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Descent of Edgar Augustus Fay
from John Fay of Marlborough
1 John Fay b: 1648 d: 12/5/1690
+Mary Brigham b: 1638 d: 1676
2 John Fay b: 11/30/1669 d: 1/5/1746-47
+Elizabeth Wellington b: 12/29/1683 d: 3/8/1728-29
3 Benjamin Fay b: 8/15/1712 d: 10/6/1777
+Martha Miles b: 3/6/1718-19 d: 7/19/1761
4 Benjamin Fay II b: 11/11/1744 d: 3/23/1834
+Beulah Stow b: 6/27/1754 d: 4/18/1834
5 William Fay b: 8/21/1785 d: 8/6/1856
+Elizabeth Crane Lankton b: 7/23/1790 d: 1/26/1866
6 Samuel Edwards Fay b: 10/7/1827 d: 8/4/1908
+Miriam Elizabeth Long b: 12/18/1829 d: 11/27/1896
7 Edgar Augustus Fay b: 6/19/1860 d: 9/9/1940
For details, see Edgar's ancestry page.
The major source for this material is Orlin P. Fay's "Fay Genealogy--John Fay of Marlborough and His Descendents," published by The Press of J.B. Savage, Cleveland OH, 1898. The complete text and index of this book have been put on line on the Fay Family Website. The links shown here are to the page in Orlin where this person is listed. Since the online pages of Orlin are not on this site, you will have to use the back button on your browser to return here.