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The symbolism


The large capital R with bar
This represents my initials, RAD. The R is obvious. The A is formed by the two legs and the bar. The D is formed by the upper part of the R.
The Roman numeral II inside the bar
This represents the suffix to my name, 2nd (which is the way it appears on my birth certificate)
The pointed cross
This heraldic device, a cross crosslet fitchy, is from the SANDS arms, my paternal grandmother's line. Cross crosslet fitchy: A combination of cross and sword; unshakable faith
See: Parker.
The "wavy-armed star"
Another heraldic device, an estoile, from the STARR arms, my maternal grandmother's line. Estoile: Celestial goodness; noble person
See: Parker.
The knotted column
Representing my Celtic roots.
My name in script
This typeface is called Black Chancery. A chancery is a public records office. This represents my interest in genealogy.
The geometric designs forming the large letter
This represents my technical and scientific training. These designs are part of the R in the Davinci font.


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