Jul 15 1818 in Marietta OH. He died in Aug 1891 in Marietta OH. Children of Lucy Fandocia Fay and Judson Adoniram Guitteau were:

Rev. Solomon Payson Fay 6 was born on Jun 21 1821 in Westboro MA. He was married to Lydia Maria Brigham, Sep 24 1850 in Northboro MA. Ordained in 1849, he was from 1854 - 1859 the pastor of the Congregational Church in Dayton OH. His numerous other pastorates were all in New England. He died in Dorchester MA Jul 28, 1911.

Samuel Edwards Fay 6 was born on Oct 7 1827 in Westboro MA. He died in 1908 in Springfield OH. (Fay Genealogy says 1896 - This date is according to John Erni Remick.)

He was a marble dealer in Springfield and an active member and deacon of the Congregational Church there.

He was married to Miriam Elizabeth Long on Oct 17 1854 in Louisville KY. Miriam Elizabeth Long was born on Dec 18 1829 in Ohio City KY. She died on Nov 27, 1896 in Springfield OH. Children of Samuel Edwards Fay and Miriam Elizabeth Long were:

Click for family picture Abigail Augusta Fay 7 was born on Jun 10 1845 in Marietta OH. She died in ?. Buried at Ferncliff Cemetery, Springfield OH, Section H Plot 2.

She was married to Rev. Josiah Jenkins on Aug 6 1864 in ?. Rev. Josiah Jenkins was born on Feb 23 1836 in Buffalo NY. He died in ?. Buried at Ferncliff Cemetery, Springfield OH, Section H Plot 2. Children of Abigail Augusta Fay and Rev. Josiah Jenkins were:

William Putnam Guitteau 7 was born on May 1 1853 in Marietta OH. William's three girls were known to us as the "Guitteau Girls." They resided in Renton, Washington. Other information about them is not available at this time.

Children of William Putnam Guitteau were:

Rev. William Edwards Fay 7 was born on Nov 8 1855 in Louisville KY. He graduated from Marietta College in 1878 and from Oberlin Seminary in 1881. He had already been accepted by the A.B.C.F. missions and after graduation was assigned to their new mission in West Central Africa, only after spending 6 mos. preaching in a home mission in Michigan.

He sailed for Africa, arriving in July, 1882 and was appointed to explore the adjoining country to determine the advisability of establishing a new station. This was done in March 1884 and he was assigned there; however, after only 3 mos., Portugese 'intrigues' were laid for his expulsion. These fueled the native superstitions so strongly that William was forced to abandon the station shortly after.

He returned to S. in 1885, hoping to return to Africa. After his marriage, he did return with his wife in 1886. His sister Louise also joined him in late 1894. The Missionary Herald published an account of his return to Africa, and frequently ran extracts from his letters. William died in 1907

Annie Marie Kimball was born on Nov 26 1860 in NY.16 Born Razoux and adopted Kimball. Children of Rev, William Edwards Fay and Annie Marie Kimball were:

Edgar Augustus Fay 7 was born on Jun 19 1860 in Marietta OH. He died on Sep 9 1940 in Springfield OH. He moved from Marietta to Springfield in 18??. He was for years President of the Merchants & Mechanics Bank of S. He was a generous person (his wife said too much so), and helped many destitute families during the Depression, many times from his own funds.

He was a staunch member of S. Congregational Church, which became the First Congregational-Christian Church.

He was married to Alice Wilber Punch/Guthrie on Oct 3 1889. Alice Wilber Guthrie was born on Apr 6 1865 in Newport (Campbell County) KY. Her father changed his name from Punch to Guthrie in 1873 or 74 when the family moved to Springfield from Cincinnati. She died on Sep 11, 1947 in Springfield OH.

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For the children of Edgar Augustus Fay and Alice Wilber Guthrie and their further descendants, see Edgar's Offspring

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Charles Andrews Fay 7 was born on Oct 18 1874 in Springfield OH. He died in Indianapolis, IN. He married Frances Louise Wade on Jun 27, 1899. Children of Charles Andrew Fay and Frances Louise Wade were:

Helen Fay Jenkins 8 ("Cousin Helen") was born on Jul 24 1869 in Marietta OH. She died in 1968 in Cincinnati OH. She was a singer and an organist for much of her life, also a wonderful story teller. My Aunt Harriet and she were very close, and inveterate correspondents. During a time when I was in high school, I was designated as a substitute correspondent with Cousin Helen, while my Aunt Harriet was unable to do so (I don't remember why). It was a delightful, yet demanding task. The one I thing I will never forget is that after my first letter, her answer congratulated me for spelling Cincinnati correctly the first time! I also treasure a number of trips to visit her, usually with my Aunt. She was married to Dan Summey on Aug 17, 1893. Dan Summey was born in Cincinnati OH ?. He died in ?. He had been an officer in the Confederate Army, and his outfit captured and made prisoners of Helen's fathr's Union regiment. He was a salesman for Steinway pianos, responsible for most of the East Coast area. Helen Fay Jenkins ("Cousin Helen") and Dan Summey had no known children.

Jeanette Kimball Fay 8 was born on Feb 8 1892 in Angola (now Bailundu) Africa. She died in Springfield OH. She was married to Wilber McKee (Mack) White on Dec 24, 1915. She died Dec 15, 1921. Mack was born in Hillsboro OH Feb 22, 1890 and died Dec 31, 1973.
Children of Jeanette Kimball Fay and Mac White were:

William Erni Fay 8 was born on Jun 17 1893. He died in 1978 in Terrace Park OH.

He was married to Ida Hottendorf in 1919 in Cincinnati OH. Ida Hottendorf was born in 1890 in Cincinnati OH. She died in 1924 in Cincinnati OH. Children of William Erni Fay and Ida Hottendorf were:

He was married to Agnes Prizer in 1925 in Cincinnati OH. Agnes Prizer was born in 1896 in St. Louis MO. She died in 1990 in Milford OH. Children of William Erni Fay and Agnes Prizer were:

Margaret Anne (Peg) White 9 was born Oct 2, 1916, married James Harold (Banjo) Smith on June 1, 1937. He died Dec 21, 1975. Their children are:

Charles Earnest Fay was born in 1898 in Angola, now Bailundu, Africa. He died in 1977 in Milford OH. He was married to Carmen Lahke in Cincinnati OH. Carmen Lahke was born in 1910 in Cincinnati OH. Children of Charles Fay and Carmen Lahke were:

Charles Robert Fay 8 was born in 1900. He was married to Vivian ??. Children of Charles Robert Fay and Vivian ?? were:

Miriam Annie Fay 8 was born June 17, 1900 in ?. She died in ?. She was married to Robert Annis in ?. Robert Annis was born in ?. Miriam Fay and Robert Annis had no known children.

End. Reference for Eli Whitney was taken from Funk & Wagnall's Encyclopedia; other references: Orlin Fay's book, "One Branch of the Fay Family Tree" by George H. Johnson, 1913, and reminisces of John Erni Remick and Dave Fay.

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