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Date of Birth: October 17, 1938
Place of Birth: Brighton, Ontario
Father's Name: Glenford Floyd Taylor
Mother's Name: Violet Mae Cramb
Wife's Name: Sandra Jacqueline Crouter
Date of Marriage: July 1, 1960
Place of Marriage: Oshawa, Ontario
Children's Names:Darryl Gordon Taylor
Occupation: Truck Driver
Known Residents: Oshawa, Ontario

I just want to thank my Dad for all the help he gave me in producing this web site. Without his memory, this site wouldn't have been as informative as it is.

Memories: The first photo is Guy's passport photo. See next page for more details.

The first photo is my Dad (far right) with his brother Kingsley and sister Joan.

The second photo is my Dad (second from left) and other family members at my Great Grandparents 50th wedding Anniversary. I think it was in 1954.

The last photo is my Dad (right) with his brother Kingsley.


Thomas Taylor
Catherine Michem
Peter Taylor
Ernest Taylor
Eliza Somerville
Glenford Taylor
Len Taylor
Violet Cramb
Susie Osmond
Gary Taylor
Joan Taylor
Kingsley Taylor
Delbert Taylor
Jackie Crouter
Darryl Taylor
Shelley Pace
Corey Taylor
Meghan Taylor
Brandon Taylor
Shannon Taylor

Pedigree Chart


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