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King Phillips War -
The Attack at Joseph Daniell's Farm

"21, Feb. 1676 – the burning of Medfield and incident of Philips War. At this time six families, in the present Millis, and six others not far distant in the present Sherborn, had settled on the “west side,” and for their safety a stone garrison-house situated near Boggastow pond, an expansion of the brook, a half mile or more northeasterly from Joseph’s (Daniell) residence had been erected. This house says the history, was at one time occupied as a dwelling by Mr. Fairbanks. Tradition says at the time of the raid upon the west side (which was on the morning following the burning of the town) Joseph was at home alone attending to his cattle, his wife and children (eldest being 10 years of age) having been previously sent to the stronghold, and knowing his peril was on the watch and seeing at a distance the enemy approaching fled to the blockhouse. The Indians came up, burned his buildings and followed on to the rendezvous in which most of the residents of the vicinity had gathered, besieging it persistently for days, but failed in all their attempts, and finally withdrew. Two months later there was another alarm and a second unsuccessful attack on the garrison here assembled. It is related that on one of these occasions a farm cart was loaded with hay, flax and other combustibles, set on fire and started on its errand of destruction down the slope on which the house was situated, but turning aside it rested against a rock and the garrison was unharmed. A shot from the house is said to have dispatched one of the venturesome assailants who attempted to start it again on its course."

Source: Notes on a Franklin Branch of the Daniell, or Daniels Family by George F. Daniels
Published in Oxford, Massachusetts, 1897

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