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Bibliography of Resources

These are the resources from which I gleaned the data for the PAYNE Outline Descendant Tree (ODT).

Some of these sources with a network address may be proprietary resources requiring membership for access, possibly after paying a fee. Examples: the GenealogyLibrary, or the databases. Some, such as the Heritage Quest collection, may be available gratis through your local public library.

To find individual source citations (and notes), go to the Annex on the PAYNE pages navigation bar above.

  1. Deborah, "Four Family Genealogy: Anderson, Arnold, Baldwin, Bay, Carter, Graves, Hunt, Trotter", (http://​WC.​rootsweb.​ancestry.​com/​cgi-bin/​igm.​cgi​?db=ARIELBAY), Medium: Electronic, Quality: Updated: 2009-11-07 23:51:11 UTC (Sat), [ID=@S2515@, Citations=67]
  2. FROST, Susan, Direct Ancestors of Susan E. Frost, ([not published]), Medium: Manuscript, Call number: typescript, [ID=@S3259@, Citations=7]
  3. MORIARTY, G. Andrews, jr, The Clarke Family (Early Block Island Families), (NEHGR 85:417ff (Oct 1931)), Medium: Periodical, [ID=@S3220@, Citations=11]
  4. MORIARTY, G. Andrews, jr, The Payne or Paine Family (Early Block Island Families), (NEHGS Register 83:84ff (Jan 1929)), Medium: Periodical, [ID=@S2520@, Citations=83]
  5. PAYN129, [ID=@S3354@, Citations=1]
  6. Rosemary, "R.K. West's Master List", (http://​WC.​rootsweb.​ancestry.​com/​cgi-bin/​igm.​cgi​?db=RKWEST), Medium: Electronic, Location: http://​www.​thenewcombs.​org/, [ID=@S3237@, Citations=1]
  7. UTZINGER, Dave, "Dave Utzinger's Database", (http://​WC.​rootsweb.​ancestry.​com/​cgi-bin/​igm.​cgi​?db=MICHELOTTI), Medium: Electronic, [ID=@S3206@, Citations=9]
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