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Ship Salier Passenger List
From: Bremen
To: New York
Arrived: 20 September 1882

Passenger age sex occupation Where they are from

Page 163
Maethe. Friedr. 22 M Mcht Germany
Maethe. Emma 23 F wife Germany
Plathe. Caroline 20 F unknown Germany
Hahle. Wilh. 21 M Mcht Germany
Friedrich. Anna 23 F unknown Germany
Klostermann. Anna 25 F unknown Germany
Barteldes. Theod. 28 M Mcht Germany
Barteldes. Sofie 68 F unknown Germany
Barteldes. Luise 33 F unknown Germany
Barteldes. Emma 26 F unknown Germany
Reich. Heinr. 20 M cptr Germany
Gloge. Minna 62 F unknown Germany
Wachenheimer. Rita 12 F unknown Germany
Gembrich. Gustaf 14 M unknown Germany
Dreyfress. Sigm. 11 M child Germany
Goettmann. Elisab. 30 F unknown Germany
Goettmann. Georg 6 M child Germany
Page 164
Goettmann. Margr. 3 F child Germany
Schuessler. Joh. K. 12 M Farmer Germany
Gunzinger. Jacob 41 M Farmer Germany
Gunzinger. Therese 41 F wife Germany
Gunzinger. John 8 M child Germany
Gunzinger. Elise 5 F child Germany
Gunzinger. Heinr. 3 M child Germany
Oppermann. Phil. 22 M Farmer Germany
Arnheim. Marg. 22 F unknown Germany
Stenzer. Joh. Ed. 24 M Farmer Germany
Adrian. Konr. 29 M Farmer Germany
Adrian. Anna 24 F wife Germany
Rottenbach. Geo. 17 M Farmer Germany
Bachmann. Franz 62 M Farmer Germany
Schmidt. Jacob 14 M unknown Germany
Zoeller. Karl 26 M Farmer Germany
Hagel. Oswald 21 M Farmer Germany
Lembach. Michel 34 M Farmer Germany
Lembach. Magd. 25 F wife Germany
Lembach. Marg. 3 F child Germany
Irmer. John 21 M mcht Germany
Schwind. Barb. 65 M unknown Germany
Schwind. Josef 20 M unknown Germany
Bertuch. Henriette 17 F unknown Germany
Peters. Andr. 18 M unknown Germany
Appold. Gottl. 26 M Bchr Germany
Pehasch. Aug.56 M Wvr Germany
Leupold. Aug. 58 M Wvr Germany
Leupold. Joh. 55 F wife Germany
Ahlers. Bertha 23 F unknown Germany
Radtke. Aug. 29 M Brr Germany
Graue. Otto 28 M Farmer Germany
Moritz. Gerh. 24 M Farmer Germany
Kuemmisch. Wilh. 39 M Farmer Germany
Kuemmisch. Elise 40 F wife Germany
Hilscher. Henriette 45 F unknown Germany
Hilscher. Martha 22 F unknown Germany
Frentzel. Emil 19 M unknown Germany
Frentzel. Anna 1 F child Germany
Braunschweiger. J. 28 M Mcht Germany
Steidtner. Hoh. 36 M Bkbndr Germany
Rensch. Kilian 22 M Farmer Germany
Huber. Magd. 23 F unknown Germany
Reineccius. Wilh. 14 M unknown Germany
Berner. Dorothea 41 F unknown Germany
Moebius. Max 16 M mcht Germany
Saalfrank. Jac. 29 M Jnr Germany
Fierengel. Joh. 50 M Jnr Germany
Stueber. Bruno 16 M unknown Gernmay
Stueber. Elli 11 M child Germany
Triemert. J. 53 M Labr Germany
Triemert. Dorette 44 wife Germany
Triemert. Wilh. 15 M unknown Germany
Triemert. Elise 14 F unknown Germany
Kayser. Gottl. 54 M unknown Germany
Kayser. Max 14 M unknown Germany
Rigey. Franz 19 M Tlr Germany
Finke. Christiane 32 F unknown Germany
Finke. Anna 13 F child Germany
Noll. Thekle 25 F unknown Germany
Noll. Georg .09 M infant Germany
Leischenting. Emil 29 M Mech Germany
Dicks. Richard 20 M Bkr Germany
Messbacher. Geo. 23 M Agnt Germany
Beyelt. Reb. 26 F unknown Germany
Hemtenberg. Wm. 16 M unknown Germany
Otto. Agnes 24 F unknown Germany
Meyer. Charlotte 18 F unknown Germany
Steimuser. Dora 21 F unknown Germany
Wehmeyer. Fritz 46 M Cptr Germany
Wehmeyer. Charlotte 40 F wife Germany
Wehmeyer. Karoline 12 F unknown Germany
Wehmeyer. Friederike 14 F unknown Germany
Wehmeyer. Henriette 11 F child Germany
Wehmeyer. Luise 7 F child Germany
Wehmeyer. Auguste .09 F infant Germany
Bohnhont. Luise 25 F unknown Germany
Bohnhont. Carl 2 M child Germany
Bohnhont. Willy .06 M infant Germany
Bick. Friedr. 15 M unknown Germany
Kuebler. Karl 23 M Jnr Germany
Kuebler. Frdke. 28 F wife Germany
Hoell. Wilh. 40 M farmer Germany
Eberle. Sofie 25 F unknown Germany
Reckriegler. Christ. 26 M Farmer Germany
Fleckenstein. Marie 26 F unknown Germany
Schlein. Luise 18 F unknown Germany
Meyle. Pauline 26 F unknown Germany
Meyle. Luise 5 F child Germany
Meyle. Eugen 3 M child Germany
Meyle. Otto .06 M infant Germany
Baer. Caroline 49 F unknown Germany
Schaecher. Carl 29 M Farmer Germany
Seinder. Wilh. 23 M Farmer Germany
Senger. Sofie 15 F unknown Germany
Soehler. Wilh. 25 M Farmer Germany
Reichenbach. Magd. 37 M Farmer Germany
Reichenbach. Amalie 40 F wife Germany
Reichenbach. Hermann 12 M child Germany
Reichenbach. Anna 23 F unknown Germany
Guenschl. Christ. 31 M Cptr Germany
Guenschl. Sofie 37 F wife Germany
Guenschl. Wilh. 1 M child Germany
Hechler Phil. 28 M Lksh Germany
Kipplinz. Helene 24 F unknown Germany
Kischer. Christine 20 F unknown Germany
Heirez. Friedr. 22 M Farmer Germany
Hofmann. Aug. 29 M Farmer Germany
Trey. Katte 24 F unknown Germany
Scherer. Babette 30 F unknown Germany
Loewenberg. Herm. 18 M Mcht Germany
Maehrle. Jacob 38 M Jnr Germany
Maehrle. Franziska 37 F wife Germany
Maehrle. Joh. 10 M child Germany
Maehrle. Friedke 8 F child Germany
Maehrle. Christ. 4 M child Germany
Maehrle. Friedr. 7 M child Germany
Mansholt. Julius 42 M Jnr Germany
Mansholt. Anton 25 M Jnr Germany
Fritz. Geo. 24 M Farmer Germany
Wiedenhoefer. Math. 20 M Farmer Germany
Horn. Wilh. 58 M Engr Germany
Horn. Pauline 48 F wife Germany
Horn. Luise 9 F child Germany
Hannemann. Geo 22 M Farmer Germany
Lucker. Gottl. 22 M Farmer Germany
Held. Edgar 18 M Farmer Germany
Heinzelmann. Juliane 17 F unknown Germany
Bruns. Karl 58 M Smh Germany
Volkerding. Karl 24 M Farmer Germany
Volkerding. Auguste 16 F unknown Germany
Schuppmann. Carl 20 M Bbr Germany
Rugenstein. Sofie 24 F unknown Germany
Rugenstein. Ludwig 4 M Child Germany
Selhausen. Friedr. 32 M Jnr Germany
Rode. Wm. 21 M Farmer
Stern. Caroline 37 F unknown Germany
Braun. Carl 16 M Farmer Germany
Diehick. Minna 15 F unknown Germany
Weigand. Elisab. 30 F unknown Germany
Weigand. Kath. 7 F child Germany
Weigand. Michel 5 M child Germany
Kobe. Aug. 1 M child Germany
Siebre Kath. 49 F unknown Germany
Gesslein. Georg 18 M Mcht Germany
Steisser. Jacob 37 M unknown Germany
Spitzer. Alois 29 M Labr Germany
Wetzel. Maria 33 F unknown Germany
Krauske. Auguste 21 F unknown Germany
Wetzel. Reinh. 10 M child Germany
Page 165
Wetzel. Olga 8 F child Germany
Wetzel. Paul 4 M child Germany
Wetzel. Marie 2 F child Germany
Wetzel. Amanda .11 F infant Germany
Hammer. Geo. 21 M Farmer Germany
Wehnert. Carl 35 M Jnr Germany
Wehnert. Klara 28 F wife Germany
Wehnert. Johanne 8 M child Germany
Wehnert. Anna 5 F child Germany
Wehnert. Max 4 M child Germany
Wehnert. Emil 18 M Shmk Germany
Engel. Ferd. 37 M Wdctr Germany
Engel. Marie 35 F wife Germany
Engel. Emma 9 F child Germany
Engel. Kath. 5 F child Germany
Engel. Caroline 1 F child Germany
Schmidt. Friedr. 19 M Lld Germany
Arnold. Ernest 25 M Wdctr Germany
Arnold. Anna 26 F wife Germany
Arnold. Carl 3 M child Germany
Andres. Cath 36 F unknown Germany
Andres. Marg. 14 F unknown Germany
Andres. Elise 6 F child Germany
Andres. Wilh. 4 M child Germany
Toepfer. Elias 42 M Mlr Germany
Toepfer. Johs. 46 M whlr Germany
Fries. Christine 31 F unknown Germany
Fries. Wilh. 6 M child Germany
Fries. Friedr. 1 M child Germany
Baggerow. Wilh. 23 M Labr Germany
Kinzel. Ernestine 28 F unknown Germany
Kinzel. Marg. 7 F child Germany
Kinzel. Klara .06 F child Germany
Muehlhausen. Aug. 30 M Tnmk Germany
Gebhardt. Minna 30 F unknown Germany
Gebhardt. Barbara 6 F child Germany
Bierhaum. Elisab. 73 F unknown Germany
Crecelius. Christ 32 M Shmk Germany
Deuster. Wilh. 49 M Msn Germany
Deuster. Herm. 17 M Msn Germany
Bertram. Christ 38 M Shpr Germany
Daun. Hoh. 39 M Mnr Germany
Spielmann. Math. 26 M Labr Germany
Bladbach. Gottl. 30 M Jnr Germany
Wiemann. Aug 26 M Bkr Germany
Martmann. Wilh. 35 M Farmer Germany
Dopheide. Hr. 23 M Labr Germany
Krug. Joh.22 M Bkr Germany
Grimm. Anna 42 F unknown Germany
Wilhelm. Joh. 24 M Cptr Germany
Hasennoehrel. Carl 16 M unknown Germany
Dworak. Marie 20 F unknown Germany
Matzenauer. Cath 25 F unknown Germany
Matzenauer. Amalie 5 F child Germany
Dammermann. Diedr. 22 M Mcht Germany
Grote. Carl 23 M Lksh Germany
Grote. Wilh. 21 M Lksh Germany
Koenmann. Friedr. 17 M Labr Germany
Kliinkel. Heinr. 23 M Mlr Germany
Dieringer. Amalie 44 F unknown Germany
Dieringer. Jacob 17 M Labr Germany
Dieringer. Franziska 15 F unknown Germany
Dieringer. Anna 13 F unknown Germany
Dieringer. Johann 11 M child Germany
Dieringer. Cathr. 9 F child Germany
Dieringer. Severin 6 M child Germany
Oltinger. Wilh. 18 M Shmk Germany
Buckel. Cathr. 34 F unknown Germany
Buckel. Adam 9 M child Germany
Buckel. Karoline 6 F child Germany
Buckel. Wilh. 5 M child Germany
Buckel. Fritz 4 M child Germany
Buckel. Wilh. 4 M child Germany
Hausler. Benedict 67 M Labr Germany
Hausler. Juliane 64 F wife Germany
Reinhardt. Joh. 25 M Farmer Germany
Kipper. Wilh. 25 M Mcht Germany
Jumker. Heinr. 40 M Tnr Germany
Jumker. Heinr. 11 M child Germany
Rose. Anna 22 F unknown Germany
Rose. Robert .11 M infant Germany
Kessing. Anton 25 M Ck Germany
Haerter. Carl 19 M Shmk Germany
Wehrenberg. Wilh. 17 M Farmer Germany
Wehrenberg. Christine 14 F unknown Germany
Steinwehr. Heinr. 23 M Farmer Germany
Haarshick. Justine 61 F unknown Germany
Mayer. Heinr. 26 M Scp Germany
Katz. Regine 48 F unknown Germany
Katz. Christ. 26 M Msn Germany
Katz. Friedr. 28 F unknown Germany
Katz. Johann 9 M child Germany
Katz. Kar. 7 M child Germany
Arnold. Johs 23 M Labr Germany
Roess. Anna 23 F Unknown Germany
Pfeiffer. Marge 22 F unknown Germany
Liebick. Caroline 35 F unknown Germany
Liebick. August 9 M child Germany
Liebick. Heinr 7 M child Germany
Liebick. Gustaf 4 M child Germany
Liebick. Selma .06 F infant Germany
Liebick. Traugott 32 M Labr Germany
Liebick. Anna 28 F wife Germany
Liebick. Heinr. 8 M child Germany
Liebick. Herm. 7 M child Germany
Liebick. Pauline 5 F child Germany
Liebick. Bertha 2 F child Germany
Liebick. Ida .06 F infant Germany
Kitzieg. Herm. 31 M Labr Germany
Kitzieg. Ernestine 31 F wife Germany
Raeke. Friedr. 57 M Labr Germany
Rinz. Karl 42 M Farmer Germany
Rinz. Marie 28 F wife Germany
Mendel. Emilie 16 F unknown Germany
Biebel. Johs 50 M Farmer Germany
Hansch. Wm. 22 M Farmer Germany
Doelle. Alex 22 M Farmer Germany
Wedding. Joh. 25 M Farmer Germany
Semken. Heinr. 16 M unknown Germany
Brummerloh. Doris 22 F unknown Germany
Mehstens. Mathilde 18 F unknown Germany
Wieters. Friedr. 15 M unknown Germany
Hermann. Marie 16 F unknown Germany
Seebade. Hoh 19 M Cl Germany
Renken. Herm. 22 M Cl Germany
Lammers. Joh. 22 M Farmer
Bannert. Albertine 31 F Unknown Germany
Bannert. Marie 4 F child
Bannert. Amalie 1 F child
Janke. Emil 17 M unknown
Baumann. Friedr. 14 M Farmer
Polst. Frdke. 17 F unknown Germany
Schumacher. Conrad 25 M Farmer Germany
Prokosch. Barb. 18 F unknown Germany
Rogler. Elisab. 13 F child Germany
Rossler. Antonette 20 F unknown Germany
Bollinger. Joh. 45 M farmer Germany
Bollinger. Barb. 45 F wife Germany
Bollinger. Michael 9 M child Germany
Bollinger. Karl 7 M child Germany
Giete. Josef 14 M unknown Germany
Giete. Anna 10 F child Germany
Giete. Cath. 22 F unknown Germany
Jachens. Meta 20 F unknown Germany
Schmidt. Emil 39 M unknown Germany
Schmidt. Wilhelm 32 F wife Germany
Schmidt. Luise 11 F child Germany
Schmidt. Hugo 9 M child Germany
Schmidt. Julius 4 M child Germany
Deetzen. Ludwig 23 M Mcht Germany
Page 166
Fischer. Ferd. 27 M Mcht Germany
Schnewing. Emil 24 M Farmer Germany
Woblers. Edw. 23 M Farmer Germany
Jantzen. Anna 14 F unknown Germany
Witte. Wilhelm 17 M unknown Germany
Ochmsen. Ernst 16 M unknown Germany
Otto. Herm 48 M Farmer Germany
Otto. Kathr. 32 f wife Germany
Otto Emy 7 M child Germany
Otto Karl 5 M child Germany
Grohbouegge. Gust. 16 M unknown Germany
Sievers. Adolf 15 M unknown Germany
Fink. Amandus 27 M unknown Germany
Adicks. Johanna 20 F unknown Germany
Krack. Anna 18 F unknown Germany
Bauer. Christof 23 M farmer Germany
Sendner. Anna 59 F unknown Germany
Ebert. H.C.F. 34 M Labr Germany
Ebert. Adelh. 39 F wife Germany
Ebert. Wilhelm 7 M child Germany
Ebert. Henny 3 F child Germany
Ebert. Auguste 25 F unknown Germany
Barth. John-F. 16 M unknown Germany
Braun. Anna-Kath. 24 F unknown Germany
Scheik. Fritz 18 M Bkr Germany
Haries. Anna 23 F unknown Germany
Grossmann. Herm. 23 M Farmer Germany
Kuehn. Bertha 36 F unknown Germany
Kuehn. Thekla 11 F child Germany
Kuehn. Gustaf 9 M child Germany
Kuehn. Otto 7 M child Germany
Kuehn. Joh. 5 M child Germany
Kuehn. Arthur 3 M child Germany
Welitz. Wilh. 32 M unknown Germany
Welitz. Minna 9 F child Germany
Welitz. Otto 7 M child Germany
Welitz. Hermann 4 M child Germany
Gorn. Christ. 52 M Labr. Germany
Gorn. Charlotte 52 F wife Germany
Klage. Christ 85 M unknown Germany
Gorn. Luise 11 f child Germany
Shacke. Wilh. 23 M Farmer Germany
Shacke. Bertha 22 F wife Germany
Shacke. Wilh. 2 M child Germany
Shacke. Marie .09 F infant Germany
Siegel. Henr. 38 M Tlr Germany
Schmidt. Friedr. 33 M Tlr Germany
Dorenkamp. Bene 49 M Farmer Germany
Dorenkamp. Sofie 45 F wife Germany
Dorenkamp. Luebbe 24 M unknown Germany
Dorenkamp. Tenge 12 F child Germany
Dorenkamp. Peter 9 M child Germany
Dorenkamp. Stivens 7 M child Germany
Oldiges. Therese 38 F unknown Germany
Oldiges. Antonie 16 F unknown Germany
Oldiges. Bernandine 12 F child Germany
Oldiges. Wilh. 10 M child Germany
Oldiges. Anna 8 f child Germany
Oldiges. Elisab. 6 F child Germany
Buchholz. Carl 61 M Farmer Germany
Buchholz. Clara 50 F wife Germany
Buchholz. Luise 15 F unknown Germany
Buchholz. Wilh. 6 M child Germany
Mohskamp. Heinr. 35 M farmer Germany
Mohskamp. Helene 35 F wife Germany
Mohskamp. August 10 M child Germany
Thein. Jh. A. 30 M Farmer Germany
Stadtholder. Lisette 24 F Germany
Luebbers. Regine 17 F unknown Germany
Eilers. Theodor. 26 M Farmer Germany
Schade. Anna 22 F unknown Germany
Deddens. Herm 22 M Farmer Germany
Luebbers. Dan 17 M Farmer Germany
Janssen. Jan 22 M Farmer Germany
Shadtmann. Conr. 25 M Farmer Germany
Janssen. Alois 37 M Farmer Germany
Janssen. Helene 45 F wife Germany
Janssen. Thekla 10 F child Germany
Block. Herm 20 M Farmer Germany
Bergmann. Gottf. 29 M Farmer Germany
Gruner. Hulda 19 F unknown Germany
Kohl. Herm 23 M Farmer Germany
Behrmann. Fried. 23 M Farmer Germany
Brand. Eduard 18 M Farmer Germany
Wiegmann. Wilh. 21 M Farmer Germany
Thomas. Jul. 47 M Farmer Germany
Thomas. Emilie 47 F wife Germany
Tuechmantel. Aug. 51 M unknown Germany
Tuechmantel. Otto 18 M unknown Germany
Tuechmantel. Gustaf 16 M unknown Germany
Tuechmantel. Auguste 12 F child Germany
Harthopf. Ernst 22 M Farmer Germany
Wolter. Heinr. 26 M Farmer Germany
Wolter. Karoline 25 F wife Germany
Wolter. Heinr. 2 M child Germany
Haenel. Wilh. 23 M Sdlr Germany
Brettbauer. Hr. 26 M Sdlr Germany
Koch. Ludw. 32 M Labr Germany
Koch. Helene 32 F wife Germany
Kresle. Karl 20 M Labr Germany
Behrmann. Isaac 15 M unknown Germany
Mack. Franz 58 M Farmer Germany
Mack. Anna 45 F wife Germany
North Anna 37 F unknown Germany
Wagner. Geo. 28 M Farmer Germany
Broeder. Heinr. 26 M Farmer Germany
Wagner. Carl 24 M Farmer Germany
Acker. Matth 47 M Farmer Germany
Speidel. Christiane 22 f unknown Germany
Speidel. Luise 4 f child Germany
Leusmann. Anton 24 M Farmer Germany
Schneider. Heinr. 16 M Farmer Germany
Janssen. Aug. 37 M Farmer Germany
Janssen. Marie 40 F wife Germany
Janssen. Wilhelme 10 F child Germany
Poetting. Heinr. 15 M unknown Germany
Niederluecke. Fr. 17 M unknown Germany
Hummert. Herm. 16 M unknown Germany
Helling. Wich. 27 M Farmer Germany
Scheller. Max 20 M Farmer Germany
Lippe. Robert 14 M unknown Germany
Brunne. Friedr. 66 M Farmer Germany
Brunne. Wilh. 33 M Farmer Germany
Brunne. Johanne 29 F wife Germany
Brunne. Marie 6 F child Germany
Brunne. Wilhme. 4 F child Germany
Brunne. Wilh. 2 M child Germany
Bergfeld. Luise 24 F unknown Germany
Bergfeld. Wilhme. 2 F child Germany
Obermeyer. Wilh. 27 F unknown Germany
Toepferwein. Lop. 34 M Mcht Germany
Toepferwein. Wilh. 26 F wife Germany
Spensberger. Jos. 22 M Farmer Germany
Kurz. Georg. 51 M Farmer Germany
Wehlitz. Emma .06 F infant Germany
Kurz. Christine 17 F unknown Germany
Plaff. Peter 25 M Farmer Germany
Haderlein. Joh. 28 M Farmer Germany
Haderlein. Josef 28 M Farmer Germany
Mertertheit. Friedr. 64 M Farmer Germany
Mertertheit. Luise 40 F unknown Germany
Koerner. Franz 26 M Farmer Germany
Koerner. Dominika 20 F wife Germany
Koerner. Franz 1 M child Germany
Koerner. Anna .03 F infant Germany
Haderlein. Joh 23 M Farmer Germany
Haderlein. Margr. 25 F wife Germany
Haderlein. Barb. .08 F infant Germany
Selmon. Diedr. 24 M Farmer Germany
Brand. Franz 19 M Farmer Germany
Page 167
Engel. Franz 27 M farmer Germany
Boehulein. Gallus 24 M Farmer Germany
Geiger. Margr 19 F unknown Germany
Hermann. Ed. 37 M Farmer Germany
Hermann. Frdke. 31 F wife Germany
Hermann. Hulda 9 F child Germany
Hermann. Othilie 7 F child Germany
Hermann. Anna 5 f child Germany
Hermann. Emma 3 F child Germany
Hermann. Itta .09 F infant Germany
Meyer. Heinr. 26 F Farmer Germany
Rogge. Chr. 18 M Farmer Germany
Lertermann. Mich. 22 M Mlr. Germany
Miller. Franz 26 M Labr Germany
Bruemann. Marie 31 F unknown Germany
Bruemann. Lischen .11 F infant Germany
Thuenemann. Cathr. 55 F unknown Germany
Thuenemann. Anna 17 F unknown Germany
Thuenemann. Johann 15 M unknown Germany
Vocke. John 16 M unknown Germany
Baer. Carl 18 M unknown Germany
Stutenborg. Carl 16 unknown Germany
Mueller. Diedr. 54 M unknown Germany
Mueller. Marie 61 F wife Germany
Hinners. Marie 22 F unknown Germany
Luekmann. Herm. 14 M unknown Germany
Karlstock. Franz 24 M Farmer Germany
Thuenemann. Margr. 9 F child Germany
Ebeling. Kord. 45 M Farmer Germany
Edeling. Rebekka 40 F wife Germany
Edeling. Anna 14 F unknown Germany
Edeling. Sofie 11 F child Germany
Edeling. Hermann 10 M child Germany
Edeling. Diedr. 8 M child Germany
Edeling. Johann 5 M child Germany
Edeling. Jette .10 F infant Germany
Mousche. Gottlieb 51 M Cptr Germany
Hoitz. Peter 30 M Mcht Germany
Riken. Hedwig 20 F unknown Germany
Alfels. Marie 19 f unknown Germany
Schneidewind. Emma 16 F unknown Germany
Moegge. Herm 15 M unknown Germany
Steinbeck. Wilh. 27 M farmer Germany
Steinecke. Elise 20 F unknown Germany
Meyer. Sofie 19 F unknown Germany
Amande. Sofie 45 F unknown Germany
Amande. Diedr. 21 M unknown Germany
Amande. Sofie 11 F child Germany
Amande. Heinr. 10 M child Germany
Amande. Johann 10 M child Germany
Amande. Doris 8 f child Germany
Amande. Wilh. 4 M child Germany
Amande. Lina 17 F unknown Germany
Koehler. Christ 28 M Farmer Germany
Dienst. Franz 22 M Bkr Germany
Schaefer. Amalie 25 F unknown Germany
Sprenger. Josef 56 M Gzr Germany
Fischer. Friedr. 33 M Farmer Germany
Tiemeyer. Kaspar 19 M Farmer Germany
Tiemeyer. Anna 28 F wife Germany
Shanghoener. Anna 26 F unknown Germany
Shanghoener. Luise 21 F unknown Germany
Buschemeier. Wilh. 49 M Farmer Germany
Buettner. Christ 46 M Farmer Germany
Buettner. Dorette 15 F unknown Germany
Roth. Paul 44 M Mcht Germany
Roth. Bertha 34 F wife Germany
Roth. Amande 12 f child Germany
Roth. Pauline 6 F child Germany
Roth. Victor .06 M infant Germany
Schindhelm. Peter 28 M Bbr Germany
Doebrich. Elisab. 34 F unknown Germany
Doebrich. Maria 12 F child Germany
Doebrich. August 10 M child Germany
Doebrich. Josef 6 M child Germany
Hemmer Richard 56 M Farmer Germany
Hestermann. Conrad 33 M Farmer Germany
Mader. Adam 37 M Musn Germany
Mader. Kathre. 32 F wife Germany
Zimmer. Franz 63 M Farmer Germany
Spranger. Theodor 27 M Bkr Germany
Spranger. Klara 23 F wife Germany
Spranger. Arnold .09 M infant Germany
Drewke. Albert 26 M Mlr Germany
Mischke. Richard 17 M Cl Germany
Graf. Ernst 44 M Farmer Germany
Graf. Anna 38 F wife Germany
Graf. Christian 19 M Farmer Germany
Graf. Mariette 16 F unknown Germany
Graf. Ernst 6 M child Germany
Friedrich. Moritz 38 M farmer Germany
Friedrich. Henriette 41 F wife Germany
Friedrich. Marie 15 F unknown Germany
Friedrich. Max 11 M child Germany
Mattezak. Ernst 18 M Bchr Germany
Schrade. Joh. 23 M Whlr Germany
Helniech. Klara 17 F unknown Germany
Holst. Klaus 20 M Farmer Germany
Atoting. C. 24 M Farmer Germany
Dorn. Bruno 23 M Whlr. Germany
Teten. Anna 75 F unknown Germany
Teten. Ernst 15 M unknown Germany
Beekmann. Anna 42 F unknown Germany
Hackemeyer. J.H. 26 M Msn Germany
Tweger. Friedr. 18 M Shmk Germany
Wille. Johanna 20 F unknown Germany
Schultz. Phil 17 M Bbr Germany
Bueppluerg. Karl 19 M Farmer Germany
Diel. Joh. 25 M Farmer Germany
Krauss. Caroline 20 F unknown Germany
Ddoerr. Wilhme. 30 F unknown Germany
Ddoerr. Marie 3 F child Germany
Ddoerr. Anton .11 M infant Germany
Olune. Wilh 41 M Farmer Germany
Olune. Wilhme. 36 F wife Germany
Olune. Emma 2 F child Germany
Olune. Minna .06 F infant Germany
Windau. Fredr. 28 M Farmer Germany
Schwarzbeik. Geo. 18 M Farmer Germany
Ulrich. Carl 22 M Farmer Germany
Bremer. Bertha 14 F unknown Germany
Palfuer. Wilh 28 M Farmer Germany
Palfuer. Kathr. 20 F wife Germany
Roehling. Anna 49 F unknown Germany
Roehling. Heinr 11 M child Germany
Bartels. Heinr. 39 M Farmer Germany
Bartels. Anna 32 F wife Germany
Bartels. Anna 5 F child Germany
Bartels. Marie .11 F infant Germany
Holste. Christ. 47 M Farmer Germany
Holste. Marg. 50 F wife Germany
Walter. Adelb 23 F unknown Germany
Walter. Anna .06 F unknown Germany
Bahleke. Friedr. 16 M unknown Germany
Saste. Elisab. 46 F unknown Germany
Diedrich. Wilh. 12 M child Germany
Diedrich. Ida 11 F child Germany
Saste Minna 9 F child Germany
Saste. Elisab. 6 F child Germany
Saste. Carl 3 M child Germany
Koppe. Fredke 43 F unknown Germany
Koppe. Bertha 6 F child Germany
Koppe. Salo. 10 M child Germany
Better. Karl 42 M farmer Germany
Recke. Bertha 19 F unknown Germany
Meyer. Heinr. 26 M Farmer Germany
Schorsch. Georg 16 M unknown Germany
Kaufmann. Heinr. 17 M unknown Germany
Schmalberger. Max 22 M Farmer Germany
Klauber. Lotti 22 F unknown Germany
Page 168
Floczyuska. Josefa 28 F unknown Germany
Spitzner. Friedr. 22 M Spnr Germany
Weidmann. Geo. 40 M Jnr Germany
Weidmann. Anna 35 F wife Germany
Weidmann. Cath. 11 F child Germany
Weidmann. Barb. 8 F child Germany
Weidmann. Otto 6 M child Germany
Weidmann. Martha 4 F child Germany
Weidmann. Anna 2 F child Germany
Lehmann. Adolf 32 M Farmer Germany
Boeckt. Otto 19 M Farmer Germany
Boess. Joh. G. 35 M Shmk Germany
Blume. Wilh. 28 M Mcht Germany
Steck. Johs. 38 M Mcht Germany
Spilker. Caspar 44 M Cptr Germany
Spilker. Anna 32 F wife Germany
Spilker. Friedr. 13 M child Germany
Spilker. Heinr. 10 M child Germany
Spilker. August 8 M child Germany
Spilker. Peter .01 M infant Germany
Brackmann. Anna 22 F unknown Germany
Reichennach. Carol. 19 F unknown Germany
Linck. Antoinie 22 F unknown Germany
Vetzer. Chr. 31 M Farmer Germany
Wieland. Karl 22 M Shmk Germany
Weil. Samuel 15 M unknown Germany
Weil. Sigmund 17 M unknown Germany
Weil. Louis 16 M unknown Germany
Pempel. Minna 15 F unknown Germany
Sinn. Martha 42 F unknown Germany
Wiegand Wilh. 25 M Farmer Germany
Wiegand Martha 19 F wife Germany
Kallenbach. Aug. 25 M Farmer Germany
Winkler. Cathr. 34 F unknown Germany
Winkler. Lisbeth. 9 F child Germany
Winkler. Gertrud 5 F child Germany
Winkler. Marie 17 F unknown Germany
Evers. H.J.G. 51 M Farmer Germany
Dopmann. Wilh. 17 M unknown Germany
Scheper. Helene 19 F unknown Germany
Uhl. Amalie 45 F unknown Germany
Uhl. Karl 25 M unknown Germany
Vierheilig. Geo. 28 M Labr Germany
Vierheilig. Marg. 28 F wife Germany
Vierheilig. Maria 3 F child Germany
Zweier. Peter 24 M Labr. Germany
Zweier. Martin 16 M Labr Germany
Neudecker. Hoh. 17 M unknown Germany
Marhis. Melchior 26 M unknown Germany
Zaehmann. Kaspar 17 M unknown Germany
Belhuhn Andr. 24 M unknown Germany
Swits. Karl 21 M Labr Germany
Grene. Hoh. 27 M Labr Germany
Meichalsky. Ign. 37 M Labr Germany
Meichalsky. Jadusga 25 F wife Germany
Daucken. Marie 24 F unknown Germany
Daucken. Marie 2 F child Germany
Niehaus. Cathr. 66 F unknown Germany
Niehaus. Maria 2 F child Germany
Vahlenkamp. Charlotte 14 F unknown Germany
Mehnert. Herm. 34 M Labr Germany
Ludwig. Aug. 29 M Shmk Germany
Pickenhahn. Felix 23 M Cl Germany
Post. Jan-E 58 M Farmer Germany
Post. Diertje 67 F wife Germany
Post. Gerd. 19 M unknown Germany
Redelfs. Hoh F unknown Germany
Rechert. Wilh. 21 M unknown Germany
Dabe. Emma 26 F unknown Germany
Graft. Carolina 20 F unknown Germany
Lehmann. Wilh. 18 M unknown Germany
Engelhardt. Kathr. 32 F unknown Germany
Engelhardt. Lina 13 F child Germany
Engelhardt. Aug 48 M Farmer Germany
Engelhardt. Kathr. 35 F wife Germany
Engelhardt. Friedr. 8 M child Germany
Carle. Luise 17 F unknown Germany
Hermann. Christine 22 M unknown Germany
Boeken. Anna 22 F unknown Germany
Baur. Marie 46 F unknown Germany
Rohde. Helene 28 F unknown Germany
Rohde. Anna 7 F child Germany
Rohde. Lina 5 F child Germany
Rohde. Minna 4 F child Germany
Rohde. August 1 M child Germany
Wolf. Karl 38 M Farmer Germany
Otto. Karl 27 M Farmer Germany
Lakaschewitz. Joh. 42 M Farmer Germany
Lakaschewitz. Eva 36 F wife Germany
Lakaschewitz. Caroline 17 F unknown Germany
Lakaschewitz. Mathias 14 M unknown Germany
Lakaschewitz. Rosalie 9 F child Germany
Lakaschewitz. Johann 7 M child Germany
Lakaschewitz. Anton .09 M infant Germany
Lakaschewitz. Josef 17 M unknown Germany
Koneyezhkev. Ant. 19 M unknown Germany
Gruzalis. Joh 27 M unknown Germany
Rotelonis. Alex 25 M unknown Germany
Rees. Johan 52 M unknown Germany
Brehm. Georg. 26 M unknown Germany
Schmidt. Michael 33 M unknown Germany
Schmidt. Wilhelm 42 M unknown Germany
Napf. Mathias 40 M unknown Germany
Napf. Barbara 40 F wife Germany
Gross. Ignatz 25 M unknown Germany
Grunerv. Friedr. 31 M Farmer Germany
Bruns. Henriette 56 F unknown Germany
Besser. David 26 M unknown Germany

Source: Germans To America Volume 44 Aug. 1882-Nov. 1882 edited by Ira A. Glazier and P. William Filby Scholarly Resources, Inc., Wilmington Delaware, 1995, pages 163-168.

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