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Matriarchal Table Representation

Roderic A. Davis, 2nd
January, 2000
P.O. Box 118
Hyde Park, NY 12538

 © 2000 Roderic A. Davis, 2nd All rights reserved. License is granted to individuals to use the ideas contained herein for their own private use only. Any use for monetary or other gain is specifically prohibited.


A new tabular presentation of ancestors is described. Similar to the Ahnentafel, or Ancestor Table, the presentation is essentially a balanced binary tree. The difference here is that  only the female ancestors are represented. The purpose is to capture in as compact form as possible, all of the different ancestral surnames in their hierarchical placement. The new format is called a Matriarchal Table, or M-Tafel.

Summary of characteristics

  1. Each ancestral surname is represented once
    • Multiple entries into the same family are each represented
  2. All female ancestors are represented
    • Female ancestors bring new surnames to the family tree by marriage
  3. Only female ancestors are represented
    • Excepting the primary, or focus, individual, who may be male
  4. The structure of the M-tafel shows the successive generations in a manner similar to an Ahnentafel.


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