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John Fay: History
Ancestors of Edgar Augustus Fay: Details Direct line John to Edgar
Ancestors of Eliphalet Rice Fay: Details
Direct Line John to Eliphalet
Descendants of John Fay I: John II and David
John Fay, our first known ancestor to arrive in the United States was born in England in 1648 and died in Marlboro MA in 1690. He arrived on the Speedwell, which, like the Mayflower, landed at Plymouth Rock (most likely on June 27, 1656).
Although it has yet to be thoroughly documented, circumstantial evidence points to the fact that John, at age 8, was joining his father, David. David had lived for a few years in Sudbury MA. They remained in Sudbury until 1659, when they went to Marlborough/Southborough where David purchased 16 acres in the area known then as Stony Brook, from one Peter Bent. The Fays and Bents were evidently friends in England. John, at age 17, stayed with the Bents, but David returned to Sudbury until 1669-70.
It is also interesting that John named his second son David, who unfortunately died very young. However, a later child was also named David.
John built a large house (Willowbrook Farm) on the property, which still stands (see Family Sites).
John was of Norman Protestant (French) lineage. John Erni Remick (our family genealogist) has found connections to William the Conqueror in France, but no bridge between France and Wales or England has been yet established.
John's descendants remained in the vicinity of Westboro MA for many years.
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--Dic Carnes