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Date of Birth: Unknown
Place of Birth: Ontario
Date of Death: 1950-51
Place of Death: Pefferlaw
Father's Name: Unknown
Mother's Name: ? McCormick
Husband's Full Name: Thomas Taylor
Husband's Date of Birth:1858
Husband's Date of Death:May 4, 1907
Children's Names: Ernest Guy & Peter
Known Residents: North Gwillimbury, Pefferlaw
Memories: The only memories of Catharine are from my dad. She was very old (early 90's) when my dad was around five. Once when the family as visiting Aunt Bessie in Pefferlaw, Dad and Aunt Joan snuck into Catherine's room in the back of the house. They saw an extremely old lady rocking in a rocking chair and it scared them half to death. That's the last time he ever saw her. Her health was failing and they were told never to go into her room. We estimate that she died around 1950.

This picture shows Catharine with her grandson Len, his son Delbert and Len's mother Eliza
Front of original Taylor house

Front or original Taylor barn

Side of original Taylor barn

Thomas Taylor
Catherine Michem
Peter Taylor
Ernest Taylor
Eliza Somerville
Glenford Taylor
Len Taylor
Violet Cramb
Susie Osmond
Gary Taylor
Joan Taylor
Kingsley Taylor
Delbert Taylor
Jackie Crouter
Darryl Taylor
Shelley Pace
Corey Taylor
Meghan Taylor
Brandon Taylor
Shannon Taylor

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