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The Mystery Darlings

  Everybody loves a mystery, right? Well, the Darling families seems to have plenty of them. From the e-mails I've received over the years there appears to be three which are the most Mysterious. Presented here is information on Darlings with the given names of Reuben, and Lyman. Please check the databases for more by these names As e-mails progress and I collect more information I will post about other Mysterious Darlings...if anyone out there is related to a Reuben (Ruben) or a Lyman Darling please e-mail me your information. Put MYSTERIES in the subject line

The information presented here is just odds and ends, hopefully the jig-saw puzzle can be solved.

Good Luck!!


REUBEN DARLING born August 24, 1823 Groton, Vermont died March 23, Bangor Wisconsin
Married Elizabeth DARLING October 21, 1850 Groton, Vermont.
If this line interests you please refer to database one to fill in this line.

REUBEN DARLING born 1812 Whitestone, Oneida, New York. He is listed as the son of Reuben DARLING and Sophie GOODNOW. They had one more son,
Abraham DARLING b. 1814 New York d. 1877 New York married Eveline Maria TILLOTSON in Brunswick, Ohio

REUBEN DARLING born April 12, 1763 Bellingham, MA son of Samuel DARLING and Esther ???...MYSTERY SOLVED! Please see the second database for this lines connection to Denice Darling.

REUBEN DARLING b. abt. 1791 poss. New Hampshire d. 1870 Peruville, NY. Aged 79 Mentioned as an early settler of Locke, NY 1810-1812
Married (1) Francis HART (2) Hannah? (unsure of second marriage at this time) Known children are:
(Sarah) Emeline DARLING m. Julius BEMET
Caroline Matilda DARLING m. Daniel CONGER
Rebecca Jane DARLING 2nd wife of Daniel CONGER (above)

If any of this line interests you please download the text file for this line. It contains much interesting and helpful information. Inlcuding research material, other Darling lines, the will of the above Reuben Darling and excerpts from several town histories. Many thanks to Lynda for her hard work and for donating this valuable information to our library. It now appears the above line will fit into the one directly below here. If anyone is researching Darling families in any of the above or below towns, especially with connections to Jedediah Darling and Mary/Mercy Lyman and/or Jedediah Darling and Sarah Steele please e-mail me and compare both of these files.


LYMAN DARLING born April 13, 1788 Gill, MA
belongs to the family of
George DARLING b. abt. 1761 d. 7/6/1799 Gill, MA (drowned at the age of 38) married ? JENNEY
other children of this couple
Mercy DARLING b. December 6, 1791 Gill, MA
Polley DARLING b. March 10, 1790 Gill, MA
Willing DARLING b. February 28, 1794 Gill, MA
George DARLING b. November 22, 1785 Gill, MA married Lavinia CANON October 23, 1812 Gill, MA (two known children Charlotte b. 8/8/1813 and Jedidiah b. 9/25/1814)
Jedidiah DARLING b. June 19, 1798 Gill, MA
Emelia DARLING b. June 28, 1796
Mystery ALMOST solved! It appears this line is going to be related to Jedediah Darling and his wife Mary/Mercy Lyman. If this checks out, the line will trace back to George Darling.

LYMAN MOSES DARLING born December 25, 1877 Hyde Park, Vermont married Annie GRIMES June 23, 1906 Vermont is the son of
Aquilla Arnold DARLING and Lois ASENATH (LEACH)

LYMAN DARLING born 1839 Onodaga(sp?) New York is the son of Joel DARLING and Lovinia ??

LYMAN COOK DARLING born April 17, 1838 Bellingham, MA is the son of Welcome DARLING and Alpha ??

LYMAN DARLING married Olive WILLEY is the son of Jedidiah DARLING and Sarah STEELE.
Thank you Marcia! Please see the lines of the Gill, MA Darlings above. This lines tracks back to George Darling.


Thanks to a book titled Darling Family in America; Early Settlers Prior to 1800 there has been a lot of mis-information regarding this line. According to the author of this book John Darling (b. 1702 d. 1769 married Lois GOWING) was the son of John DARLING a/k/a DOLLEN/DORLAND and Mary BISHOP. This is incorrect. He was the son of Daniel DARLING and Sarah BEAN.

John Darling and Mary Bishop did have a son named John Darling but this child died before reaching the age of maturity. This is evidenced by the court records which state that John Darling's (a/k/a Dollen/Dorland) estate was probated through his 'only son, Thomas'. The author of the book may have simply missed the original source, relying upon other sources to base his conclusions. The author does note that John Darling's son Thomas 'brought forth an inventory which gave no clue to his estate'. However, since we know that John DARLING who married Lois GOWING was alive and well at the time this John DARLING (Dollen/Dorland) died in 1713, he cannot be his son.

Up until recently I've held onto this for all it was worth, and up until this point this work was based largely upon the works of Henry E. Darling and Carlos Parsons Darling. But, now we have actual genetic evidence that this is the case! Research done through an organization called The Gene Pool, has shown, through DNA evidence that John Darling b. 1702 d. 1869 who married Lois Gowing in 1722 WAS INDEED the son of Daniel Darling and Sarah Bean. I don't think we can get any better than that! Anyone connected with this line should remove John Darling/Dollen/Dorland from their files. The line reads as follows:

George DARLING b. btw. 1615-1620 Midlothian region of Scotland d. 1693 Salem, MA married Katherine ______?

Daniel DARLING b. 1664 Lynn, MA d. Aft. 1717 married (1) Sarah BEAN d/o of William BEAN and Sarah BUFFUM

John DARLING b. 1702 Lynn, MA d.1769 Lunenberg, MA married Lois GOWING.

Further information on this line is to be found in Descendants of George Darling

More very interesting research from the Gene Pool concerns the line of Lois GOWINGs mother. It has long been thought that her father, John GOWING married a woman named Johanna DARLING. All we could really get from the old records was that John Gowing married in June of 1683 in Salem, MA to Johanna _______. This would give her a very rough birth year of 1663. Theories abounded, based mostly on bits of information contained with The Story of the Bloods by Harris.

The suspicion has long been that her father was a man by the name of John DARLING. Just which John Darling is unknown. Most of the Johns of this era and area are 'present and accounted for'. As well as the Hannahs and Joannas

I am extremely happy to announce that The Gene Pool concludes that Johanna DARLING was the mother of John GOWINGs children. They further note our suspicions have been confirmed, her father was a John Darling. They list no mother for her. Ah...yes...well...another Mystery!

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