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Outline Descent Trees

Seabrook Family
1537 - 1670

Seabroke, Seabrook, Seabrooke, Sebrooks, Seybrooke

  • 13 Seabrook folks, all kin to me.
  • 3 Seabrook ancestors (* in left margin.)
  1. Outline Descent Trees
    1. (13: 1537-1670) Thomas Seabrook [1537​-​] 12GGFa *
      1Thomas Seabrook
  2. Summary of Inter-family Links
  3. Summary of Ancestors and Immigrants
  4. Summary of Persons of Note
  5. Summary of Principal Sources
  6. Surname inventory
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*=Ancestral family

Outline Descent Trees

Ancestral Family!
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14 Descendants of Thomas Seabrook [1537​—​]

1Thomas Seabrook
2011-08-22 17:17:23


A1. SEABROOK, Thomas b: 1537 Bolton Percy, YKS #: SEAB3
+(SEABROOK), Olive b: 1539 #: SEAB4
B1. SEABROOK, Robert, Immigrant b: 25 Sep 1563 Wing, BKM d: Stratford, Fairfield, CT #: SEAB98
 ✔ SEABROOK, Robert, Immigrant <== GOODSPEED-
+GOODSPEED, Alice, Immigrant bp: 19 Aug 1576 Wingrave, BKM d: Stratford, Fairfield, CT #: GSPD1 11GGMo m: ~1586 Wingrave, BKM Mother: Margaret (GOODSPEED) Father: Nicholas GOODSPEED, husbandman
C1. SEABROOK, Sarah, Immigrant b: 23 Apr 1587 Wingrave, BKM d: 1640 CT #: SEAB97
+SHERWOOD, "Stratford" Thomas, Immigrant b: 1586 ENG d: 01 Jan 1657/58 Stratford, Fairfield, CT #: SHWD554 S12 m: ~1640
C2. SEABROOK, Ruth b: 1599 #: SEAB32
C3. [1] SEABROOK, Mary, Immigrant bp: 31 Jan 1600/01 Wingrave, BKM d: Stratford, Fairfield, CT #: SEAB2
+KIMBERLY, Thomas b: ~1596 #: SEAB9 m: ~1624
2 Husband of C3. [1] Mary Seabrook, Immigrant:
+PRESTON, William b: 23 Jan 1589/90 Giggleswick, YKS #: SEAB8 m: 22 Feb 1633/34 Chesham, BKM
C4. [2] SEABROOK, Joanna or Faith or Emma, Immigrant b: 1608 Wingrave, BKM d: 1661 Stratford, Fairfield, CT #: SEAB1
 ✔ SEABROOK, Joanna||Faith||Emma, Immigrant <== FAIRCHILD-
+WHEELER, Thomas b: ~1603 #: SEAB10 m: ~1631
2 Husband of C4. [2] Joanna||Faith||Emma Seabrook, Immigrant:
+FAIRCHILD, Thomas, Founder of Stratford, Immigrant b: 1610 ENG d: 14 Dec 1670 Stratford, Fairfield, CT #: FAIR1 10GGFa m: <1638 ENG


Inter-family Links

*=Ancestor (click for pedigree)
[n:m] = jump to person in this page

From this family to...

  1. *FAIRCHILD, Thomas, Founder of Stratford, Immigrant (FAIR1) [1:15] 10GGFa
  2. *GOODSPEED, Alice, Immigrant (GSPD1) [1:4] 11GGMo
  3. SHERWOOD, "Stratford" Thomas, Immigrant (SHWD554) [1:6] 10HGGFa

Ancestors and Immigrants

  1. *(SEABROOK), Olive [1:2]
  2. *FAIRCHILD, Thomas, Founder of Stratford, Immigrant [1:15]
  3. *GOODSPEED, Alice, Immigrant [1:4]
  4. *SEABROOK, Joanna||Faith||Emma, Immigrant [1:12]
  5. SEABROOK, Mary, Immigrant [1:8]
  6. *SEABROOK, Robert, Immigrant [1:3]
  7. SEABROOK, Sarah, Immigrant [1:5]
  8. *SEABROOK, Thomas [1:1]
  9. SHERWOOD, "Stratford" Thomas, Immigrant [1:6]

Persons of Note

  1. *FAIRCHILD, Thomas, Founder of Stratford, Immigrant [1:15]

Principal Sources

This is not a complete list of my Seabrook sources; See the Sources button, above, for the complete detailed list of all 8 of those. Use the Annex button to see individual citations (and other notes). Use the book icon link (see details for a source) to see details about a particular source. They are listed here in relevance order; i.e. the first had the most citations.

  1. see details for this source HORROCKS, Lloyd A.; "Horrocks, Philips, Winget, Keeler, Clark, Watson, Lockwood, Strong, Gates and ancestors"

Surname Inventory

These are the surnames found in this page.
8 Surnames: (1 frequent fliers highlighted.)
My families (5) are underscored, with links to those pages. Other names than mine, of course, have no link.


Unrealized: 1(1) WHEE


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