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Town Histories and Published Genealogies relating to the Darling Surname

Anna King wife of George Benjamin Darling

The Darling Family in America A word of caution. This is interesting material and provides a nice historic background for the Darling families. However, not all of it's genealogy information is correct. If you are searching the line of John Darling married Lois Gowing please disregard the information pertaining to John's parentage in this book. Instead please see Descendants of George Darling for more details on John Darling's parentage.

Origins and History of the surname DARLING<

Excerpts from Maine Genealogy as pertains to the Darling Family.

Excerpts from A History of Jaffrey, New Hampshire as pertains to the Darling family.

Excerpts from Caverly's History of Pittsford, Vermont as pertains to the Darling family.

People of Peacham, Vermont Part one Part Two Part Three All in .JPG format.

Vermont Families in 1791 as pertains to the Darling Family.

Excerpts from History of Shirley, MA as pertains to the Darling family.

The British Influence on Wisconsin references to Darlings

Notable Darling's in American History

Notable Darling's in Pennsylvania according to Contemporary Biography of Pennsylvania Vol. 2 Part One
Part Two
Part Three

Darlings who served in Congress

Short blurb from Pope on the Darling Families.

Letters of Franklin A. Buck A Yankee Trader in the Gold Rush

What Savage had to say about the Darling Families

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