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  Also spelled Dannehauer, Danenhour, Donnahower, etc.


Surname: The German spelling, Dannenhauer, means cutter of fir trees.   

The last name can be spelled in a variety of ways.

Dane, Dene, Done, Danne, Denne, Donne, Danen, Dinen,
Donen, Dannen, Dinnen, Donnen, Daven, Dauen, Dannin,
Dinnin, Donnin

Hower, Hour, Hauer, Houer, Houser, Hauser, Haurer,

Because of the wide variance in spellings of names, those listed here do not follow a specific form.

Danenhour Places Names

William F. Dannenhouer Bridge (between Norristown and Bridgeport)

Danenhower's Lane, May's Landing, N.J.


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Abstracted from: “Biographical and Portrait Cyclopedia of Montgomery County, Pa., “ edited by Samuel T. Wiley, (Phildelphia, Biographical Publishing Co., 1895).

Sketches of John,  (father); John G., and William Franklin Dannehower.

Surnames:, Bealer, Breisch, Cressman, Groff, Johnson, Zink,  Brown, Davis, Douglass, Fremont, Headley, Harrison, Saxton, Stackhouse, Subers, Swane.

 Wm. Franklin Dannehower, a well known and popular member of the Montgomery county bar, is the youngest son of John G. and Susanna (Cressman) Dannehower, and was born Dec. 17, 2854 in Zeiglersville, Montgomery county, PA. Like so many prominent citizens of the Keystone State, Mr. Danenhower is decended from German acestors, resolute pioneers who left the Rhenish provinces of the Fatherland at an early day to find a new home in the western world. There were three brothers of the name (Dannehower) who came over together and settled in different parts of Pennsylvania, from whom have descended all of the Dannehowers of America, as far as known. For several generations a branch of the family has been resident in the county of Montgomery, in the northern part of which John, paternal grandfather of the subject of this sketch was born and reared.

John Dannehower, b. Sept. 5, 1783-d. June 11, 1846

He was married twice, first to Elizabeth Groff, (Oct. 1, 1791-Jan. 9, 1824

They had eight children: Elizabeth, married Benjamin Johnson; Sarah, married John Bealer; Hannah, wedded Jesse Roller; Jacob, Jesse, John G., father; Henry G.; and Phillip. John Dannehower  was married a second time to Elizabeth Zink.

He was a miller by occupation, and owned and operated a grist mill, flaxseed mill and other enterprises in Marlborough township.

He also owned a tannery in Bucks county, and was likewise engaged in saw-milling and farming, being one of the largest real estate owners of his section. Politically, he was a Jacksonian Democrat, and in religion a member of the Lutheran church.

 His son, John G. Dannehower, (father), became a clerk after which he followed huckstering for a tme, and then purchased a farm near Zeiglersville and engaged in agricultural pursuits. In 1856, he purchased and removed to a hotel in Tylersport, which he successfully conducted until about 1883 , when he leased the hotel to his son, Jacob P. Dannehower and retired from active business. He was a Democrat in politics and held a number of offices. In business affairs, he was always successful, being selfmade man or rate good judgment, and at the time of his death, and for many previous, was treasurer of the Tylersport Mutual Live Stock Insurance company.

 John G. b. 12-6-1816-d. June 14, 1884  was buried at Indian Field Lutheran Church, Franconia twp.

He married Susanna Cressman on March, 4, 1838. She was daughter of Jacob B. Cressman. She died Jan. 23, 1895

They had eight children:

1.Matilda, wife of Roller R. Cressman, born May 9, 1839 d. Dec. 19, 1865

2.Catharine A., second wife of R.R. Cressman. Born Dec. 28, 1841. then to David T. Breisch of Trumbauersville, PA.

3. Benjamin, b. Feb. 2-1843-d. Jan. 2-1846

4.Hon. John C., b. Feb. 8-1845- d. Dec.-20, 1884

Jacob P., Feb. 2, 1847-d. march 7, 1892

6. Henry, Oct. 1, 1849

7.daughter, died young

8 William F. b. Dec. 17, 1854-d. xxxx 

John C. was a wholesale manufacturer of cigars with R.R. Cressman, served for a number of years as a justice of the peace, was twice elected to the State assembly, and died Dec. 20, in 1884.

William Franklin Danenhower was reared by Tylersport, this county, and obtained his elementary education in the public schools. He afterwards attended the Kutztown State Normal School one year, and in 1871-72 was a member of the Excelsior Normal Institute at Carversville, Bucks County. In the spring of 1872, he entered Lafayette college, and was graduated from the insitution in the class of 1876, with the degree of A.B., being selected as one of the commencement orators. In the autumn of 1877, he became a law student in the office of G.R. Fox at Norristown, and while studying law acted as editor of the Weekly Register, and was special correspondent of several leading New York and Philadelphia journals, besides acting as clerk in the prothonotary’s office at Norristown. Having completed his preparation for the bar, Mr. Dannehower was admitted to practice June 7, 1880, and since that time has been continuously engaged in the duties of his profession. He has figured prominently in a number of important cases before the courts here, among which may be mentioned the appeal from the assessments of the mercantile appraisers, assessing butchers with mercantile taxes, in which Mr. Dannehower acted as attorney for the butchers’ association, and secured a decision exempting its members from the payment of these taxes. He has also been connected with several trials for capital offenses, in all of which he has shown legal ability and acquaintance with historical jurisprudence. For some years, he has enjoyed an extensive practice in the orphans’ Court, but is a good general practitioner and very successful in that line. In 1890, he acted as solicitor for the coroner, sheriff and treasurer. He is solicitor of the Lansdale Trust and Safe Deposit Co. and of the borough of Green lane, and was for seven years solicitor of the borough of Pennsburg.

In politics, Mr. Dannehower is an ardent Democrat, and served for two years, 1886-8, as chairman of the standing committee of his party in this county. He was a candidate for the office of district attorney in 1889, but was defeated by only 128 votes.

He was one of the organizers of the Montgomery County Bar association of Norristown, and has been its secretary since its formation in1885. He is also a member of the law library committee, and of the committee to revise the rules of court. In religious faith, Mr. Dannehower is a Lutheran, and has been secretary of the church council of Trinity Lutheran church for a number of years. He is also a member and trustee of the Jefferson Club of Norristown, and served as its president and also as secretary for several years.

William Franklin Dannehower married on Nov. 30, 1886 to Bessie B. McCarter, daughter of Col. Sam McCarter of Norristown.

Their children:

Frances B., b. Nov. 23, 1887

Wm Franklin Jr., Jan 18, 1889

Gilbert Lane, July 23, 1891

(Also Frances Cressman married Mr. Dannehower).

From "Montgomery County Sketches," vol. 2

p. 253


Jacob Danehower, the grandfather of William H. Danehower, the subject of this sketch was a native of Montgomery township in Montgomery county, Pennsylvania. He was descended from one of the early settlers of that section of the county, was educated in the schools of the township, became a farmer, and followed that occupation through life. He married Catharine HALLMAN of the same township, and they had 11 children, all of whom are deceased but one. Among them was George H. DANEHOWER.

George H. Danehower (father) was born on the homestead in Montgomery township in 1812, and died in 1899. when he was but two years of age, the family removed to Gwynedd township, where he obtained a fair education for those days and became interested in agricultural pursuits, which he followed until incapacitated from age. He was a leading man of his township, and was much respected by everybody that knew him. He was a Democrat in politics, and was active in support of its candidates and principles, although he declined on several occasions to hold offices when they were offered him. He attended the Lutheran church. Mr. Danehower married Catherine PHANDER, of an old family in Gwynedd and Horsham townships of German descent.

His wife died at the age of 39 years. She was a daughter of Philip PHANDER, of Horsham township. Mr. and Mrs. Danehower had the following children:

Charles, Phebe, Catherine, deceased, Jacob, George and William H., subject of this sketch.

William H. DANEHOWER was born on the homestead in Gwynedd township, January 30, 1851. He was educated in the public schools and then devoted himself to farming on the homestead, which occupied him until 1882, when he removed to his present home in Hatfield. 

Mr. Danehower married in 1882 Catherine A. BEAVER, daughter of Frederick and Margaret BEAVER, farmers of Gwynedd township. The children of Mr. and Mrs. DANEHOWER: George H. and Frederick R., both unmarried.

Mr. Danehower is a Democrat in politics, and is a member of the Lutheran church. He has held to the same principles, religiously and politically, as his forefathers. He is a man who stands high in the community and is thoroughly respected. His farm contains more than 60 acres, and he is very successful in the management of it.


Abstracted from Montgomery County Sketches, vol. 2., p. 165.
son of Jacob Jennings and Amanda Elizabeth (SAXTON) Born, was born Dec. 23, 1863, on a farm that had been in the Brown family for several years. It was located in Middletown township, Bucks County. He attended public schools and until his 18th year pursued his studies. He then went to Philadellphia and engaged with Wm KING & Co., wholesale and importing grocers, with whom he was employed for a period of 8 years. He then engaged as traveling sales man for four years.
He married Nov. 14, 1892 Rachel SWAYNE, daughter of  Thomas B. and Rosa (STACKHOUSE) HEADLEY, farmers, of Bristol, Bucks County. He settled in Woodbourne, in that county, remaining there a year after his marriage, and erecting a dwelling for a home. He established a general store at Penllynn, where he was postmaster.

Mrs. BROWN was affiliate with the Society of Friends and formerly attended Langhorne Meeting at Langhorne, Bucks County.

Jacob Jennings BROWN (father) son of Samuel BROWN, was born on the Brown homestead, Bucks county. His children: Wollston, married Ida, daughter of William DAVIS, Philadelphia; George FREMONT, married Dora SUBERS, Lower Makefield township and resides at Bristol; William SAXTON, married Elizabeth JOHNSON, of Falls township, Bucks County; Harry HARRISON, maried Florence WORTHINGTON, a noted hotel proprietor; Mary, married George DOUGLASS, of Hulmeville, Bucks county; John L. subject of this sketch.

“Biographical Annals of Montgomery County Pennsylvania,” Ellwood Roberts, editor, (New York, 1904).

 P. 534

John Beans Carrell, M.D., subject of this sketch, received his early education in the Oaks Grove public schools in Warminister township, Bucks County; and afterwards spent several years at the Morrow Excelsior Institute at Hatboro, Pennsylvania. Rev. G.H. Minns was his tutor for two years, and he then taught the public school which he attended when a child for two years. He graduated from Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia, in 1876, and after his graduation spent some time in the New York city medical colleges and hospitals. After practicing in Johnsville, in the vicinity of his home, for a few months, he entered into partnership with his preceptor, Hon. I. Newton Evans, M.D. This partnership continued about seven years. Since then Dr. Carrell has continued the practice of his profession at the same place very successfully. He married, March 31, 1880, Lizzie S. Danenhower, daughter of Abram and Sarah Danenhower, of Warminister, who is a member of an old family of Bucks and Montgomery counties, of German descent. Dr. and Mrs. Carrell are among the best known and most respected residents of Hatboro, enjoying the confidence of its entire community.

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