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Outline Descent Trees

Longespee Family
1135 - 1299

Longespee, Longespeye, Longespée, Longspee, Longspée, Longsword

  • 21 Longespee folks, all kin to me.
  • 5 Longespee ancestors (* in left margin.)
  1. Outline Descent Trees
    1. (21: 1135-1299) William Longespée, Earl Salisbury [1176​-​1225/26] 24GGFa *
      William Longespée, 1King of England HenryII [Plantagenet]
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  3. Summary of Ancestors and Immigrants
  4. Summary of Persons of Note
  5. Summary of Principal Sources
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*=Ancestral family

Outline Descent Trees

Ancestral Family!
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22 Descendants of William Longespée, Earl Salisbury [1176​—​1225/26]

William Longespée, 1King of England HenryII [Plantagenet]
2009-08-28 22:44:05


A1. LONGESPÉE, William, Earl Salisbury b: ~1176 Woodstock Manor d: 07 Mar 1225/26 Salisbury Castle #: LSPE1 alias PLAN333 24GGFa
 ✔ LONGSPÉE, William, Earl Salisbury <== PLANTAGENET-
+EVEREUX, Ela d', Ctss Salisbury, Abss of Lacock b: ~1191 d: 24 Aug 1261 Lacock Abbey, WIL, ENG #: LSPE99 m: 1198
B1. LONGESPÉE, Sir William de, Salisbury WIL crusader b: ~1200 d: 19 Feb 1249/50 Mansourah, Egypt †: in battle vs the Saracens #: LSPE97
+CAMVILLE, Idoine de d: 1251-1252 #: LSPE4 m: ~Apr 1216
C1. LONGESPÉE, Sir William de d: 1257 †: from 4Jun1256 tournament injuries, Blyth, NTT #: LSPE11
+CLIFFORD, Maud de d: 1282-1285 #: LSPE14 lic: 30 Apr 1244 Mother: Margaret vch Llywellyn ap Iorwerth Father: CLIFFORD, Walter de, of Clifford HEF
C2. LONGESPÉE, [son] de d: >Dec 1244 #: LSPE12
C3. LONGESPÉE, Ela de, of Stratton Audley b: 1228 d: <22 Nov 1299 #: LSPE13
+AUDLEY, James de d: ~11 Jun 1276 IRL #: AUDL266 22GGFa m: 1244
B2. LONGESPÉE, [2nd son] de #: LSPE5
B3. LONGESPÉE, Stephen de, Earl Ulster b: 1216 Salisbury, WIL, ENG d: 1260 Sutton, NTH, ENG #: LSPE32
+RIDELISFORD, Emeline de d: 1276 #: LSPE6 m: 1243-1244
C1. LONGESPÉE, Emmeline de b: 1250 #: LSPE21
+MAURICE, Maurice Fitz d: 1286 #: LSPE23
C2. LONGESPÉE, Ela de b: ~1245 Sutton, NTH, ENG #: LSPE22
 ✔ LONGESPÉE, Ela {144-3} <== LA_ZOUCHE-
+ZOUCHE, Sir Roger {90-4} la d: 1285 #: LAZO100 22GGFa
B4. [1] LONGESPÉE, Ida (Idomea) de #: LSPE2
 ✔ LONGSPEE, Ida (Idonea) de <== BEACHAM-

 ✔ PLANTAGENET, Idonea Longspee <== GALLOWAY-
+GALLOWAY, Roland Lord, Constable of SCT b: ~1135 Galloway, PER, SCT #: GALO97 24GGFa
«2° Husband of B4. [1] Ida (Idomea) de Longespée:»
+BEAUCHAMP, William de, Baron Bedford b: 1187 d: 1262 #: BCHM38 23GGFa m: 1229
B5. LONGESPÉE, Isabel de #: LSPE3
+VESCI, William de #: LSPE9 m: >16 May 1226

Pronunciation Guide

Idiosyncratic or local pronunciations. Stresses: Primaryʹ, Secondaryʺ
SOLS--bûrʺē, -brē;


Inter-family Links

*=Ancestor (click for pedigree)
[n:m] = jump to person in this page

From this family to...

  1. *AUDLEY, James de (AUDL266) [1:9] 22GGFa
  2. *BEAUCHAMP, William de, Baron Bedford (BCHM38) [1:20] 23GGFa
  3. *GALLOWAY, Roland Lord, Constable of SCT (GALO97) [1:18] 24GGFa
  4. *LONGESPÉE, William, Earl Salisbury (PLAN333) [1:1] 24GGFa
  5. *ZOUCHE, Sir Roger {90-4} la (LAZO100) [1:16] 22GGFa

Ancestors and Immigrants

  1. *AUDLEY, James de [1:9]
  2. *BEAUCHAMP, William de, Baron Bedford [1:20]
  3. *CAMVILLE, Idoine de [1:4]
  4. *EVEREUX, Ela d', Ctss Salisbury, Abss of Lacock [1:2]
  5. *GALLOWAY, Roland Lord, Constable of SCT [1:18]
  6. *LONGESPÉE, Ela de [1:15]
  7. *LONGESPÉE, Ela de, of Stratton Audley [1:8]
  8. *LONGESPÉE, Sir William de, Salisbury WIL crusader [1:3]
  9. *LONGESPÉE, Stephen de, Earl Ulster [1:11]
  10. *LONGESPÉE, William, Earl Salisbury [1:1]
  1. *RIDELISFORD, Emeline de [1:12]
  2. *ZOUCHE, Sir Roger {90-4} la [1:16]

Persons of Note

  1. *EVEREUX, Ela d', Ctss Salisbury, Abss of Lacock [1:2] 24GGMo
  2. *LONGESPÉE, Sir William de, Salisbury WIL crusader [1:3] 23GGFa
  3. *LONGESPÉE, William, Earl Salisbury [1:1] 24GGFa

Principal Sources

This is not a complete list of my Longespee sources; See the Sources button, above, for the complete detailed list of all 5 of those. Use the Annex button to see individual citations (and other notes). Use the book icon link (see details for a source) to see details about a particular source. They are listed here in relevance order; i.e. the first had the most citations.

  1. see details for this source BOYER, Carl, 3rd; "Medieval English Ancestors of Certain Americans"

Surname Inventory

These are the surnames found in this page.
12 Surnames: (1 frequent fliers highlighted.)
My families (5) are underscored, with links to those pages. Other names than mine, of course, have no link.


Unrealized: 1(1) MORR


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