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RootsWeb Move:
Changes and Additions

Several significant additions and changes were made coincident with the migration of these pages to RootsWeb. In case you get confused, I can always point to this document and say "It's documented."

Site structure
The depth of the site tree structure has been limited to 1. This simplifies the navigation somewhat as the sequence to get from one directory to any other is "../NewDirectory". Other structureal changes:
  1. Source-related documents have been collected in one folder: Sources.
  2. Several other stray documents have all been collected in the Misc folder.
Celebrities in separate site
This topic grew beyond my wildest expectations, and now includes nearly a thousand over 2500 relations of repute, whether pure or nasty. I have therefore found it a separate home here on RootsWeb.
Second navigation bar
Certain pages which treat a specific family -- e.g. ODTs, Pedigrees, Sources -- will be seen to have a second navigation bar (with background color "lightpink") just below the top navigation box. It has links to other pages specifically related to this family.
Pedigree format
I have redone this process, choosing a format that abandons the indentation of each successive generation, relying instead on the numbering of the generations. Also, this is generated directly from my GED files, simplifying the process for me.
Sources (ODT)
These are generated directly from my GED files, simplifying the process for me, and making these available as a matter of course.
Build mechanism
I have completely revamped the build process to make use of Dennis Bareis' PPWizard HTML Preprocessor.
Traffic counter
RootsWeb's counter has a different method of counting, incrementing only when the request is from a different IP address. This is a rough measure of traffic intensity.

I have used a single counter for the entire site, and have started the counter at 30,000, which approximates the value on FreeServers.

News files
RootsWeb has its own version of this, which I will be exploring in future. The old guestbook files will be placed online here, too.
Outline Descent Trees (ODTs)
Cross reference links between ODT pages
ODT pages previously crosslinked using the name of the individual. This has been changed to use the reference number. This makes consistent use links of the reference number across the site to be to the individual on an ODT page.

Links from ODT pages to celebrity pages will use the person's name as the link.

Cross reference links via reference number are accented by special formatting: like this.
Those with CSS-cabable browsers will notice a thin dashed border on the right of the data. This makes it easier to detect if printing has lopped off part of the page.


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