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The Darling Family--Related Surname Files

  Here you will text files for Surnames which are related to the Darling lines. You will also find vital records for towns in Massachusetts and excerpts from pubished genealogies. Most of the surnames collected here have something to do with my direct line, if any of these are familiar to you please contact me.

In the following reports, Mother and Father are shown in Olive Green type. Second spouses appear in Dark Yellow type. If a name appears in Dark Blue it means that person has descendants on this page. You may wish to consult the main database for more information on persons contained within this files.

Descendants of John Beebe John Beebe was born about 1602 in Northhamptonshire, England and died in May of 1650 while onboard ship to the New World. His wife, Rebecca Ladd and her children settled in Connecticut, largely in New London county.

Descendants of Richard Blood Richard Blood was born 1617 in Nottingham, England and died Groton, Massachusetts. He married Isabelle Wilkinson. It is largely thought that Richard Blood is the son of James Blood and Ellen Harrison, others aren't so sure. It's up to you to make your own determination.

Descendants of Stephen and John Bryant Stephen Bryant was b. about 1615 in Kent, England and died about 1701 Plympton, Massachusetts. He married Abigail Shaw. Their daughter, Abigail Bryant b. 1647 d. 1715 married John Bryant in 1665 Plympton, Massachusetts. John Bryant was b.about 1644 d. 1730 Plympton, Massachusetts. This file shows the Bryant family connection to Miles Standish, John Alden, and William Cullen Bryant.

Descendants of Ralph Dayton with file compliment Ancestors of Ralph Dayton Ralph Dayton was b. 1588 Ashford, England and died 1658 Suffolk county, New York. He married Alice Goldhatch Tritten. This file contains information on Daytons (mainly) in Connecticut and New York. The Ancestral file for Ralph is provided as a sampling and should be verified before entering into your own records.

Descendants of JosephGilson Joseph Gilson was born in 1636 in Chelmsford, Massachusetts and died in May of 1676 in Concord, Massachusetts. He married Mary Cooper in 1660 in Chelmsford, Massachusetts.

Descendants of Robert Gowing Robert Gowing was born 1618 Edinburgh, Scotland and died in 1698 in Lynn, Massachusetts. He married Elizabeth Brock in 1644 in Dedham, Massachusetts.

Desdendants of John King John King was born somewhere around 1765 and has been a true engima in genealogy research. He married Naomi Beebe around 1790 most likely in New London, Connecticut. Their children are found in Waterford and New London, Connecticut. Other areas are also represented. If anyone is researching this King line I would very much like to hear from you! My e-mail link is displayed at the bottom of the page.

Descendants of Samuel King Samuel King was born in 1619 in Taunton, England and died in August of 1705 in Plympton, Massachusetts. He married Anne Phinney/Finney in 1647 in Plympton, Massachusetts.

Descendants of Thomas Perkins Thomas was born somewhere around 1500. This lines first known Immigrant Ancestor is John Perkins b. 1583 England died 1654 Ipswich, Massachusetts. He married Judith Gater 1608 in England.

Descendants of James Rogers James was born 1615 in Dedham, England and died in 1686 in New London, Connecticut. He married Elizabeth Rowland.

Descendants of William Towne William was born 1598 Norfolk, England and died in 1672 Topsfield, Massachusetts. He married Joann Blessing in 1620 in Yarmouth, England. This file contains information on the "Towne Sisters" of the Salem Witch Trials, Rebecca Nurse, Mary Esty and Sarah Cloyce. Rebecca and Mary were hung during the trials but Sarah escaped hanging. You can download a copy of the Examination of Rebecca Nurse You may also down load two .jpg images of testimony given by James Darling against Mary Easty. Testimony Signature
You may also download .jpg images from "Witchcraft in Salem Village in 1692" by Winfield Nevins as pertains to the Willards here. They are in no particular order.
part one part twopart three
part four part fivepart six
part seven part eightpart nine part ten
The exact relationship of John Willard who was accused and hung as a witch to this Willard line has never been proven. However, he did 'hide out' the Willard abode in Lancaster when he was on the run, so it is clear that there was some type of relationship there. You may down load, in .jpg form, copies of the original testimony of John Willard here. part one part two
part three part four

Descendants of Thomasine Ward Thomasine Ward was born 1606 Yorkshire, England and died in Salem, Massachusetts in 1688. She married first John Thompson and second Robert Buffum. You may also wish to look at the compliment file Ancestors of Thomasine. This file traces her lineage back to King Henry II of England through an illegitimate child by his Henry's long time lover Rosamund Clifford.

Descendants of Richard Whittier Richard Whittier was born around 1670 and married Mary Rolfe. The first proven Immigrant Ancestor of this line is their son Thomas Whittier who died in 1696 and married Ruth Green in 1646 in Salisbury, Massachusetts.

Descendants of Major Simon Willard Simon was born in 1604 in Kent, England and died 1676 Charlestown, Massachusetts. He, along with some of his descendants, are historically important. Descendants include the Willard Clock makers. Simon was His son, Simon Willard was a majestrate during the Salem Witch Trials. Son, Samuel Willard was the Reverand of the Old South Church in Boston, he baptized Benjamin Franklin and he spoke out again the Salem Witch Trials. You will find many notes on Major Simon Willard in the main database.

Descendants of Thomas Wood Thomas was born 1736 Brookfield, Massachusetts. He married a woman with the given name of Mary, sources would appear to indicate her surname was Taylor. Their descendants are found, primarily, in Brookfield and Grafton Massachusetts.

The following are text files on various families that I've put together over the years. Some of these lines and individuals can be found in the main database

Brookfield, Massachusetts Vital Records Surnames Witt-Woods. Main concentration of surnames in this file is WOOD. This is an .RTF file.

Framingham, Massachusetts Vital Records Surnames W's main focus on WOOD surname. This is an .RTF file

Hopkinton, Massachusetts Vital Records Surnames W's main focus on WOOD surname. This is an.RTF file

Epitaphs at Lynn, Massachusettsfrom the History of Lynn by Alonzo Lewis & Newhall

Epitaphs at Groton, Massachusets from the History of Lynn by Alonzo Lewis and Newhall. This is a .DOC file

Groton, Massachusetts Church Records from the Groton Historical Series by Dr. Samuel Green. This is .DOC file

Groton, Massachusetts Births and Marriages A large but still partial recording of births and marriages at Groton by Caleb Butler. This is a .DOC file

Historical Sketch of Groton by Dr. Samuel Green. This is a .DOC file

Pepperell, Massachusetts Family lists of Births, Marriages and Deaths by Caleb Butler. This is a .DOC file

Pepperell, Massachusetts Historical Notes by Reverand Emerson as published by Caleb Butler. This is .DOC file

Dunstable, Massachusetts in the War of 1812. This is a .DOC file

Universalist Society Dunstable, Massachusetts. Constitution, purpose and by-laws many signers are listed on this document. This is .DOC file.

Excerpts from The Farnsworth Memorial about the BLOOD family.

Inscriptions of Blood Family Tombs by Dr. Samuel Green. Most are found in the Old Burial Ground in Groton, Massachusetts.

Excerpts from The Nutting Genealogy

Large Excerpts from The Story of the Bloods.

Here we begin The Fuller Genealogy this book is in several parts, feel free to down load the entire thing if you desire. Part one, pg. 1 pg. 2 pg. 1 Introduction pg. 2 pg.3-4
pg.5-6 pg.  7 pg.8-9  pg. 10-11
pg.12-13 pg. 14-15 pg. 16-17 pg. 18-19
pg.20-21 pg. 22-23 pg.24-25 pg. 26 pg. 27-28
pg. 29-30 pg. 31-32 pg. 33-34 pg. 35-36 pg.37-38
pg. 38-40 pg. 41-42 pg.43-44 pg. 45-46 pg. 47

Early Bryants in Plymouth, Massachusetts as taken from the Plymouth, Massachusetts Vital Records

King Family in New London, Connecticut according to 1888, 1891-1892 City Directories

Higgins in Peabody, Massachusetts in 1886

Index for probate records in Worchester, Co. MA Vol 1&2 July 1731-1881. Indexes available for the following surnames



Bryant Bryant second half



Higgins in Dedham, MA 1893

Pelkey's in Rutland, Vermont city directory 1889-1892

O'Gara surname as found in the American Genealogical-Biographical Index

Pelkey surname as found in the American Genealogical-Biographical Index

Perkins marriages before 1699 in America

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