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Outline Descent Trees

Everett Family
1700 - 1885

Averet, Evared, Evaret, Eved, Everad, Everard, Everatt, Everd, Evered, Evererd, Everet, Everett, Everhard, Everit, Everitt, Evrit

  • 75 Everett folks, all kin to me.
    (No Everett ancestors here; All are cousins or cousins-by-marriage.)
  1. Outline Descent Trees
    1. (75: 1700-1885) Thomas Everett [​-​1786] 1C7
      Thomas3 Everett, John,2 1Richard1
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  3. Summary of Ancestors and Immigrants
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Outline Descent Trees

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76 Descendants of Thomas Everett [​—​1786]

Thomas3 Everett, John,2 1Richard1
2010-08-22 16:06:49


A1. [1] EVERETT, Thomas b: Sands Point, Long Island, NY d: Nov 1786 Northampton, NY or Lehigh Co, PA #: EVRT1
 ✔ EVERETT, Thomas <== SANDS-


Bathsheba is a puzzle. "Genealogy of PA Families" identifies her as the daughter of James and Mary (Cornell) Sands, and James' will mentions his grandaughter Sarah Everett. There seems no doubt of her parentage.

The dates of her children are reported in that work as 1717-23.

According to Wilson, James Sands was born 1662, and married Mary Cornell in 1697 (ae 35), and the birth dates of their children (B'sheba's siblings) are reported as 1699-1728, but B'sheba's date is not listed.

Problem is that B'sheba's birth (according to Wilson) seems to be contemporary with that of her children (according to PA Families)!

+SANDS, Bathsheba {29} b: ~1700 Cow Neck/Sands Point, Nassau, NY d: <1730 #: SAND104 1C7 m: ~1715
B1. EVERETT, John b: 25 Jan 1716/17 Long Island, NY d: 20 Mar 1777 Gnadenhutten, Penns Twp, PA #: EVRT97
+HOLDER, Mary b: 10 Jan 1722/23 Unity twp, Philadelphia, PA d: 30 Sep 1785 #: EVRT5 m: 26 Mar 1742 Allermaengel (now Lynn) twp, Bucks, PA Mother: VOLCK, Barbara Father: HOLDER, John
C1. EVERETT, Catherine b: ~1744 d: >1815 #: EVRT8
+OSWALD, Daniel #: EVRT21 Mother: (OSWALD), Elizabeth Father: OSWALD, Henry
C2. EVERETT, Sarah b: 22 Oct 1749 d: >1815 #: EVRT9
+WERNER, Jonathan Nathan #: EVRT24 m: 17 Sep
C3. EVERETT, Barbara b: 20 Aug 1751 #: EVRT10
C4. EVERETT, John b: 27 Mar 1753 d: Child #: EVRT11
C5. EVERETT, George b: 20 Sep 1755 d: 25 Jan 1763 #: EVRT12
C6. EVERETT, Daniel b: 1756 d: 1756 #: EVRT13
C7. EVERETT, Joseph b: 01 Nov 1757 d: >1820 #: EVRT14
+DAVIS, Sarah Elizabeth #: EVRT25 m: 18 Apr 1779
C8. EVERETT, Marie "Polly" b: 07 Nov 1759 d: >1815 #: EVRT15
C9. EVERETT, Hannah (Johana) b: 11 Oct 1761 d: 1815 Bethleham, [PA?] #: EVRT16
C10. EVERETT, John, of Lebanon PA b: 14 Dec 1763 d: >1816 #: EVRT17
C11. EVERETT, Thomas b: 06 Aug 1766 d: 02 Feb 1847 Emmaus, , PA #: EVRT18
+GIERING, Rosina #: EVRT27 m: 21 Sep 1791 Emmaus, , PA
C12. EVERETT, <girl> d: >1777 #: EVRT19
C13. EVERETT, <child> d: Child #: EVRT20
B2. EVERETT, Maria Elizabeth b: ~1721 #: EVRT4
+ALBRECHT alias ALBRIGHT, Michael #: EVRT44 Mother: BROBST, Magdalena, Immigrant Father: ALBRECHT, Johan Jacob, Immigrant
C1. ALBRECHT alias ALBRIGHT, Anna Maria (Mary) #: EVRT45
+SCHLUPE alias SLOOP, Conrad, Immigrant b: Germany or Switzerland #: EVRT46 m: NC
B3. EVERETT, Thomas, jr b: 1722 Jamaica, Long Island, NY d: >1786 #: EVRT32
+ALBRECHT, Eva Catherine Barbara d: >1786 #: EVRT28 Mother: BROBST, Magdalena, Immigrant Father: ALBRECHT, Johan Jacob, Immigrant
C1. EVERETT, Samuel b: ~1745 Lynn twp, Lehigh, PA d: 1808 Liberty twp, Trumbull, OH #: EVRT29
+MOSSER, Mary Barbara b: 1745 d: 1811 #: EVRT36 m: PA Father: MOSSER, Philip
C2. EVERETT, John b: 1761 Lynn twp, Lehigh, PA d: 1810 Lynn twp, Lehigh, PA #: EVRT30
+MILLER, Maria Magdalena (Mary) b: 1766 Albany twp, Berks, PA (probably) d: 1836 Lynn twp, Lehigh, PA #: EVRT38
C3. EVERETT, Peter #: EVRT31
+MILLER, Catherine #: EVRT39
C4. EVERETT, Magdalena #: EVRT33
+BROBST, Lt. Col. Michael b: ~1751 d: 1814 Albany twp, Berks, PA #: EVRT40 m: ~1773
C5. EVERETT, Catherine #: EVRT34
+ROTH, Rev. John #: EVRT41
C6. EVERETT, <girl> #: EVRT35
B4. EVERETT, James, Loyalist bp: 24 Jan 1722/23 Jamaica, Long Island, NY d: ~1810 Weymouth, Digby, NS #: EVRT2
+(EVERETT), Altia b: 1736 NY #: EVRT52
C1. EVERETT, Mary "Polly" #: EVRT53
+GERMAIN, Hugh #: EVRT59 m: 12 Dec 1787 Weymouth, Digby, NS
C2. EVERETT, Jane #: EVRT54
C3. EVERETT, Nancy #: EVRT55
+MOREHOUSE, James, jr #: EVRT60 m: Weymouth, Digby, NS
C4. EVERETT, Elizabeth #: EVRT56
+PAYSON, Nathaniel #: EVRT61 m: 23 Dec 1792 Weymouth, Digby, NS
C5. EVERETT, Jeremiah S., farmer b: 28 Nov 1771 Jamaica, Long Island, NY d: 13 Feb 1870 Plympton, Digby, NS #: EVRT57
+KERIN, Charlotte A. b: 07 Apr 1780 Jamaica, Long Island, NY d: 23 Oct 1852 Digby, NS #: EVRT62 m: 25 May 1798 Plympton, Digby, NS
D1. EVERETT, James b: 25 Feb 1799 Weymouth, Digby, NS d: 1885 Plympton, Digby, NS #: EVRT66
+PERRY, Mary Dennis b: 27 Nov 1798 Yarmouth, Yarmouth, NS #: EVRT76 m: ~1821 Plympton, Digby, NS
E1. EVERETT, Sarah Sofhonia #: EVRT77
E2. EVERETT, John Dennis #: EVRT78
E3. EVERETT, Marie Margaret #: EVRT79
E4. EVERETT, Charlotte Amelia #: EVRT80
E5. EVERETT, Jeremiah Skidmore #: EVRT81
E6. EVERETT, James Fleurey #: EVRT82
E7. EVERETT, William Perry #: EVRT83
E8. EVERETT, George H. b: Oct 1836 #: EVRT84
E9. EVERETT, Lorenzo #: EVRT85
E10. EVERETT, Henry A. #: EVRT86
D2. EVERETT, Maria Margaret #: EVRT67
D3. EVERETT, Jane #: EVRT68
D4. EVERETT, Elizabeth Ann #: EVRT69
D5. EVERETT, Edward K. #: EVRT70
D6. EVERETT, Charles S. #: EVRT71
D7. EVERETT, Cynthia Charlotte #: EVRT72
D8. EVERETT, Celia Sophia #: EVRT73
D9. EVERETT, Clarissa Hanford #: EVRT74
D10. EVERETT, Emeline Terentia #: EVRT75
C6. EVERETT, Sea Capt. James b: 1780 NY d: 1799 Bay of Fundy, NS †: drowning, his packet sank #: EVRT58
+REID, Catherine d: >1809 #: EVRT63 m: 04 Nov 1797 Halifax, Halifax, NS
B5. EVERETT, Sarah d: >1730 #: EVRT3
2 Wife of A1. [1] Thomas Everett:
+(EVERETT), Deborah #: EVRT49 m: 11 Sep 1730


Inter-family Links

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From this family to...

  1. SANDS, Bathsheba {29} (SAND104) [1:2] 1C7

Ancestors and Immigrants

  1. SCHLUPE=SLOOP, Conrad, Immigrant [1:26]

Persons of Note


Principal Sources

This is not a complete list of my Everett sources; See the Sources button, above, for the complete detailed list of all 7 of those. Use the Annex button to see individual citations (and other notes). Use the book icon link (see details for a source) to see details about a particular source. They are listed here in relevance order; i.e. the first had the most citations.

  1. see details for this source CRAIG, Gregory; "My Craigs of Charlotte Co. New Brunswick/ Irenes Mahars of PEI"
  2. see details for this source ; "Genealogies of PA Families" I, A-He

Surname Inventory

These are the surnames found in this page.
22 Surnames: (1 frequent fliers highlighted.)
My families (5) are underscored, with links to those pages. Other names than mine, of course, have no link.


Unrealized: 3(3) DAVI MORE REED


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