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An abstract contributed by the late R. C. W. Dodge of Bluehill, Maine

This article was found posted to the GenMass Mailing List. This Jonathan Darling, Jr is the great grandson of John Darling of Salem and Mohegan Island. You may wish to search through this database for more information.

Jonathan Darling Jr. was born in Andover or Danvers, Mass or Salem,
Mass. He was a soldier at Louisburg, Nova Scotia in 1759. He went to
Blue Hill in 1762 or 63 and settled first at "The Falls" and later at
Darlings Point. He helped to settle Blue Hill with his wife and her
relatives. He was a member of the church, Town officer and a prominent

"I, Jonathan Darling* son of Jonathan and Sara Darling, was born at Denvers, Mass, on July 14. 1741. My father died at Louisburg, March 21. 1746 after which my mother moved to her fathers, Will Wardwell of Andover (Mass).
1757 July 2 My mother died, leaving two children.
1759 May 2 The regiment ( in which I had enlisted) for Louisburg,
drawn up for exercise.
May 8 Four companies went on board.
May 9 Six companies embarked.
May 14 I went ashore at Green Island
May 15 The signal made for sailing; 10 o'clock, under way with a fair
May 21 Becalmed in bay of Fundy. 17 sail in sight, made land.
May 24 Went into Lewisburg Harbor.
May 25 Brought in prize, a ship 100 ton, laden with clothing and war
like stores.
May 28 The ice came down the river and filled up the harbor, one third
of our company on shore.
Aug 2 A flag of truce came in with prisoners, which the Indians had
Aug 11 Arrived a packet, and brought news that Ticonderoga had been
Aug 17 All the orderly sargents confined.
Oct 2 A sloop came in, and brought news that Quebec was taken, upon
this we were informed that we must stay all winter.
Oct 5 Three men killed by Indians.
Oct 10 A sloop taken and brought into Louisburg Harbor.
Oct 19 Rejoicing for the taking of Quebec.
Oct 21 150 men went on board the European for Boston.
Nov 1 The regiment drawn up. The Colonel told them they must stay
all winter.
Nov 2 The men refused to do duty and about 200 put into the black hole.
Nov 3 150 men went on board the Olive for Boston. The whole city being
in arms. The Governor pardon(ed) those who mutinied and promised
if they would be content till December 1st they should be dismissed.
Nov 10 A sloop came in. She had been taken by the French frigate, who
put some French men on board, and bid her follow the frigate.
In the fog they lost the frigate and having no provisions, the
French on board told the English that if they would carry them
into any French harbor they should have their sloop; in the night
they brought them into Louisburg. In the morning the French in
their surprise saw English colors flying on every side.
Nov 12 The Olive sailed for Boston.
Nov 18 Some French and Indians brought in from Pigtoo.
1760 Feb 2 The harbor frozen up.
Feb 12 The snow said to be 10 to 12 feet deep in the woods.
March All hands employed in sleighing wood for the king.
April About 100 men employed to clear the street of snow and ice.
May 24 Came in, two 74s and two 64s with 100 miners and orders to
demolish Louisburg.
June 2 Began to dig down the glass.
June 4 Began to undermine the walls.
July 16 Enlisted, because I saw that though I did not, I must stay all
Nov 8 Finished blowing up the walls of Louisburg, marched
around the town with our tools, the Governor gave us fur
days pay, and a pint of rum a man for our good behavior.
Dec 2 Dismissed and embarked for Boston.
Dec 15 Set sail.
Dec 28 Came to anchor in the south of Casco Bay.
Dec 29 Being in danger, slipped cable and run into harbor.
Dec 30 Come on shore to come home by land.
1761 Jan 6 Come to Andover to my uncle Jonathan Wardwell; lived with
his until July 14, 1762 (new stile), on which day I was
21 years of age.
1762 Aug Went to New Salem to see the land my father left me; not
liking it, removed to look further.
Aug 18 Set out for Pigwooket.
Aug 21 Encamped in the woods.
Aug 22 Reached Salmon Falls and encamped.
Aug 24 Reached one mile beyond Little Ossipee, and lodged
without camp.
Aug 26 Went down the meadows, and went over the mouth of Great
Ossipee, and encamped one mile above Great Falls.
Aug 27 Reached the interval below Pigwooket.
Aug 29 and 30 Worked at clearing roads.
Aug 31 Went to the top of Mount Tom, and viewed the township.
Nov 9 Reached home at Andover.
1763 Jan 7 Removed to Simon Fry's* this winter very remarkable, from
the last of December to the last of February, it was not
known thaw. By this time the snow was four feet deep on
Feb 6 Not one horse at the meeting house in Andover.
Mar 12 to 20. The snow remaining three feet deep, and frozen
over. Wood was sleded over fences, and so forth, on the
May We hear from No.4 that on the 22nd of this month the snow
fell a foot deep.
Sep 15 Married Hannah, daughter of Nicholas Holt of Andover Mass
and Bluehill, Maine. (Settled in Bluehill 1764 and had
nine children.)
Sep 17 Removed to my honored father Holt's to winter.
1764 May 3 Set out from Andover to go to Sagadahock.
May 7 Put to sea.
May 13 Reached No5 (Bluehill) almost sunset.
May 16 Cleared a place to plant peas and beans
Aug 4 My father Holt (father in law) came.
Oct 2 Set sail for Newbury.
Oct 11 At noon, reached Newbury, in the evening, reached home.
1765 Jan 27 The night between 26 and 27 said to have been the coldest
known these 40 years. One Page, of Pelham froze to death
on the highway.
Apr 12 Set sail for East Andover (Bluehill)
Apr 15 Reached East Andover.
May 21 Began to clear for a farm.
May 27 My wife arrived with all my effects.
Jul 29 My house raised.
Sep 19 Moved into my house.
1767 Jan 1 Moses Godfrey, apprentice to Mr. Roundy, crossing the
falls was carried out by the current and drowned.
1768 Jan 23 Capt. Russ sailed for West Indies, being the first who
ever sailed from this place to that part of the world.
1770 Bluehill Bay frozen over from January 22 to April 17.
1772 Sep 30 Rev. Mr. Little, pastor of the second church in Wells
arrived here.
Oct 4 Rev. Mr. Little, preached to us. Six persons were
Oct 6 Mr. Little preached a lecture, three persons taken into
covenant, and three children baptised.
1773 Captain Horton arrived with the sloop Sally.
* Simon Frye, of Fryburg, First representative to General Court
from Fryburg, 1781. He was many years a senator, and Judge of
the Court of Common Pleas. He died in 1822. His will, Jan 22,
1823, bequeathed estate to his son Abiel; Hannah Whiting, widow
of Joshua, Susannah Stearns, wife of Benj. Sterns of Lovell;
Phebe Fitfield, wife of John Fifield, of Freyburg, Esther Holt,
wife of William Holt of Freyburg; Sarah Andrews, wife of Abraham
Andrews of Freyburg; daughter Lydia Frey, and son John Hancock
Frye, who was the executor.
Bangor Public Library
Volume 5 pages 187,188 and 189
Jonathan Darling's Diary is listed on
the following pages.
Ante. Vol. 2. Pages 76,77 and 78
Jonathan Darling Jr.
Born in Andover Mass, July 14, 1741. He was a soldier at
Louisburg, Nova Scotia in 1759. He went to Blue Hill, 1761-3, and
settled first at "The Falls,: and afterward at Darlings' Point. He
married Hannah, Daughter of Nicholas Holt, Sept 15, 1763. She was born
November 16, 1741. Jonathan was a menber of the church, town officer
and a prominent man. He died February 26, 1828(age 87). Hannah died
December 31, 1826 (aged 85).
i Jonathan, b. Nov.we, 1763; the first white male child born
in Blue Hill. He died March 7, 1765.
ii Jonathan, b. Oct. 17 1765; lived in Blue Hill; removed to
Cold Stream Plantation, now Enfield, about 1820. He m.
Mariam, daughter of John Gray of Sedgwick. Dec 28 1797.
She was born May 22 1777; d. Feb. 9 1858. He d. Enfield,
Dec. 17 1848. Children all born in Blue Hill
1. Hanna Holt, b. March 11, 1800; d. Mar 17 1822
2. Getchell, b. Apr 22, 1803; lived in Lowell; d.
Mar 13 1878. He m. Susan Hill from Gray, Sept
1826; she b. Jan 12, 1801 d. July 21, 1874
3. Walker, b. May 14, 1806; lived in Enfield many
years; removed to Patten in his old age. He was
Major of Militia. He d. Apr 11, 1878. He m.
first Susan Shorey, 1827; she was born in Canaan.
She d. Jan 5, 1845. Children all born by first
wife in Enfield. Jonathan, b. Sept 28, 1830, of
Lowell; Adoniram, J, b. Aug 2, 1833, of Enfield;
and George W., b. March 20, 1841; d May 30, 1882.
4. Phebe, b. Dec 29, 1807; m. Lemuel Messer, of
Enfield, 1824; she d. May 30 1882. (Children)
5. Levi, b. March 18, 1814; lived in Enfield; m.
first Harriet McKenney. Dec 1 1830, from
Canaan, and second Caroline Gilman of Enfield.
iii. Hannah, b. March 14, 1767.
iv. Hanna, b. June 12, 1768; d. Dec 12.
v. Sarah, b. June 30, 1771, m. Peter Parker Jr., of Blue Hill,
August 23,1796. He born Oct. 17, 1767. She d. Oct. 16,
1836; six children among whom was Dr. John Parker who died
at Mt Desert, 1880.
vi. Mary, b. Aug 8, 1774, d. 1849.
vii. Phebe, b. Feb 26, 1776; m. Elisha Gubtail, Mar 5, 1810.
Their daughter Jane m. Rev. Alvin Messer, of Enfield.
daughter Phebe living in Brewer in 1887, has been married
five times, and John, who lived in Lowell, Me. several
viii Samuel, b. July29, 1781, lived in Blue Hill; removed to
Enfield about 1820. His farm was in what is now Lowell, on
the westerly side of Cold Stream Pond adjoining Enfield.
He was the Deacon of the Congregational Church, removed to
Patten, 1830-40. d. about 1860. He m. first Hannah Osgood,
in Blue Hill, July 29, 1805; she d. June 6, 1860; he m.
second Polly, daughter of William Jellison, of Elsworth.
She d. in Paten at age 80. Children, eleven in number, four
of whom were living in 1888.
1. Anson, by first wife, b. 1806, Blue Hill,
mariner, married Eliza, daughter of Joel Long
Aug 2, 1827. He was lost at sea. Several
2. Hannah, b. July 19, 1811; m. first Benjamin
Bowers, of Lowell. He d. in Lee, Dec 13, 1841.
She married second Andrew Bradbury of Burlington;
removed to Patten.
3. Horatio Nelson, of Patten, representative; m.
Harriet D. Palmer. Their daughter Helen M. m.
Major Ira B. Gardner of Patten.
4. Samuel, of Patten, a representative; m. Mary R.
Fairfield of Hampden.
5. Sarah, b. June 1, 1822, m. Augustus Palmer of
6. Louisa, b. July 28, 1824, m. O. B. Palmer.
He died.
7. Mary D. b. Aug 16, 1826, m. James Palmer, of
8. Isabel W., b. Sept 21, 1859; m. Thomas Haynes of
Patten, He died.
ix. Jedediah, b. July 24, 1784, settled in Ellsworth, returned to
Blue Hill, 1812; Baptist preacher, also engaged in the granite
business. He m. Lydia Stinson of Deer Isle, Nov 2 1807; she
b. April 4, 1788, and d. Feb. 27 1875. He d. Dec. 30, 1862.
age 78. Children:
1. George Washington, b. Feb 3, 1810; m. Elizabeth
Erskine, of Bristol; six children.
2. Jedediah, b June 29, 1812; d. Sept 29 1812.
3. Jedediah, b. Sept. 23, 1813; changed his name to
Byron Whitefield, he was a well known citizen of
Blue Hill; m. first Elvira (?) W. Erskine, Nov 18
1835; six children. She d. Aug 4 1864. He m.
second Mrs. Emeline A. Gubtail (Guptail), Jan 3,
4. Frederick A., b. Oct 1, 1815, m. Phebe W. Savage
Feb 1, 1838. (5 children)
5. Lovina A. B. June 27, 1818; m first Jeremiah T.
Holt; three children. m. second Joseph W. Burgar
(?) she d. 1884.
6. William S., b. Jan 17,1821; m. Harriet A. Roundy.
7. Vespasian, b. Mar 11 1825; m. first Maria W.
McMasters, second ________.
8. Elvina Charlotte, b. April 9, 1829, m. first
Fields C. Swett, and second Charles A. Barrett.


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