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This page modified 01/28/2005

About Daniel and Patience

DNA testing and matching makes it very clear that we are descendants of Tristram Thomas and Ann Pledger.   Research notes capturing information from a family bible (Robert T. Thomasí bible?) show that the birth date and birth state of Robert T. Thomasí and Jane Houseís son Daniel matches those of our Daniel as recorded in census records.


Daniel L. Thomas was born in 1806 in Marlboro County, South Carolina, to Robert T. Thomas and Jane House Thomas.  Robert T. Thomas was the oldest son of Tristram Thomas and Ann Pledger Thomas.  This is the Tristram Thomas who is sometimes identified as General Tristram Thomas in various Thomas family trees and Thomas family histories.  A family story holds that Danielís middle name was Landrum, but we do not have any formal proof.   We do not know the precise year of Danielís death, but various facts and family stories lead to the reasonable conclusion that Daniel died in Butler County, Alabama, about 1865.   Our Daniel is sometimes confused with another Daniel Thomas who also lived in Butler County and died in 1865.   Our Daniel usually used his middle initial, and this distinguishes him from the other Daniel Thomas.


Patience was born February 20, 1811, in South Carolina, to William and Mary Carter Hammond.  One family story is that she was born in the Edgefield District, which could have been part of South Carolina or Georgia since each state at one time or another claimed some borderland.  Patience died October 20, 1890, in Polk County, Texas.


We believe that Daniel moved to Alabama from Marlboro County, SC, in the mid or late 1820s after selling his interest in property in Marlboro County that was received or was to be received from the estate of his deceased father, Robert T. Thomas.  Robert T. Thomas' estate probate proceedings were open for a long time because Robert's father, Tristram Thomas, died 2 years or less before Robert (Robert was an heir), and Tristram's estate probate proceedings were held open for a number of years.


We believe that Patience and Daniel probably met and married in the latter half of the 1820s in Alabama.  We have not been able to locate formal documentation of the date of their marriage and believe that the documentation was destroyed in a courthouse fire.


Danielís and Patienceís children, all born in Alabama, were Mary Jane, John F., Matthew, Martha Ann, James Monroe, and Joseph Lafayette.   Genealogical details of the childrenís families are included in our family tree posted on WorldConnect.