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Bibliography of Resources

These are the resources from which I gleaned the data for the HICKS Outline Descendant Tree (ODT).

Some of these sources with a network address may be proprietary resources requiring membership for access, possibly after paying a fee. Examples: the GenealogyLibrary, or the databases. Some, such as the Heritage Quest collection, may be available gratis through your local public library.

To find individual source citations (and notes), go to the Annex on the HICKS pages navigation bar above.

  1. ANDERSON, Robert Charles, "Great Migration Begins: Immigrants to New England, 1620-33", (NEHGS), Medium: Book, Call number: REF F7/G74, Location: http://​www.​newenglandancestors.​org/​research/​database/​GreatMigrations/​Default.​asp http://​www.​ancestry.​com/​search/​rectype/​immigration/​migration/​main.​htm, [ID=@S09173@, Citations=30]
  2. ARMBRUSTER, Eugene L., "Marriages of Long Island Settlers and Allied Families", (Jamaica, NY: Long Island Collection, The Queens Borough Public Library, 1941), Medium: Book, [ID=@S03245@, Citations=1]
  3. BERAN, Evelyn, "Sanford-Shulsen Family", (http://​WC.​rootsweb.​ancestry.​com/​cgi-bin/​igm.​cgi​?db=SANFORD-SHULSEN), Medium: Electronic, [ID=@S01602@, Citations=134]
  4. BETZER, John Thomas (Email:jvbdetzer @ onemain . com), (untitled), (http://​WC.​rootsweb.​ancestry.​com/​cgi-bin/​igm.​cgi​?db=TBETZER), Medium: Electronic, [ID=@S04887@, Citations=1]
  5. BLOCHER, David A., "Family of Legends (and The Unknown)", (http://​WC.​rootsweb.​ancestry.​com/​cgi-bin/​igm.​cgi​?db=DBLOCHER), Medium: Electronic, [ID=@S02628@, Citations=4]
  6. BOOTH, Charles Edwin, "One Branch of the Booth Family", (New York, 1910; http://​FTM.​genealogy.​com/​_glc_/​1175/), Medium: Book, Comments: Showing the lines of connection with one hundred Massachusetts Bay colonists., Quality: With references, [ID=@S02483@, Citations=3]
  7. Brøderbund, Inc., WFT 02, Medium: Family Archive CD, [ID=@S02840@, Citations=2]
  8. BUNKER, Mary Powell, "Long Island Genealogies", (Albany, NY, 1895; http://​FTM.​genealogy.​com/​_glc_/​1375/), Medium: Book, Call number: F127.L8 B9 1988, [ID=@S01361@, Citations=19]
  9. CLEVELAND, Edmund James, "The genealogy of the Cleveland and Cleaveland families", (Hartford, Conn.: Printed for the subscribers by the Case, Lockwood & Brainard Co., 1899, 2982 pgs.), Medium: Book, Location: http://​persi.​heritagequestonline.​com/​hqoweb/​library/​do/​books/​results/​fullcitation​?urn=urn:proquest:US;​glhbooks;​Genealogy-glh11484662;​1;​-1;​, [ID=@S09925@, Citations=4]
  10. COCKS, George William, "History and Genealogy of the Cock-Cocks-Cox family descended from James and Sarah Cock of Killingworth upon Matinecock, in the township of Oysterbay", (New York, Priv. print. [Somerville, N.J., Printed by the Unionist gazette association] 1914), Medium: Book, Call number: CS71.C877 1914, Location: Library of Congress, [ID=@S02746@, Citations=5]
  11. CORNELL, John, "Genealogy of the Cornell family", (unknown: New York, 1902, 506 pgs.), Medium: Book, Location: http://​persi.​heritagequestonline.​com/​hqoweb/​library/​do/​books/​results/​fullcitation​?urn=urn:proquest:US;​glhbooks;​Genealogy-glh07717405;​1;​-1;​, [ID=@S08231@, Citations=22]
  12. CUTTER, William Richard, "Genealogical and family history of the state of Connecticut", (Lewis Historical Publishing Co., New York, 1911), Medium: Book, Location: WWW citation, [ID=@S03772@, Citations=1]
  13. DALEY, Richard Alexander, "Ancestors of the HUDSON VALLEY: Links to the Past", (http://​WC.​rootsweb.​ancestry.​com/​cgi-bin/​igm.​cgi​?db=RAD1003), Medium: Electronic, [ID=@S10007@, Citations=27]
  14. DAVISON, Robert A., "Isaac Hicks; New York Merchant and Quaker", (Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press. 1964), Medium: Book, Call number: LC: 64-11128, Location: RAD, [ID=@S07846@, Citations=3]
  15. DISOTELL, Harry, Medium: Other, Comments: email: 2013-04-02, 2013-04-03, [ID=@S10192@, Citations=50]
  16. DOTY, Ethan Allen, "Doty-Doten Family in America: Descendants of Edward Doty", (Brooklyn, NY: for the author. 1897), Medium: Book, Location: http://​books.​google.​com/​books​?id=PR9KAAAAMAAJ, [ID=@S03296@, Citations=11]
  17. DUSENBERRY, F., "Pastor's Handbook, Book A", (24 Aug 1846, Newfield, NY\ http://​www.​rootsweb.​com/​~nytompki/​tpastoa.​htm), Medium: Book, Location: Tompkins Co., NY VR page: http://​www.​rootsweb.​com/​~nytompki/​vital.​htm, [ID=@S03492@, Citations=3]
  18. Dutchess County, NY LHN Cemetery Records, Medium: Church Record, Comments: Reformed Church #2, Hackensack, [ID=@S00128@, Citations=1]
  19. Email:email @ longislandgenealogy . com, "Long Island Genealogy", (http://​www.​longislandgenealogy.​com/), Medium: Electronic, [ID=@S08002@, Citations=6]
  20. Email:SUNKST7 @ aol . com, Re: [GOODWIN] Rhode Island Reunion, (http://​archiver.​rootsweb.​com/​th/​read/​goodwin/​2001-01/​0978623485), Medium: Electronic, [ID=@S08384@, Citations=1]
  21. FAY, Loren V. Mr., "Quaker Census of 1828: Members of the New York Yearly Meeting, The Religious Society of Friends...", (Rhinebeck, NY: Kinship Press, 1989), Medium: Book, Call number: F118 .Q35 1989, [ID=@S03263@, Citations=2]
  22. Find-a-grave, (http://​www.​findagrave.​com/​index.​html), Medium: Electronic, [ID=@S00136@, Citations=1]
  23. FORD, Alice, "Edward Hicks, his Life and Art", (New York, 1985), Medium: Book, Call number: ND237.H58F6, Location: RAD, Comments: Some errors in genealogical pedigree., [ID=@S06427@, Citations=99]
  24. FOX, John, "O'Connors of Oswego, NY and over 350 years of Long Island Ancestors", (http://​WC.​rootsweb.​ancestry.​com/​cgi-bin/​igm.​cgi​?db=OKIE2), Medium: Electronic, [ID=@S08426@, Citations=59]
  25. FROST, Josephine C., "The Frost genealogy", (New York: Frederick H. Hitchcock. 1912), Medium: Book, Location: http://​books.​google.​com/​books​?id=1ZFMAAAAMAAJ http://​FTM.​genealogy.​com/​_glc_/​1890/, [ID=@S09929@, Citations=6]
  26. FROST, Josephine C., "The Haviland Genealogy", (New York: The Lyons Genealogical Company. 1914.), Medium: Book, Location: http://​FTM.​genealogy.​com/​_glc_/​5117/, [ID=@S09350@, Citations=3]
  27. "Genealogical record, Saint Nicholas society of the city of New York" Vol. 2, (© 1916 Saint Nicholas Society), Medium: Book, Location: http://​digital.​library.​cornell.​edu/​cgi/​t/​text/​text-idx​?c=nys;​cc=nys;​rgn=main;​view=text;​idno=nys060, [ID=@S09964@, Citations=3]
  28. Ginny, HAWLEY Family - A Neglected Tomb - Salt Point- 1928, (http://​archiver.​rootsweb.​com/​th/​read/​NYDUTCHE/​2006-11/​1162684237), Medium: Electronic, [ID=@S08450@, Citations=6]
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  30. Herringshaw's, Medium: Book, [ID=@S01614@, Citations=1]
  31. HICKS, Elias, "Journal of the life and religious labours of Elias Hicks", (New York: Isaac T. Hopper. 1832 (5° ed.)), Medium: Book, Location: http://​books.​google.​com/​books​?id=uqFMAAAAMAAJ, [ID=@S03971@, Citations=10]
  32. HICKS, Jim, "Jim Hicks' Personal Page", (http://​web.​archive.​org/​web/​20010508003650/​http://​www.​geocities.​com/​Heartland/​Meadows/​8099/​index.​html), Medium: Electronic, Call number: jimhicks.ged, Location: archive, [ID=@S03995@, Citations=322]
  33. HICKS, Joan M. (Email:JHicks8311 @ aol . com), "The Hicks/Hix Database - Northeast Connections", (http://​WC.​rootsweb.​ancestry.​com/​cgi-bin/​igm.​cgi​?db=J-M-HICKS), Medium: Electronic, [ID=@S02753@, Citations=855]
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  35., [ID=@S10560@, Citations=8]
  36. "Interments in the CHRISTIAN CHURCH CEMETERY", (http://​www.​rootsweb.​com/​~nydutche/​cems/​christian.​htm), Medium: Electronic, Comments: "Old Gravestones of Dutchess County, New York" by J. W. Poucher published in 1924, pages 165-167., [ID=@S08018@, Citations=2]
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