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Notice of Summons for Relief: Estate of Nathan Brown
Dated 28-Oct-1891, Caswell County, NC

Source: Newspaper Clipping of Notice, Caswell News, Yanceyville, Caswell, NC




A. M. Whitsett and others,Notice of
N. L. Brown and others.for relief

This is a special proceeding before the Clerk, to sell the lans of which the late Nathan Brown died seized, in order to make partition of the same among his heirs at law, who are tenants in common.
The defendants Thomas Pinson and wife, Martha Pinson, W. N. Massey, Mary Areny Massey, J. E. Massey, Otie Massey, Mary Albie Massey, T. E. Massey, W. F. Rice, J. N. Rice, Thomas B. Rice, J. F. Rice, Eula Rice, Early Rice, Lelia Rice, N. L. Brown, James Martin and wife Lucinda Martin, H. H. Reynolds and wife M. J. Reynolds, W. A. Crutchfield and wife L. S. Crutchfield, J. T. Brown, J. R. Cruze, Macy Mires and wife Catherine Mires, J. W. Runnells and wife Mary J. Runnells, William M. Cruze, J. D. Cruze, Andrew Cruze, Sarah E. Cruze, M. J. Cruze, Viney J. Powell, Everett C. Powell, Nathan E. Powell, Jacob Clark and wife Susan E. Clark, J. W. Field and wife Ella N. Field, W. N. Neenam and wife N. H. Neenam, William Walker and wife Mary F. Walker, Lelia Brown, T. C. Brown, W. H. Perkins and wife Mittie Perkins, Thomas McGill and wife Annie McGill, Leanda Brown, Jethro Brown, Jas P. Brown, Zipporah Brown, Daniel Brown, Nathan Brown, and Thomas Brown, being non-residents of this State and claiming an interest in the real estate sought to be sold for division, as is shown by the affidavit of A. M. Whitsett, are hereby notified to appear at the office of the Clerk of the Superior Court of Caswell County, in the Court House in Yanceyville on the 17th day of December 1891., and answer or demur to the complaint of the plaintiffs and upon failure so to do the plaintiffs will apply to the court for the relief demanded.
It is upon the affidavit of A. M. Whitsett, one of the plaintiffs, ordered, that service of summons upon the non-resident defendants in the above entitled cause, be made by publishing a notie of this action, giving title and purpose of same, requiring said defendants to appear and answer or demur to the complaint which has been deposited in the office of the Clerk of the Superior Court for this county once a week for six weeks successively, in the Caswell News, a newspaper published in the town of Yanceyville, N. C. and that said publication when made shall be equivalent to personal summons of said defendants.
Given at my office in Yanceyville, N. C., this the 21st day of Oct., 1891.

              SPENCER B. ADAMS, c. s. c.

Oct. 28, 1891.

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