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This provides a direct line of ancestors of Eliphalet Fay.
The generations are numbered in reverse order to John I.
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Eliphalet Rice Fay was born 10 Feb 1821. He married Harriet Augusta Fay, a sixth cousin, daughter of Lovett Fay (Brigham 5, Hezekiah 4, John 3, David 2, John 1). They had no children.

He then married Nancy McMullin (Kerr), widow of Elder John Kerr, with whom she had had 4 children. Eliphalet and Nancy had 3 children


Grant Fay was born in Southboro 7 Jan 1787. Grant died March 23, 1868, at the age of 81, and his will was probated in 1868. Grant married Mary Littlefield on November 27, 1812. He resided in the SE part of Southboro; he inherited his grandfather's homestead. Grant was a Selectman, Overseer of the Poor and held other town offices.


Robert Fay II was born in Southboro 24 Mar 1764 and died 10 Nov 1810. He was an Overseer of the Poor and Selectman. He married Submit Rice, daughter of Jonathan Rice of Framington May 1783. Submit was born January 31, 1765, and died January 30, 1844.

Submit's descent from Edmund Rice (1638) is well documented and is listed in the Edmund Rice Association's materials.


Robert Fay was born in Marlboro on 20 Jul 1715 and died on 19 Dec 1810. In 1749 he purchased of Jacob Wheeler a farm situated in Southboro about one and a half miles east by south from the center, where he is supposed to have reared his great family of 20 children, which could hardly have allowed him time to serve the public in any office. He was, however, Surveyor and Collector of Taxes in 1747, Constable in 1755 and Tythingman in 1753 & 1768. He served in the French & Indian War, and attained the rank of Captain before the close of the war.

An unparalleled circumstance occurred with Robert and his brother Aaron. Each married two wives and had 20 children. Each wife had 10 children, and of each wife's children, there were 7 sons and 3 daughters, a total in the two families of 28 sons and 12 daughters.

Robert married Elizabeth Joslyn who died 4 Sep 1760. He then married Anna Harrington.


David was born in Marlboro 23 Apr 1679. He resided in that part of Marlboro afterwards set off as Southboro, where he resided as late as 1733, and where he died 10 Apr 1738. He married Sarah Larkin, daughter of John & Joanna Larkin on 1 May 1699.


John Fay was born in 1648 in England. He died on Dec 5 1690 in Marlboro MA. John Fay arrived in America via a ship named the Speedwell, out of London, on Jun 27 1656. He resided in Marlboro MA (now part of Westboro). He was married to Mary Brigham about 1668 in Watertown. Mary was born about1638, probably in Cambridge MA. She died in 1676 in Watertown MA.

John then married Susanna Shattuck of Watertown MA on Jul 15 1678

This material (except where otherwise noted) is drawn from Orlin P. Fay's "Fay Geneology--John Fay of Marlborough and His Descendents," published by The Press of J.B. Savage, Cleveland OH, 1898.