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John of Salem, Mass and Monhegan Island, Maine.

John Darling is an interesting character. I am still not sure just what the man’s name actually was but over the years most people have settled upon ‘John Darling’. He is found mentioned or listed as John Dollen, Dollin and Dorland in other sources. This mix-up happens rarely with Denice Darling and George Darling, and when it does it’s normally Darlin or Darline. The Darling Family in America and the Eastern Book of Claims both give him the alias Dollen and the Maine Historical Register refers to him as Dollin.

Some have attempted to attribute John’s parentage to John Darling of Bristol England who married Anne Batten around 1630. John, the father, was a merchant and in 1640 was at Curacquo for business concerning the Dutch West India Company. Some time around 1644, John, settled in what is now, New York City area. He owned several sailing vesseles and traded with various New England ports. John is found in Boston, Massachusetts in 1648. It is possible he died in Pemaquid Maine.

John Darling, the son, took the Freemans Oath and was married Mary Bishop in 1661 in Salem, Massachusetts. Mary was the daughter of Richard Bishop and Dulzabella King. Some sources indicate, and I believe rightly so, that Mary first married a John Barney/Barnett. I further believe that her three daughters, Mary, Elizabeth and Familiar were of this union and that they took the surname Darling once their mother married John Darling. I base this on the fact that I can not find a birth for an Elizabeth, Familiar or Mary Darling with parents John and Mary in the Salem records. John was a freeman of the Massachusetts Bay Colony and was a justice of the Court of Sessions at Pemquid. He held patents to various island and lands in that area an died at Salem in 1713. He was veteran of King Philips War in 1675.

John and Mary had several children but only one surviving son, his name was Thomas Darling and in 1704 he married Sarah Buxton in Framingham, Massachusetts. She was the daughter of John Buxton. Thomas sold the family land in Salem in 1734 and removed to Framingham where he purchased land in 1735. Thomas’ estate was inventories in 1749, prior to his death he had deeded much of his land to his sons, John, Jonathan, Ebeneazer and Amos. Excerpts from a diary kept by John Darling, grandson to Thomas through son Jonathan and wife Sarah Wardell can be read here. Please see the database for more information on descendants and relations to this line.

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